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Liu Chen walked to the desk with a natural attitude and didn’t seem to notice.

Shao Fei, still like a cicada chrysalis, heard the sound of the soles of his feet stepping on the soft cashmere carpet.

His racing heart jumped to his throat.

The sound of footsteps stopped, and his nerves became taut.

There was only a small wooden board between them.

Liu Chen stepped on the corner of the loose shirt, covering it from sight.

Only then did Shao Fei realize that there was something tugging him.

He turned his head and finally found that he had neglected something, the corners of his shirt draped out from the gap.

Was he found Reason told him that the possibility of not being found was very small, but maybe it was a coincidence

He didn’t dare to move.

It seemed the above didn’t notice.

Liu Chen took one from a pile of documents on the table and handed it to Wu Lianggang behind him: “Dad switched the plan.

You give it to Amy and ask the people on the project team to make another plan.

She will follow up at any time on Monday.”

Amy is one of Liu Chen’s five secretaries.

Liu Zhengming has involved him in the company’s affairs these past few years.

From his secretary group alone has sent five people with their own expertise to help Liu Chen grow.

He believes that practice is far more important than theory learned on campus, and the Liu family has always been proactive.

Passerby A felt the foot on his clothes moved.

He breathed carefully and heard the sound of the door being closed again.

They should have gone out.

They really didn’t notice him

He did not immediately move, but continued to listen for movement.

The house seemed to enter silent mode again.

Shao Fei looked at a ray of orange light leaking in from the window.

The red clouds seemed to be burning.

It was almost six o’clock.

He couldn’t stay here any longer.

Gently pushing the chair, he drilled out of the gap.

Before he stood still, he turned and met a pair of smiling eyes and a close range handsome face.

Their eyes met.

Shao Fei seemed to be frozen in place.

The boy only had a slight smile on his lips, his emotions indistinguishable: “Won’t you explain why you’re here”

He’s still here!

Shao Fei can’t stand the evil preference of the teenager deliberately waiting him out.

He feels like a jellyfish, he feels like an open book when stared at by the boy in front of him.

Of course, he must find a reasonable excuse at this time, but Shao Fei knows how difficult it is to trick Liu Chen.

He spoke incoherently like a child caught red handed, tears rising from  the bottom of his eyes: “I… I didn’t mean it.

Uncle Yu said that mine and mother’s room were being constructed.

I was curious and couldn’t help sneaking in, but I didn’t know which floor it was, so I wandered around.

Then I hid when I heard your voice.”

Shao Fei was still a little soft, with a chubby face.

He looked younger than his actual age.

He spoke with a teary voice and a flustered expression.

Liu Chen had seen all kinds of eyes, but these eyes were very clean.

Shao Fei is clear about the life of the original owner.

He has been a good student for more than ten years.

To his father, who is prone to violence and scolding at home, is submissive.

Liu Chen must be clear about these background details, and the probability of doubt has decreased by countless percent.

Liu Chen also thought of these details.

He knew it was unlikely that Shaofei could understand the documents in the room, but it didn’t excuse Shaofei from breaking in.

Seeing Liu Chen’s cold face and silence, this man emits the momentum of a superior.

When he doesn’t speak, it makes people more and more nervous.

Shao Fei’s posture is very unstable now, his body is still half standing, with his elbow on the desk and the other on the chair.

“How long do you plan to stay in this posture Come here.”

As Shao Fei thought at the beginning, the two concepts were different: a child being caught and an adult being caught.

Liu Chen won’t be so harsh on a child who poses no threat.

But Liu Chen didn’t let him go.

He just kept looking at Shao Fei.

Shao Fei was a little frightened by that look.

“I won’t dare next time…” Shao Fei seemed anxious, before summoning up his courage to hold the corner of Liu Chen’s clothes.

His words successfully interrupted Liu Chen’s line of thought and prevented him from thinking deeper.

Liu Chen glanced and said in a low voice, “Let go.”

Shao Fei startled awake and found that he was too courageous just now.

He immediately let go, his face looked frightened, like a small animal with fried hair.

Liu Chen frowned.

Is he so scary

Looking at the other party’s pitiful appearance, he couldn’t help thinking of the cold expression under the streetlamp that day, and then comparing it to the sight in front of him.

It seemed that this was how Shaofei should behave.

He was clearly a person one could see through at a glance, but there was no sense of violation.

The unspeakable feeling was like grass growing in his heart.

He was scratched by a gentle breeze.

Even if Liu Chen momentarily forgot there were still traces left.

“You’re already so old, how come you’re still a crying bag.” Liu Chen took off Shao Fei’s glasses and finally saw the foggy eyes, like wet black pearls.

“I’m not…” Shao Fei was startled, but Lu Chen didn’t do anything more and returned his glasses to him.

“You look like I bullied you.” Lu Chen sneered.

“I shouldn’t have broken in.” He can still distinguish right from wrong.

“Make sure there’s no next time.” Lu Chen thought about it and said slowly, with a tone of warning.

“Definitely not!” Shaofei immediately promised.

Lu Chen felt that the person in front of him was frightened and hooked the corner of his mouth: “Remember, you owe me a favor.”

In an instant, even the surrounding atmosphere turned from cloudy to sunny.

