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The Slander’s Salvation (Two)

Lu Yuanyuan’s words clearly contained a serious sense of self-loathing.

She obviously felt that  there was absolutely no meaning  to the things she did before; it was just stupid self-consolation.

So many people on the Internet scolded her.

No matter how much she scolded them back, she could not change those peoples’ minds.

Ji Chen’ai looked at Lu Yuanyuan’s eyes and said softly, “Sister, don’t worry.

Those people who scolded you didn’t continue.”

After hearing this, Lu Yuanyuan laughed wryly at herself.

Naturally she thought that Ji Chen’ai was looking for a random reason to comfort her.

She said, “Xiao Qin, I know what you mean…thank you.”

Seeing that Lu Yuanyuan didn’t believe him, Ji Chen’ai cut her off and said, “Why don’t you come and see these posts”

Lu Yuanyuan slowly looked up at Ji Chen’ai for a moment before slowly getting up from the bed.

She walked to the computer and looked at the post that was originally a piece of profanity.

As she browsed the content of the post, her eyes revealed an astonished look.

 Lu Yuanyuan said in shock, “What is … going on”

Naturally Ji Chen’ai could not say that he was the one who made it like this.

He made a puzzled expression, “I don’t know.

I have just been advising them not to say that and they still scolded me.

I didn’t expect that they would suddenly change their attitude.”

Lu Yuanyuan opened the home page again and found that many people who claimed to be the online navy had posted, nearly drowning the first page with their posts.

Among several hot posts [T/N],the poster even attached many screenshots and transaction details that could be used as evidence.

Looking at this, Lu Yuanyuan was dumbfounded.

[T/N]: in some forum, you can see the fire icon on the side of  the post’s title; it’s also a popular post.

Ji Chen’ai pretended to be puzzled: “Cousin, what are these people thinking…”

Lu Yuanyuan had been holding her breath until now.

Now, seeing that the people who had just scolded her had changed their attitudes, she replied to the post, “Just now, didn’t you say that you were correct Now, why did you turn back, kneel and lick [1]”

[1] taking back one’s words and showing excessive boot-licking to an uninterested party.

The poster quickly replied to Lu Yuanyuan, saying, “I’m sorry, my head was kicked by a donkey [2] just now.

I hope you don’t mind.”

[2] (colloquial, derogatory) to be stupid; to be off one’s head

Seeing these words, Lu Yuanyuan looked relieved and sighed in a deep voice.

She replied to Ji Chen’ai’s question just now, “I…don’t know why.”

“Then cousin, do we still argue with them” asked Ji Chen’ai distressingly.

Lu Yuanyuan looked at Ji Chen’ai.

Suddenly, she wanted to reach out and touch her cousin’s head.

She said, “What quarrel…they have admitted their mistakes.

We too have nothing to say.”

It could be said that the problem had been solved from Ji Chen’ai and Lu Yuanyuan’s side.

But if they were happy, it meant someone else was unhappy.


When Huang Junshu received a phone call from their boss, he was sorting out the documents.

When he looked at his mobile phone, he found it was the boss calling him.

In fear and trepidation, he hurriedly picked it up.

His boss valued him a lot.

Usually all important matters were handed over to him, so Huang Junshu paid great attention to his boss’ calls.

But Huang Junshu never expected that as soon as he picked up the phone, he heard his boss cursing at him with a strong tone and angry words, something he had never encountered before.

He did not know what happened.

After the boss finished cursing him out, he asked a question with apprehension.

When the boss saw that he didn’t know what was going on, he scolded him again before telling him what was going on.

After Huang Junshu heard the boss’s general description, immediately his back ran full with cold sweat.

As it turned out there was trouble with the online navy that his boss asked him to find.

Not only they sold them out, but they also posted things that others shouldn’t know on the Internet. 

When Huang Junshu heard this, he was thinking how could this be.

He immediately assured the boss that he would ask about the situation to the online navy.

After hanging up the phone, Huang Junshu made a call to the contact person from the online navy’s side.

But for quite some time, no one answered the phone.

He called several times, but it still showed that no one answered.

Huang Junshu knew that he could not get in touch with anyone.

He hurriedly turned on the computer and randomly entered several popular websites and forums.

He found that the pot had been blown open.

Some people exposed the boss’s son raping case and all the things about it were exposed on the Internet.

But that’s not the worst thing.

The worst thing was that the informant actually began to expose the shady things the boss had done.

Huang Junshu clicked on that post, his back already drenching in cold sweat.

Many of the things that had been disclosed in that post were handled by him.

Naturally, he could see that the informant really knew the inside story, otherwise he would have never written in such detail.

Huang Junshu did not know whether his boss had seen this post, but he could only call the website administrator as quickly as possible to delete these posts.

But he never thought that after the phone was connected, the website administrator would retaliate, saying that the netizens have freedom of speech.

This post did not break the law, and couldn’t be deleted.

Huang Junshu would not believe these words but he immediately realized .

His boss’s enemies must also know this matter – no, maybe it was those people who exposed this matter.

It’s over, it’s over.

Although the room was air-conditioned, Huang Junshu was sweating all over his face.

