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Damn it...

she forgot that she was still tied up by the Eight Astro Intertwined Chain! She\'s finished this time!

Li Moying that stinky man was just too evil.

He obviously knew that but didn\'t bother to remind her at all!

Her body tilted and inclined to one side and just as she was about to get into close contact with the ground.

But Li Moying unexpectedly gave a detached point of view look, without any intention to help her as the corners of his lips carried a smile bearing a look which seemed to be waiting to watch to a great show.

Their eyes met each other and Li Moying lightly spat out a few words, Beg me, Li\'er!

Huang Yueli was so angry that her eyes turned red.

What kind of man was he, really! He was so evil that his dregs were shedding!

How could she possibly beg him She resolutely refused to beg! She firmly would ignore this kind of scum who took advantage of others in their time of need!

Wasn\'t it just a fall, what\'s the big de…..

something\'s not right!

Huang Yueli peeked from the corners of her eyes and realised that not only was the black muddy ground behind her was extremely dirty, it also gave out a disgusting smell.

If she were to fall on that, it would absolutely disgust her to death!

The good and evil were fighting in her mind when she finally could not bear it any further and cried out, Li Moying, you dare to let me fall!

By her ear rang the man\'s complacent laughter and following that, her waist felt a strength holding on to her and at that instant, her face plastered against a sturdy chest.

Huang Yueli had escaped the danger zone but recalling that this man\'s intentional horrendous ways, anger arose from deep within and when she lifted her head, she saw Li Moying\'s shirt opened up a little revealing his neck.

She took the opportunity and bit him!

In her mind there was only one thought, which was this man bit her earlier so she must bite him back!!


Her bites had always been well and she had always bitten rather hard.

It was only after she had bitten Li Moying\'s neck so much that she tasted blood before she regained her senses – what was she doing Why was it that every time she had been agitated by this man, she would lose her senses She seemed to keep doing some absurd stuff…..

Li Moying moaned but didn\'t avoid her, allowing her to finish biting him before he called out in a low voice, Alright, alright, it\'s all my fault.

I wouldn\'t dare to let you fall.

After all, if you\'re injured from the fall, the one who would have a heartache would be me, isn\'t that so Be good and don\'t be angry anymore.

I\'ll let you bite me back, do you want to bite a few more mouthfuls

He spoke gently to coax the young lady in his embrace as he was feeling rather complacent.

He wouldn\'t admit that he especially enjoyed the feeling of making his wife fire up then having to coax her later.

This little thing\'s infuriated look was especially cute, alright

Luckily Huang Yueli didn\'t know what kind of abnormal thinking he had in his mind, otherwise she would definitely never forgive him forever!

As for now, Huang Yueli had already been electrified by his mushy sweet nothings and her goose bumps had all dropped onto the ground, unable to continue being angry with him.

Especially after she saw the bite on his neck was still bleeding, she felt a sense of guilt.



are you alright I\'ve bitten so hard that it\'s painful right But you can\'t blame me for that, it\'s you who absurdly kissed me forcefully and you even bit me so I\'m just taking my revenge!

As Huang Yueli said that, she even raised her chin haughtily.

Li Moying thought of the conversation which they had before they kissed and his expression sunk as his good mood disappeared into thin air.

Hmph, you\'d better not say anything which would make me upset, I still have a debt which I haven\'t settled with you yet!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Huh Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment, What did I do

Li Moying ignored her as his arm reached for her butt and using a bit of force, he slung her over his shoulder with her head facing down.-

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