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Many female students even clutched their chests bearing a fainting look as they mumbled, Senior Brother Li actually smiled, smiled…..

oh no, I\'m going to faint....

Huang Yueli\'s lips kept twitching and she finally could not take it any further as she secretly kicked Li Moying and said furiously, Have you had enough, do you still know that Master Tang is still presiding Why did you get up here for Go to one corner right now!

Li Moying unwillingly stepped down.

Tang Jinhua gave a cough and his face displayed an ambiguous smile but he tried hard to curb it.

Ughh, cough cough, following this, we shall not invite President Hu from the Armament Guild to award the badge for these two newly promoted Armament Masters!

President Hu walked onto the stage and his face hung an amiable smile but in Huang Yueli\'s eyes, it seemed like a grandfather teasing her...

After President Hu awarded the first tier Armament Master badge for them, he smiled at Huang Yueli, Miss Bai, I know that your strength had gone beyond the first tier but this certification only awards first tier badge.

If you require a higher levelled badge, please do find some time to visit the Armament Guild personally.

I will help you do the certification alone.

But Sky Cloud City\'s branch can only award badges which are fourth tier and below so if you require even higher certification, you will need to visit Soaring Heavens.

Continent\'s Headquarters!

Huang Yueli smiles, Thank you President Hu for the pointers.

Some days later, I will definitely need to drop by and trouble you.

President Hu nodded.

Tang Jinhua was shocked to hear that.

He also knew that Huang Yueli\'s strength in armament refining was extraordinary and definitely not merely at first tier but from how he saw it, to be able to be at second tier was already terrifying.

Third tier….

Definitely was the limit! But from President Hu\'s tone, could it be that Huang Yueli\'s armament refining standard had already reached fourth tier

This… this wasn\'t possible right He himself was only merely at fourth tier and moreover, he was already thirty plus years old…..

In the end, even Jiang Tuxin also went on stage and made the final concluding speech, announcing the award of the Honorary Points to this round\'s newly promoted Armament Masters.

According to tradition, those who had obtained a first tier Armament Master badge would be able to gain one Honorary Point.

But Jiang Tuxin had given Huang Yueli three this time!

Normally this kind of reward which broke the rule would easily cause other students displeasure but this time round, no one raised any exceptions!

Because Huang Yueli\'s outstanding performance had already deeply convinced everyone!

Huang Yueli\'s face also revealed a sweet smile.

This time, other than obtaining the Armament Master certification, to her, the biggest reap was to obtain the Honorary Points!

With Honorary Points, she would be able to enter the fourth level of the Scripture Depository and take a look at what Bai Liu Feng had left for her.


The next day, Huang Yueli left for the Scripture Depository early in the morning.

Waiting for her was the same managing teacher as last time.

But as compared to the previous time, the reverent attitude which the managing teacher had towards her had increased by several notches!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Previously, Huang Yueli was only the new top student and even if she had acquired the top ten ranking in the Martial Arts Stage, it would only meant that her future was boundless but now, her status had jumped by three tiers!

Defeating Li Zijue, a renowned top genius in Celestial Light Academy and now even becoming a true blue first tier Armament Master!

This kind of status and strength, even if it was Principal Jiang, he had to treat her with respect!

The managing teacher didn\'t dare to slight her and personally welcomed her at the entrance, bringing her in.-

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