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Chapter 10: “Teaching The Brat A Lesson”

With his stubby legs, he kicked around. Pouting his bun-like face, he struggled desperately.

“Let me down! I said LET ME DOWN! Stinking girl! Country bumpkin! Im warning you, if you dont release me now and kneel down to beg for forgiveness, I will make you regret it!”

Chuckling, Huang Yue Li replied: “Oh, your age is small, but your temper isnt. A naughty child is itching for a lecture. Watch out or Ill smack your butt!”

On the young boys adorable face, was an expression of apprehension. This caused him to use more effort in his struggle to escape. Shouting out: “Stinking girl! Just you wait! You also saw it, this little lords true form was that formidable and majestic phoenix. Currently, its because I dont possess enough Profound Qi resulting in my temporary small form. Wait until this little one has recovered. By then, I only need one finger to squash you!”

“So amazing”

Lips curling upwards, Huang Yue Li loosened her grip. This action nearly caused the plump, round body of the boy to fall and land straight on his bottom.

The cute boy hurriedly grabbed onto her arm, not daring to let go. His entire body trembled non-stop, yet he still continued roaring: “You want to kill this little lord! Just you wait!”

Huang Yue Li replied: “Just then, were you not the one who kept asking me to let you go So why dont you want me to let go now”

The boy could only give her a deathly glare.

Continuing, Huang Yue Li said: “Enough, dont act anymore. I already saw through it, that phoenix image wasnt yours, was it”

“Of course that was me!”

“The phoenix is an ancient mythological beast, with matchless power. If you were really that matured phoenix, even if you were gravely injured, you would still be able to make me kneel and cough out blood from your gaze alone. Is there a need for such threats I think that this is probably a memory of a past senior that you took to act like that, right”

The cute boy: “……”

The two people had a standoff for quite sometime, before the boy finally admitted his defeat.

“Okay………fine………stinking girl. Looks like you still possess some brains……even though…………even though that image wasnt mine, it was still my older brothers!”

Flabbergasted, Huang Yue Li asked: “That was your older brother Thats not possible right Anyone could see that was an expert, while you…………children should just be honest. Otherwise, dont blame this older sister when she gives a proper lesson.”

“I didnt lie!” Infuriated, the child flared up as he spilled everything out. “Even though my age is young, I am still a authentic, pure-blooded phoenix! When I grow up, I will be as dashing and as awesome as my older brother!”

Still unconvinced, Huang Yue Lie continued her questioning: “You spirit is this weak. No matter how you look at it, you do not seem to be an ancient mythological beast”

Sincerely and grievingly stated: “I really am a phoenix. I am just still a child. When I was just born, there was a great battle. Bringing me with him, brother ran far away, far away. Later, we had met great danger. In order to protect me, brother sealed my soul in the Sky Phoenix Ring………”

“Hold up, hold up. In other words, we are currently inside the Sky Phoenix Ring”

Huang Yue Li couldnt help but cry out in shock.

In her previous life, ever since she had found the Sky Phoenix Ring in an ancient remnant, she had used and tried all sorts of heavenly treasures and methods to make it recognise her as its master. Yet now, without rhyme or reason, it was activated

Puffing out his chest, the cute boy proclaimed: “Humph! Humph! Thats right! The Sky Phoenix Ring isnt some ordinary God Relic. Blood alone isnt enough for it to recognise a master, you must separate a part of your soul and let it merge with ring for it to work. Your luck isnt bad. When you detonated your soul, you allowed yourself to be recognised as its master!”


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