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Could it be….

Yet another misperception

Although Huang Yueli felt that something was not right, but there wasn\'t anything suspicious around so she could only conclude that she was overly suspicious and left the Scripture Depository.

By now, it was already midnight and the academy was extremely quiet.

The pathway towards the Scripture Depository had always been serene.

Tall palm trees lined up on both sides of the path, forming a forest and in addition to the fact that the number of students who came by to exchange for manuscripts were originally very few, so this road had always been rather isolated.

Huang Yueli walked alone on the pathway as her mind kept replaying the scenario which she had seen in the Scripture Depository earlier.

Bai Liu Feng had already been extremely cautious when he hid the item in the fourth level of the Scripture Depository.

The number of people who could enter that place were already not many.

Furthermore, most students who entered would have their attention focused on selecting the manuscripts so it was not possible for them to discover a hidden mechanism.

So the person who took the item away should had gone prepared, aiming the item in the hidden compartment.

The Scripture Depository\'s security was tight and only those with Honorary Points were allowed to enter so suspects who fell into that category were in fact very little…..

Huang Yueli seemed to have thought of something as she frowned slightly.

But just at this moment, she suddenly felt a cold intent coming from her back!

Huang Yueli\'s reaction was swift as she immediately turned aside and shot towards one corner!

At this moment, a long sword had silently landed on the position which she was standing at earlier and a sliver ray flashed, quick as lightning!

A black robed man stuck out his sword but had landed onto empty space as he couldn\'t help but made a hmm sound.

But his reaction was quick as he hurriedly chased after the direction which Huang Yueli had ran in, striking out move after move!

After Huang Yueli had avoided the first move, she didn\'t even have time to turn around and look.

Instead she immediately rolled on the ground and rolled right into the forest.

Her reaction was extremely swift and when she was rolling into the grass, she had already seen clearly the surrounding topography, throwing out concealed weapons to disrupt the sense of hearing as she rolled towards the back of a huge tree!

The night had gradually turned dark and in the depths of the forest, it seemed even more serene and dusky.

The black robed man was not prepared and had been hit directly by an incoming Thunder Flame Ball! His heard had instantly caught fire!

Following that, there were attacks from concealed weapons continuously.

He was caught unawares and were struck by various types of Profound Armaments!

Damnit, this wretched lass….

why does she have so many Profound Armaments!

The black robed man was so angry that he went into a stomping fit as he was in a flurry to pat off the flames on his beard and clothes!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Even though there was a moment of confusion, but his ability was absolutely outstanding so the fifth tiered Profound Armaments which Huang Yueli had weren\'t able to cause him any fatal weaknesses.

The black robed man quickly put out the flames but he had lost all traces of Huang Yueli\'s whereabouts.

A large grass patch in the forest were fuming with black smoke and in combination to the dusky light ray, it made it impossible to see the situation in the forest!

Black robed man struck out several times towards the direction of the rising black smoke but none of it had managed to hit his target!

After the black smoke had dispersed, the forest regained its usual quietness, not giving out any single sound!

The expression on the black robed man\'s face changed as he had not expected that at such a close distance, Huang Yueli was still able to react and in the nick of time, managed to evade and avoid his ultimate move!

Furthermore, she was able to remain composed and used all her ways to disrupt his judgement to escape in time!

At this moment, Huang Yueli who had escaped this calamity was leaning against the back of a huge tree as her heart was pounding wildly!-

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