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Phoenix Jade Affection (鳳玉情) Chapter 28

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After arriving at the pear orchard, Feng Zhijiu put down Bing Ying in her favorite place in the pear orchard. The pear trees are in full bloom, and the fallen petals cover the ground like a white carpet.

With a gentle breeze, the whole area is filled with a fresh and sweet pear fragrance. They sat on a bamboo couch, on top of which was already placed a low table with several fabric seats. They kept silent and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Feng Zhijiu looked at her disciples and asked, "Ying Er, do you know what pear blossom means and what it represents?"

Bing Ying looked away from the flowers in front of him and looked at his master. He shook his little head. "Shizun, this disciple doesn know."

She looked back at the pear blossoms in front of her with deep eyes. "Pear blossoms symbolize purity, longevity and immortality, and pear blossoms meaning health and hope," she continued, smiling at her disciples.

"We are like this pear blossom, cultivated to become immortals, and live longer than ordinary people. But we must not forget our own way, which is to keep our thoughts, hearts and souls pure. All of these, we hope that all beings in the world can have a healthy life. Their mind, body and soul are healthy."

Bing Ying listened to his master and began to understand the way he wanted to follow. He got up and knelt down in front of his master. He folded his hands in front of him and solemnly swore. "This disciple will not disappoint Shizun, and will engrave Shizuns teaching in my heart."

After kowtowing three times, Feng Zhijiu supported him to stand up. She gave him a very sincere and gentle smile. "I will always stand behind you, follow your heart and work hard."

"Thank you, Shizun."

She patted his little head lightly. "Good disciple."

Outside the space, at the branches of ancient trees.

Xie Yuya was still sleeping, patiently waiting for his wife. Yu shadow guards gathered around, gossiping about their mistress. Yu Er couldn help feeling distressed for their master. He took out the melon seed snack and started to nibble.

"By the way, our mistress is missing. Our lord is waiting there like someone on vacation. Why is our lord so calm this time? Last time, he almost destroyed this world. If it weren for the fact that the master of this world is our mistress family, I think this world is going to be done for."

Yu Yi slapped him on the back of the head. "Shut up, do you think our lord is calm? Are you blind?"

Yu Er rubbed his head and pouted. "Can you talk nicely?"

Yu Yi glared at Yu Er, but ignored him. Yu Er just glanced lightly at Yu Yi and continued: "I don know… that woman in the central continent, if she knows that our lord used his painstaking efforts, heart blood and soul to create a soul-binding weapon for the mistress, what good show can we witness?

This time, it was Yu Si who spoke. Yu Si is a very quiet person. His specialty is assassination. So when he spoke this time, all the Yu shadow guards were shocked.

"Touch the mistress. Kill."

Yu Shadow Guard : ... this lunatic.

"Don talk nonsense, our lord will not spare anyone who dares to bully our mistress, and the woman in the central continent is merely a tool. I can kill that woman without shedding a drop of blood. So Yu Si, don kill without order and Yu Er, stop courting death."

This time it was Yu San who spoke. His speciality is information gathering. If he wanted to know, no secret could be kept. He even knew everything that happened in Xie Yuyas countless planes. When the other Yu shadow guards heard his words, they secretly agreed with Yu San. They remained silent again.

Inside Feng Zhi Jius space

Feng Zhijiu got up from the couch and said, "Ying Er, you rest here. Shizun has something to do. If I do not come out, remember to eat the spirit fruit, drink your medicine pill and the water from the fountain of life."

Bingying nodded obediently and said goodbye to her. She walked towards the blacksmith workshop as she intended to make a sword for her disciple as a gift.

Walking into the blacksmith workshop, she sealed the door and activated the formation in the workshop. Then, she put the materials for making the sword on the long table beside the huge furnace. She summoned her own phoenix fire and ignited the furnace.

Suddenly the temperature soared, and the fire in the furnace like a phoenix soared into the sky. When the furnace was ready, the cry of the phoenix could be heard from time to time. First of all, she prepared the space spirit core and fire spirit core. She put the spirit core into the furnace, controlled the fire, turned it into a liquid and cast it into a sword. The core shape is smaller than the actual size of the final form.

After shaping and forging the sword core, she turns underworld metal ore into liquid form. The metal was then tampered with and shaped under extremely high temperatures of phoenix fire. These steps consume far more spiritual energy and mental strength than core shaping.

Feng Zhijiu was covered in sweat, but she still persisted until the sword was shaped. Then she put the core of the sword in the middle and wrapped it in underworld metal to combine them. The combination process is very tough and sensitive. Even a slight oversight can ruin the whole progress. After a long time, she finally succeeded in combining the sword and the core into one.

She put the sword on the table full of formations and continued to make the scabbard. The process of forging a scabbard is the same as a sword. Finishing the scabbard, she placed it next to the sword on the table.

Injecting her spiritual energy into the formations in the room, countless formations lit up immediately, and the formations in the center of the table shone brightly. Whether it is the sword or the scabbard, it is constantly shining and dimming.

She didn stop until both the sword and scabbard glow disappeared. As soon as she made a hand seal, the countless formations dimmed slowly as the room became silent. She picked up the sword and inspected it. Its too long for a twelve year old boy, but if Bing Ying is an adult, it will be a perfect fit. She nodded with satisfaction.

The tip of the hilt is red in color and has a long black hilt. The handguard design of the sword is simple and elegant. The blade is long and black, like the metal of the underworld. The color of the scabbard is bright red like fire, with black phoenix patterns.

This sword is a heaven rank magic artifact. She was really satisfied with the finished product. Casting a cleansing spell, she cleaned her body and clothes and put the long sword in its sheath before walking out with the longsword in hand.

When she just came out of the blacksmiths workshop, Bing Ying was already waiting there.

"Welcome back, Shizun."

Seeing her little disciple, she smiled. "Come, Ying Er. This is a gift for you."

She handed the newly-made sword to him then held his wrist to check his pulse. "Well, your body is completely healed, and youve returned to your original shape. Very good."

After checking Bing Yings pulse, she nodded while looking up and down at him. Bing Ying holding the newly made sword, can only look at the sword and his master.

After working for so long, Feng Zhijiu just wanted to take a bath. So she said: "That sword is yours, just name it if you want. I want to take a bath first. You can try that sword to see if you like it. If you feel uncomfortable, tell me later. I will help you fix it."

Then she walked to the outdoor hot spring pool, leaving him standing there.

This sword... Shizun forged it for me for seven days and seven nights…

He looked at his Shizuns tired back and bow at her.

Thank you, Shizun.

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