In desperation, he went to call the boss’s son again, only to find that no one answered the other end of the phone.

At this time, the boss was calling him.

Huang Junshu stared at the mobile phone in his hand.

After a long hesitation, he still answered the call.

As he had imagined before, his boss scolded him.

Then, the boss began to question whether Huang Junshu had caused this.

After all, very few people knew the details of these things.

At present, only Huang Junshu was the most suspicious.

Regarding his boss’ suspicion, Huang Junshu could hardly argue because he knew although he said that he had nothing to do with it, his boss wouldn’t believe him.

So in the end, Huang Junshu could only stare blankly and hear the boss directly end the call.

Huang Junshu, whose face was pale as a sheet of paper, turned to look at the dimly-lighted computer screen, and somehow remembered a saying: What goes around, comes around.

Of course, neither the boss, or Huang Junshu, would have thought that the posts that exposed the inside story were all told by the boss’s son – the rapist himself.

It’s a coincidence that the boss’s son happened to be free.

He went online to browse the forum and saw Lu Yuanyuan’s words that cursed the rapist.

Naturally, he felt uncomfortable.

Since he felt uncomfortable, he scolded her back.

The boss’s son cursed out a series of dirty words and looked at Lu Yuanyuan’s slow and weak response.

Naturally, he was in a very good mood, afterwards.

Originally, if there wasn’t Ji Chen’ai, no matter how badly he scolded others or how big the sewage he splashed, it didn’t matter.

But he never thought, just when he was having fun scolding others, Ji Chen’ai used ‘the slanderer’s salvation’.

 What happened next was known to all.

Lu Yuanyuan received an apology from the boss’s son – Not only that, the boss’s son, who suddenly “found his conscience”, posted on the Internet everything about the crap that his dad and himself did.

It’s not over yet.

He was also worried that netizens would not believe him, so he was very “honest” in revealing his father’s bribery transaction records and the bank deposits.

Just when the boss and Huang Jun were about to vomit blood, the boss’s son felt a kind of physical and mental pleasure.

He felt that… This was what he should do…

This pleasant feeling lasted until the moment when the skill ended.

When the boss’ son returned to normal and saw what he had actually done, he directly collapsed on the spot.

After waking up, he, like Huang Junshu, wanted the website administrator to delete all the posts.

But it wasn’t easy to collect the water that had been thrown out.

In a short period of one day, the posts he sent were spread all over the Internet and attracted the extreme attention of relevant departments.

Nobody thought that things would go on like this, even Ji Chen’ai.

According to Xiao Qi’s description about this skill, ‘Whoever humiliates others will humiliate himself’.

He didn’t know whether Xiao Qi had already known from the beginning that things would turn out like this.

At the beginning, Lu Yuanyuan felt that everyone who scolded her before had suddenly found their conscience.

But she was not stupid.

When she gradually found out that things were getting worse and worse, she felt something was wrong.

When seeing Ji Chen’ai again a few days later, she asked, “Xiao Qin, tell me, do you think what happened the other day was a conspiracy “

Ji Chen’ai was just about to gnaw at the drumstick.

He was shocked when he heard her question, “Sister, why do you say that”

Lu Yuanyuan shook his head.

“Just feels too coincidental… Forget it.

The past is the past.”

Ji Chen’ai could see the haze in Lu Yuanyuan’s eyes was lesser.

He knew that after this incident, his cousin had finally put down something in her heart.

From Xiao Qi, Ji Chen’ai knows clearly about the boss’s son’s matter.

However, the girl he had harmed was worse off than Lu Yuanyuan.

Because of the pressure of public opinion, she had dropped out of school and moved.

Every bad deed would get their retribution.

If they didn’t get retribution, it meant that the time had yet to come.

Ji Chen’ai sat at home watching the news broadcast about someone who was expelled from the party for designing important economic cases, stripped of political power for life, and even waited for criminal punishment … Of course, he was in a good mood. 

Because of this incident, Ji Chen’ai had earned quite a lot of positive energy value.

Although he thought it was going to be several years before he could reach Level 2, it seemed that everything was developing in a good direction now.

As for ‘primary healing’, which was the Level 1 skill for the positive energy system, Ji Chen’ai had used it on himself the night he returned home.

According to Xiao Qi, this skill can only recover some of the old wounds but couldn’t completely cure Ji Chen’ai.

Even so, Ji Chen’ai, who had had no hope of standing up, was able to get out of the wheelchair and walk with crutches.

Ji Chen’ai didn’t tell anyone about these things.

When he stood up from the wheelchair, holding the wall, Ji Chen’ai almost cried.

He had never been so grateful to God for giving him a system named Xiao Qi.

There were 2 more other skills in Level 1 positive energy systems.

Ji Chen’ai was ready to test them out sometime.

After all, from past experience, it seemed that the skills given by the positive energy system could be used on himself [T/N].

[T/N]: all positive skills right now can only be used on Chen’ai himself, like the invisible fly legs or sun gaze.

Unlike negative energy skills that can only be used on others.

The autumn left and spring was here.

After spending a few months at home, Ji Chen’ai finally welcomed his first spring festival in the world.


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