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Phoenix Jade Affection Chapter 29

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After Feng Zhijiu went to take a hot bath, Bing Ying looked at the long sword in his hand. The current sword is too long for him. He measures his sword. The sword is as tall as him.

..... I need to eat a lot to grow taller.

Then he tried to weigh the longsword, and to his surprise it felt light. Almost weightless. He lightly touched the scabbard, and saw the black phoenix pattern in the center of the scabbard, covering almost the entire scabbard.

Phoenix... Shizuns surname is Feng…

He slowly pulled out the long sword from the scabbard, his eyes widened in surprise. The entire blade and hilt are black, without any luster. It seems that even light cannot pass through the sword, but is absorbed by the sword instead. The tip of the hilt and the protection are blood red.

The design of the sword is very simple, yet it exudes elegance. He likes the design very much. He took a closer look and saw countless formations and runes engraved on the entire sword, from the hilt to the tip of the sword. He can count them!

He quickly picked up the scabbard and took a closer look. The scabbard is the same as the sword. Countless formations and spell runes are engraved on it. He stood there, unable to take his eyes off the sword.

This sword... Shizun must spend a lot of energy and strength to forge it. No wonder Shizun looked haggard and tired.

He retracted the sword into its scabbard and held it tightly. There was determination in his eyes, and the spirit of the whole person was soaring. After adjusting his mood, he walked towards the bamboo house. His back looked straight and strong.

At the outdoor hot spring pool.

Feng Zhijiu slowly soaked in the pond. Tense muscles and depleted spiritual energy began to recover. She leaned against the edge of the pool, her arms supported by the ground, and she put her head to her arms. Her posture is relaxed, and her long, smooth black hair is scattered around her with the ripples of the water.

Her face was a little rosy from the steam from the hot spring. A few drops of water hung from the tips of her eyelashes as the water dripped down her lashes and down her smooth cheeks, stopping at the corners of her lips. Like a lover stroking her beautiful face.

The slender, soft body exudes a hazy mist. If anyone saw her now, they would definitely think she was a goddess who came to heavenly pond to bathe. She let out a sigh of satisfaction and opened her closed eyes and turned around to look up at the sky. The white and fluffy clouds were like cotton candy, which made her suddenly have the urge to eat sweets.

Should I be making pastries? Or some snacks? Maybe Yinger wants to eat?

She soaked until her fingertips began to wrinkle before she came out of the hot spring pool. She only wears a casual thin layer of clothes when she comes out. The temperament of the whole person changed suddenly, and she looked like a lazy immortal. Coming out of the hot spring pool, she saw Bing Ying putting several dishes on the stone table next to the herb garden.

Hearing footsteps from behind, Bing Ying looked back, only to see that his master was only wearing a very thin and casual white dress. He frowned slightly, but said nothing. Feng Zhijiu walked up to her disciple, sat down on the stool, and looked at the table. The dishes are filling the table, and even the tea set is ready. Then she looked at his face and smiled.

"Yinger, did you make these? It looks delicious and fragrant." She praised him with a happy smile on her face.

The boy smiled slightly, put away the bamboo tray, and sat down beside his master. He put a bowl of white and thick porridge in front of her, and placed a pair of chopsticks and a spoon beside the porridge.

Immediately, he began to prepare spiritual tea and said, "Shizun, please enjoy breakfast. This disciple is not as good as Shizun, please don dislike it."

She took the spoon, started to drink the porridge, and said softly. "Its delicious. I didn know that my Yinger could cook and make spirit tea. Sure enough, master and disciple are of the same mind."

Bing Ying listened to her praise, with a happy smile on his face and light in his eyes.

Fortunately, Shizun likes it. My efforts were not in vain.

They enjoyed a delicious breakfast together, drank tea, and had a good conversation. The wind was blowing gently, the weather was warm, and time passed slowly. What a peaceful life. After breakfast, Bing Ying cleared the table before Feng Zhijiu called him.

"Yinger, come here." She beckoned to him, and Bing Ying walked towards her quickly.

"Yes, Shizun." He stood in front of her and waited. She touched her chin and looked at him up and down. Bing Ying stood up straight and didn move under her gaze.

"Um... It seems that you can start to practice now... Its best to change the method of cultivation first, and then let you learn sword skills and other spells. Um..."

She immediately stood up from her seat, waved her hand, and a bamboo scroll appeared in her palm. She handed the bamboo scroll to Bing Ying and said, "This is the Supreme Grade cultivation method. With your physique and turbid spiritual energy, you can only learn this technique for now. After your spiritual energy becomes pure, and the body grows, we can change the level of the cultivation method."

Bingyings eyes lit up, and he bowed respectfully to her. "Thank you, Shizun."

"Well, go to practice. Come to me if you don understand." She nodded and let him go.

"Yes, Shizun"

Bing Ying walked in the direction of the pear orchard, as she sat on the stool, and slowly took a sip of spirit tea.

Ive already found Xiao Mu, this sacred land... um... Its better to wait for Yinger to accumulate some experience here before leaving here. Now, just wait for Yinger to master the method of spiritual energy transformation first.

With a wave of her hand, the tea set was cleaned and returned to the kitchen. She stood up and went to the kitchen.

Lets make some pastries and snacks first.

In this way, the master was busy making cakes and pastries, while the disciples were immersed in self-cultivation.

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