He has the ability to affect others’ emotions.

“Well, if you have orders in the future, I’m willing to do anything.” This shows that it probably won’t be investigated.

Shao Fei was greatly relieved.

He didn’t even dare to look in the direction of Yao Feifei.

Such a dialogue is like a conversation between peers.

Liu Chen is a little in a trance.

He hasn’t talked like this to his peers for a long time, and his environment did not allow him to be naive.

Liu Chen noticed Shao Fei’s bare feet.

Shao Fei noticed his line of sight.

It was really embarrassing.

He wanted to hide and shrank away.

In fact, his feet are not ugly.

The white and slender lines and delicate skin seem to have no pores.

Round toenails cover the light pink toes, and the light cyan veins are obvious under the white almost transparent skin.

Under his gaze, they overlap and shrink.

It’s very beautiful.

Although the little fool doesn’t look like his parents, his skin was inherited from Yao Feifei: “It seems that you’re really qualified to be a thief.” footsteps are lighter without shoes and socks.

It’s a simple truth.

Shao Fei didn’t know that he gained more and more nicknames.

He blushed, he knew that the other party was teasing him and bowed his head.

This performance was completely natural.

Lu Chen went to the side of the cabinet and brought him a pair of slippers: “Spare.”

Shaofei whispered his thanks.

His head was still hanging, thin and soft hair matched Shao Fei’s overall vibe.

The other party said casually: “I’m the same age as you.

Leave with me when you’re dressed.”

Although he didn’t know what the man meant, Shaofei obediently followed.

At the moment of closing the door, he looked in Yao Feifei’s direction, he hoped that she could seize the opportunity and hurry to escape.

Shao Fei silently looked at the man’s back.

His broad back looked slim, but he was not weak at all.

He felt that this man was not difficult to get along with when he meant no harm.

Although the male lead has a lot of shortcomings, exactly the type Shaofei doesn’t want to provoke, the male lead is still very measured in his life, otherwise the female leader won’t be attracted.

But Shao Fei has forgotten that this is only what Liu Chen shows on the surface.

Many people are confused by his gentle appearance, which makes people originally guarded towards him lower their guard.

They went to a small storeroom next to the study, decorated with various certificates, trophies and awards; covering core subjects such as mathematics and chemistry, extra curricular subjects like horse racing and shooting and from major music competitions.

Scattered here and there were major and minor awards with multiple languages from multiple countries, categorised according to date received.

He could understand Chinese and English.

Seeing Liu Chen’s name everywhere he couldn’t help but marvel in his heart.

The description of the multi-talented in the novel was modest.

Shao Fei strongly felt the deep and insurmountable gap between passers-by A and the male lead.

They were both human, but the gap was so large.

No wonder an outstanding girl like the female lead, would occasionally feel inferior.

Shao Fei realized that this was  the fifth floor, not the fourth floor where Liu Chen lived, so the collector of these awards should be Liu Zhengming.

Liu Chen himself may not care about these awards.

Shouldn’t he be at the age of loving to show off

Perhaps the male lead has long broken away from such vulgar interests.

Liu Chen noticed Shao Fei’s gaze.

There was a trace of helplessness on his delicate and handsome face, he said in his clear voice, “When I was young, I loved to show off these things and liked the feeling that I was better than everyone else.

Later, the old man didn’t let me throw them away, so they all piled here.”

Shao Fei: “…”

Oh, I see.

The interest of crushing others has changed from outward to inward.

Liu Chen took out a disk and handed it to Shao Fei: “Here are past exam papers and different methods to solve the questions compiled by a Dijiang teacher.

You can use it to study.” Dijiang is the middle school that Liu Chen attends.

Because the teacher asked Lu Chen to compile the data together, he still has a copy.

Shao Fei didn’t expect that he would give this to him.

Recently he had been studying the questions given by Yao Feifei.

Even if he had the knowledge of the original owner, he often encountered problems.

He knew that Dijiang’s question bank was famous all over the country, and this disk was very precious.

“Let’s go eat dinner, it’s your first day here.

I’ll ask Uncle Yu to prepare.”

“Thank you, Chen ge.” Shao Fei accepted, but he still felt a little uneasy at the bottom of his heart.

There was no reason to suspect the male lead, but this inexplicable goodwill scared him.

However when he thought deeper, in the novel the male lead is a cultured gentleman, and passerby A has nothing of interest the male lead would target him for.

He shouldn’t overthink every action.

Besides, the male lead’s attitude is unpredictable.

What’s the use of contemplating so much Passerby A just needs to watch on the sidelines.

“I’ll tell you as soon as I think of something.

If you really want to thank me, you’d better accompany me somewhere a few days later.” Liu Chen stated.

Shao Fei didn’t ask where, and he didn’t have the nerve to refuse.

Liu Chen led him into the elevator without getting on.

He said he wanted to change his clothes and returned to the study.

There was no one inside.

Blankly walking to the cabinet where Shao Fei’s slippers were stored, he removed a beautifully carved door handle and pulled out a recording device.

Replacing it with another tiny monitor that looked exactly the same.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Feizi: The male lead has changed his vulgar preferences

Xiao Luzi: Yes, I have a new goal now

Xiao Feizi:… (Feels a chill)


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