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Murong Fei suddenly thought of something as her eyes lit up.

That\'s right, when she checked on this wretched lass, she heard others mentioned that she had just passed the Armament Master certification and was a genius Armament Master!

Armaments Masters could possibly had some ace behind their backs so this probably wasn\'t her real potential.

Murong Fei gave a sneer, Just accepting one strike from me and you really think you\'re so great Don\'t think I don\'t know, I heard that your Master is a great Armament Master in Soaring Heavens Continent.

Did he give you some ace to preserve your life, so that you can block a sixth stage realm practitioner\'s strike But this sort of this can only be used once! Did you think that….

your own potential can go against a sixth stage realm practitioner

Huang Yueli gave an indifferent smile, You also know that I\'m an Armament Master Then have you heard of this saying: Never cross hands with an Armament Master on their turf! Otherwise….

you will have to pay a heavy price for it!

Hahaha…..! Murong Fei couldn\'t help but burst out laughing, Who do you think you are You\'re just a first tier Armament Master and even if we\'re on your turf, what tricks could you possibly come up with

She stopped smiling and looked coldly at Huang Yueli, Earlier I just didn\'t expect that you have an ace up your sleeve and left you some leeway.

Now I will use all my force and let you see the true potential of a sixth stage realm practitioner! The man who I have taken a liking to is not someone who you can hope for!

Saying that, Murong Fei\'s entire Profound Energy fluctuated and all the Profound Qi gathered on her body, emitting a layer of faint glow on her body\'s surroundings.

The oppression in the air grew stronger and stronger.

Murong Fei\'s grandeur continued to rise until it gathered one hundred percent of her Profound Energy and she struck abruptly!

Go to hell, Bai Ruoli! To be able to die under my full strength, this is also your honour!

A strong surge of Profound Energy struck out in waves towards Huang Yueli\'s direction!

Murong Fei\'s expression was filled with delight, wretched lass, I\'ll let you die with an un-intact corpse today!

But when her gaze shifted onto Huang Yueli, she discovered that Huang Yueli\'s face had a faint and calm smile on her face, and it even seemed to have some sense of ridicule in it.

What was this situation Had she seen wrongly This must be some kind of illusion

This wretched lass was about to meet her doom so how could she possibly still smile

However, the next moment, the smile on Murong Fei was frozen.

She felt her own Profound Energy seemed to be blocked by something and wasn\'t able to get any closer to Huang Yueli.

Immediately following that, a wave of Profound Energy which was much stronger than hers came rebounding back, and it struck her directly!

Murong Fei was overwhelmed with shock as her face\'s colours changed!

Her… Her Profound Energy was actually rebounded back to her two fold! How could this be possible

However she just had this thought flashed past her mind and she had already been struck.

Murong Fei was sent flying outwards and she kept throwing up blood in mid-air.

subsequently her head knocked against a tree with crooked branches outside the courtyard.

You… you…..

Murong Fei had not fainted yet but she was totally immovable and could only clutch on to her chest, as she kept coughing out blood.

One hundred percent of her Profound Energy returned two fold, with this kind of intensity, even she herself was not able to take it.

Her internal organs seemed to have shifted and the pain she suffered was like a fire burning within her body.

Apparently she had suffered a serious internal injury.

Huang Yueli slowly walked to the side of her door but she didn\'t take a step out, only looking at her from afar.-

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