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An arrogant man like Li Moying probably found it beneath his dignity to use power and status to win a woman\'s heart and he would most likely despise women who were materialistic.

But in order to make her happy, he simply couldn\'t care for anything else and threw his principles aside, putting all his pride down in front of her.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for her to reply him favourably….

Li Moying, don\'t you understand What I want is, not five years later, but now! There are so many exceptional talents in Soaring Heavens Continent, but those who are able to become a ninth stage realm top exponent, there\'s not even ten of them! There are plenty of accidents in one\'s life and who can guarantee that they would be able to reach the supreme throne Even if you can, I cannot wait for five years, it\'s too long!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Huang Yueli bore with her heartache as she forced herself to say such words!

She kept her eyes shut tightly, not daring to look at the expression on Li Moying\'s face.

To be slapped on the face by a lady whom he liked, no matter how much he liked her, surely there was no way to take such a blow right

Li Moying had been hovering on top of Huang Yueli and at such a close distance, Huang Yueli could distinctly felt Li Moying trembling.

He must be very angry right Perhaps he was so infuriated that he wanted to strangle her to death! If he really made a move against her, then she got her just desserts…..

Li Moying really wanted to kill someone!

He really had not imagined that the little thing which he had placed carefully in his heart actually looked down on him like that!

In actual fact, he really didn\'t care how materialistic Huang Yueli was.

To want a husband who had a strong ability and to want everyone\'s envious looks to stay on her, he felt that this was something that she deserved to have.

Such an intelligent and beautiful lady like her naturally deserved the best man in Soaring Heavens Continent.

But why was she in such a hurry Why couldn\'t she give him a little more time He would try his utmost best to fulfil all her wishes but she refused to give him a chance!

He trusted his own eyesight.

Huang Yueli was so intelligent, so naturally she shouldn\'t be so short sighted.

So there were only two possibilities for her to choose another man.

The first was this man was really too powerful, so powerful of an existence that even if he took five or even ten years, it was very difficult to catch up to him! The second was Huang Yueli truly liked this man and don\'t like him, so in order to make him give up, she chose to speak such harsh words.

Li Moying screened all the top exponents in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent in his heart but did not find any which suited the first scenario.

He knew clearly that his innate talent was in fact ninth grade and above and it was unimaginable for ordinary people.

EVen the number one expert Mu Chengying, he might not even have such innate talent.

Moreover, Mu Chengying had already gone into closed door seclusion for many years, so naturally it wasn\'t possible for him to have any contact with Huang Yueli.

As for the rest of the others, he had the confidence to surpass them within five years time….

In this way, the only possibility that remained, the only one which also made his heart shattered.


didn\'t like him…..

Actually Li Moying heard others said this before that matters of the heart could not be forced.

Fate had been predestined by heavens and sometimes even if there was a very good person but unfortunately there was no way of falling in love with that someone.

Li Moying originally didn\'t believe that such a thing would ever happen to him.

But now… he could only admit that in terms of cultivation, he wouldn\'t lose to anyone but in terms of relation, he was a complete loser from head to toe.

He silently hovered on top of Huang Yueli and lowered his head, looking at her delicate and exquisite face with a complicated gaze.-

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