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Chapter 872: Do I look like a fool


Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Dong Xuebing sat in his office, slowly opening the complaint letters against Wan Sizhao.

One envelope….

Three envelopes….

Five envelopes….

The complaints were shocking.

The first complaint was anonymous, but Dong Xuebing felt a woman from the handwriting should write it.

The complaint was about Wan Sizhao raping her; she listed the details of how she met him and was forced to drink with him.

She got drunk and was raped.

The next night, he went to her house and raped her again.

This continued for the next few nights, and she was raped more than five times that week.

She listed the date and time of each rape.

Dong Xuebing felt this woman was not making false accusations against him.

The second complaint was also anonymous.

It was also a woman who claimed she was a staff member in Xi Ping District.

Wan Sizhao molested and harassed her at her workplace.

The third letter was written by a woman whose surname was Liu.

She was a staff member of the Xi Ping Audit Department.

She visited Wan Sizhaos apartment to send gifts last December and was raped by him.

She wrote the details of the rape and didnt seem to be making it up.

All women were concerned about their reputations and would never claim to be raped.

She risked offending the City Party Secretarys relative and even complained with her real name.

One or two complaints might be false accusations, but all these complaints reported that Wan Sizhao had raped them.

How can these be false

The fourth and fifth letters were not about Wan Sizhao receiving bribes.

The complaints were also about him sexually harassing, raping, or drugging them.

Dong Xuebing was furious.

There were many victims, but the city did not take action or start any investigation against Wan Sizhao.

If these allegations were true, Wan Sizhao would be sentenced to death more than two times.

Nothing had happened to Wan Sizhao, and he even dared to try and rape Aunt Xuan.

From the complaints, Dong Xuebing remembered he was in the City Committee of Discipline Inspection.

These reports were criminal cases, and the Police or Public Security Bureau should investigate them.

Why were these complaints sent to the Discipline Inspection The only explanation was they had reported to the Police or the Public Security, but no actions were taken.

Thats why they complained to the Discipline Inspection.

Dong Xuebings heart sank.

He realized it was not easy to deal with Wan Sizhao because of his City Party Secretary Uncle.

Dong Xuebing called the Citys Public Security and spoke to the Citys Investigation Team Leader, Li Taibo.

A middle-aged man in his forties.

“Hello, Team Leader Li”


Who is this”

“I am Dong Xuebing from the City Discipline Inspection.”

Li Taibo was not surprised.

“Oh, Director Dong.

What can I do for you”

Dong Xuebing had mentioned he was Qu Yunxuans cousin at the hospital, and everyone should know about it now.

“It is about Wan Sizhaos attempted rape of Qu Yunxuan, resulting in her getting severely injured.

I checked with our Complain Department and found several shocking complaints against him.

All of them were criminal cases, and I think the Public Security Bureau should look into it.”

Li Taibo seemed shocked.


Dong Xuebing continued.

“Can you send your men to take the complain letters from me”

Li Taibo hesitated and said.

“I am investigating Qu Yunxuans case, and most of my men are looking for evidence.

I am afraid I dont have time today.”

Hmph! Are you trying to push it aside!

Whats so difficult about sending someone to take the letters from me

Dong Xuebing could sense Li Taibo was getting impatient with him.


Since Team Leader Li is so busy, I will tell you about the complaints over the phone.

A staff member, Ms.

Liu, from Xi Ping District Audit Department, reported Wan Sizhao raped her.

Her letter had stated all the details.

The Public Security Bureau had investigated this case for almost two years.”

Li Taibo calmly replied.

“Oh, I know about this case.

I am also in charge of this case.

But the truth was not what Ms.

Liu claimed after our investigation.

Wan Sizhao and Ms.

Liu dated during that time.

Many of the Audi Department staff confirmed this and were getting married.

The case was categorized as a civil dispute and not rape.


Its normal for couples to fight.

Maybe they had quarreled and broken up.

It was settled privately later.”



Dong Xuebing had read that complaint letter twice, and the woman had not mentioned their dating.

Why would she visit Wan Sizhao to give gifts if they were dating

Dong Xuebing suppressed his anger.

“What about that female staff member who was drugged and raped by Wan Sizhao”

Li Taibo asked.

“Which staff member”

Dong Xuebing replied coldly.

“Her surname is Feng.

She worked in Xi Ping Districts Ministry of Education Office.

She was a teacher.”

Li Taibo paused for a second.

“I did not handle teacher Fengs case.

It was Deputy Team Leader Liu who investigated this case.

I heard there were issues with the evidence, and Chief Wan had an alibi.

The semen collected from her did not match Chief Wan too.”

Dong Xuebing first thought was not Teacher Feng had falsely accused Wan Shizhao.

It was someone who had tampered with the evidence.

Dong Xuebing continued to tell the other complaints to Li Taibo.

Li Taibo had explanations for all those complaints.

He claimed those women were either dating Wan Sizhao or there was insufficient evidence.

Basically, he was saying Wan Sizhao was innocent.

Dong Xuebing knew Li Taibos stand and smiled to himself.

These complaints would not arise if Wan Sizhao were innocent.

All the victims had identified him as the culprit.

The Investigation team had claimed insufficient evidence to clear his name.

Do you think I am a fool!

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