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Four to five bodyguards hurriedly took off their clothes and pounced on him before they could even remove their belts.

Wei Jins clothes were instantly torn apart.

Seeing the jade-like collarbone on her neck, the bodyguards eyes lit up.

“Shes too beautiful.”

With that, the few of them leaned down to kiss her.

At that moment, the alarm in the villa rang.

The sound from the door tore through the night sky and enveloped the entire villa.

The few of them paused.

“Brother, whats going on Are we going out”

“Who cares Its not like theres no one else.

Ive already taken off my pants.

Why are you still thinking so much” The captain only had eyes for Wei Jin, who was lying quietly.

However, the alarm at the door became louder and louder.

In the end, it was upgraded to the highest alert state.

No matter how excited they were, they were still a little flustered.

It had been so long since they had been at their highest alert.

Something big had probably happened.

The captain finally cursed.

“Lets go.

F*ck, its not easy to find a beauty.

Lets go and see who bumped into us at this time.

Well kill him.”

Zhang Yi was also woken up by this voice.

Mu Ting was not around tonight and she was the only one in the villa.

Hearing the alarm outside, she was alarmed.

“Someone come over, whats going on outside”

“Madam, someone is trying to break in.

Go and take a look.”

Zhang Yi frowned and put on his clothes.

Who was so arrogant to dare to barge into the Mu family

The villas door was tightly shut and there was a row of cars parked outside.

The Mu family used the fact that it was too late to prevent foreign cars from entering.

“CEO Jun, the Mu family said that you cant go in.” The special guard had no choice but to walk to the car behind and report to Jun Shiling.

At this moment, Lin Jings news arrived.

“CEO Jun, it has been confirmed that Miss Wei has been brought into the Mu familys villa.”

Jun Shiling pulled Xia Wanyuan out of the car.

His side profile was cold as he gave his last order.

“Break in.”


The people Jun Shiling brought were all high-level people selected from the military.

After receiving Jun Shilings order, the special guards flipped in through the door and quickly controlled the Mu family guards.

The door opened and a large group of people quickly got out of the car and rushed into the Mu familys villa, scattering to look for Wei Jin.

“Are you rebelling!” Accompanied by the butler, Zhang Yi walked out.

Seeing unfamiliar men rushing into the Mu family, she was shocked and angry. This was the Mu family!! How could I tolerate such humiliation She looked at the butler.

“Quick, inform Mu Ting.”

“Yes.” The butler had never seen such a scene before and hurriedly walked to the side to call Mu Ting.

Zhang Yi walked to the door and saw a pair of magnificent figures standing there from afar.

Zhang Yi gritted his teeth. This Xia Wanyuan is really a huge problem. 

“I know the Jun family is a big family that we cant afford to offend, but isnt trespassing on private property in the middle of the night too much” Zhang Yi was filled with anger and his voice was much louder than usual.

However, Jun Shiling acted as if he did not hear her and lowered his head to speak to Xia Wanyuan.

Zhang Yi clenched his fists and turned to look at Xia Wanyuan.

“Miss Xia, arent you going to give me a reason Ive already called the police.

What are you doing barging into my Mu family like this Even if you want to bully others, you have to look at the place properly.

The Mu family isnt that weak.”

Xia Wanyuan turned to look at Zhang Yi.

The coldness in her eyes made Zhang Yis heart turn cold.

“If anything happens to Wei Jin, Ill let you know what it means to bully others.”

Xia Wanyuans words made Zhang Yis heart skip a beat, but in front of so many servants, Zhang Yi barely calmed himself down.

“As expected of Madam Jun, you speak with such confidence.

Wei Jin is the daughter-in-law of my Mu family.

Even if something happens, my Mu family should bear the responsibility.

Madam Jun, youve extended your hand too far.”

Xia Wanyuan did not want to argue with Zhang Yi anymore.

She turned around and placed her hand in Jun Shilings coat.


“Well be back soon.” Jun Shiling pulled Xia Wanyuan into his arms.

Zhang Yi stood at the side and saw that the two of them were showing off their love as if no one was around and did not take her seriously at all.

The soft flesh in her mouth was about to bleed from her bite.

The entrance fell into a deadlock.

All the lights in the villa lit up one after another.

The special guards searched for Wei Jin meticulously.

Finally, they found the dying Wei Jin on the bed in the staff dormitory.

The special guards carried Wei Jin out along with the bed board.

The more Zhang Yi waited, the more anxious he became.

She only hoped that the guards would do something and hide Wei Jin.

If Jun Shilings people found her, it would be hard to say.

However, her worry came true in the next second.

Hurried footsteps came from behind.

Zhang Yi turned around and saw that on the bed carried by the special guards, Wei Jins face was swollen and her exposed skin was bruised.

She looked like she was about to die.

Zhang Yi knew that something was wrong.

Xia Wanyuan also saw Wei Jins appearance.

She took her hand out of Jun Shilings clothes and took a few steps forward, her eyes cold.

“Send her to the hospital immediately.”

“Yes!” At that moment, the sound of a huge propeller came from the sky.

The helicopter sent by Jun Shiling had arrived.

The special guards carried Wei Jin into the helicopter and ran straight to Beijing Hospital.

“You, why are you looking at me” Zhang Yi felt a little guilty and did not dare to look into Xia Wanyuans eyes.

“She just fell downstairs herself.

We were about to send her to the hospital when you came.”

The special guard spoke again.

“Madam, when we found Miss Wei, her clothes had been pulled open and she was unconscious on the bed in the bodyguard dormitory.”

The coldness on Xia Wanyuan intensified, almost suffocating.

Even a fool knew what the special guard meant.

Xia Wanyuan took a few steps forward and stood in front of Zhang Yi.

She was tall and was wearing high heels.

She almost crushed Zhang Yi from above.

“You barged into my Mu familys house at night and still look like youre interrogating me.

Its too laughable.” Zhang Yi quibbled guiltily.

“Wei Jin has always done things improperly.

Who knows why she appeared in the bodyguards dormitory It might be herself.”

Slap! Before Zhang Yi could finish speaking, Xia Wanyuan slapped her face.

“Xia Wanyuan, dont go overboard! Im the mistress of the Mu family!”

Xia Wanyuan did not say a word and kicked Zhang Yis knee.

Zhang Yi knelt on the ground.

Xia Wanyuan extended her right hand, and the special guard handed her the baton.

Mu Ting rushed back to the Mu family and saw a group of people gathered at the entrance from afar.

When the car drove in, he was shocked by the scene in front of him and scrambled out of the car.


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