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Liu Chen’s offered choices immediately shut up Yao Feifei.

He told the housekeeper to continue moving, but mentioned they need to be more considerate to the guests.

Don’t let people say their hospitality is lacking.

Hearing the words “guest”, Yao Feifei laughed coyly.

Her dissatisfaction seemed to be just an illusion: “Liu Shao, I think it’s too extravagant to treat me as a guest .” As though she was persuaded by Lu Chen and agreed without objection, but her way of addressing Liu Chen changed.

Liu Chen also smiled: “Not at all, as long as you’re satisfied, I’ll explain to my father.”

He left without looking back.

He didn’t want to waste his weekend on this woman.

The casual sweeping gaze was treated as an illusion by Shao Fei.

After all, the male lead has no reason to pay attention to a passer-by.

Shao Fei immediately forgot the episode and helped Yao Feifei carry her stack of luggage.

He heard her calling and coquettishly complaining to Liu Zhengming, then coaxed into laughter.

As he heard her skillfully slipping in the topic of the main house renovation while making it seem inadvertent.

Shaofei couldn’t bear to break her fantasy.

The main building was not under renovation at all, it was all made up by the housekeeper uncle Yu to deceive her.

In the final analysis, Liu Zhengming is playing with someone fresh, it is impossible for her to stay long term.

So there is no need to accommodate her in the main building.

Status wise she is not qualified to use a guest room.

Her stay in the Liu family was simply a spectacle that will pass.

It’s just right to arrange her in this deserted building.

It can not only coax lovers, but also not hinder their normal life.

The outside gossip will also be in the Liu family’s favour, killing three birds with one stone.

The first two floors were filled with miscellaneous items.

The mother and son settled on the third floor room.

When Uncle Yu accompanied him to his room, the housekeeper’s standardized expression all year round could not be maintained.

The furniture covered by white cloth was covered with a thick layer of dust, spider webs were entangled everywhere, and people could sense the years of disuse in the air.

An eerie cold like a haunted house.

He turned to say: “During this time, the master asked us to prepare the young master’s school party and there were not enough staff.

These rooms haven’t been occupied for a long time.

I’d better choose another one for you.”

Just listen to these excuses.

It’s better for a temporary resident to be ignorant.

“It doesn’t matter, this is fine.” The haunted house feel isn’t too apparent.

Hethinks the Lu family has been very generous to lend such a large room.

He repeatedly refuses uncle Yu’s help and says he is good at cleaning.

Shao Fei has been cleaning his original home since childhood, and his housework ability is first-class.

Before leaving, uncle Yu looked at Shaofei deeply with an emotional look.

He was probably cautious after being tossed by Yao Feifei; unexpectedly, her son was not difficult to get along with at all.

When the workers finished moving things up, Yao Feifei waved them away.

She didn’t want the servants of the Lu family to touch her things and Shaofei agreed to help her tidy up.

The sun’s afterglow hung on the horizon, and Shao Fei sat tired on the ground.

Looking at the clean room, he felt a unique sense of achievement.

He was going to find Yao Feifei for dinner first, and then start cleaning his room, which had accumulated dust for centuries.

When searching for her, he felt a vibration by  his feet.

It was a mobile phone covered by a carpet.

Who knew when it fell.

From the appearance, it’s not the phone he usually uses.

He remembers that Yao Feifei usually has only one mobile phone.

During his moment of doubt, a call interrupted Shao Fei’s thinking.

It was a string of numbers with no set caller ID.

When he was about to hang up, he accidentally picked it up and heard a low male voice: “Feifei, don’t look for it.

I received information about Lu Zhengming.

You’d better move back to your original apartment.

The Lu family may seem simple, but they aren’t someone you can handle.

Don’t take risks.”

Shao Fei fell into confusion.

Scenes poured into his mind, as if finding the missing link, they were pieced together.

He changed the pitch of his voice, making it higher and softer.

Through the medium of the mobile phone it sounded like an indifferent female voice replied.

Probably since Yao Feifei rarely showed her cold side, combined with the other party also feeling guilty he coaxed: “Wait a little more, Feifei, we will be together soon.”

The man said a few more words before hanging up as he was busy.

Shao Fei looked at the phone with a heavy expression.

He carefully recalled the plot about Shao Fei.

A little pitiful, there was only a single sentence describing Yao Feifei.

When the female asked the housekeeper she received a casual reply that the woman was punished with the consequences of her bad deed and had long been kicked out of the Liu family.

Punished for her bad deed… What did she do

Connecting this information with the previous callm, Shao Fei realised that things might be more complicated than he thought.

Shao Fei wanted to delete the call record, but after several wrong passcode entries didn’t bother.

Now, finding Yao Feifei is the first priority.

He held the mobile phone and looked toward the main house.

Could Yao Feifei… be there.

Shao Fei doesn’t want to be proved right, but now this possibility increased constantly in his mind, and he doesn’t even want to imagine how miserable the outcome will be.

Shao Fei considered the advantages and disadvantages of searching for her, and finally decided to fight for passerby A’s safe life in the future.

According to the information in the novel, he knew the general layout of the main house and sneaked in through the kitchen window within five minutes of the kitchen staff changing shifts.

The Liu family likely didn’t expect to guard against the people already inside, and no one dared to break into Liu’s house.

Shao Fei carefully cleared his footprints and saw Uncle Yu, the housekeeper with his back turned.

He hid behind the bonsai with cat-like flexibility.

When he saw the other was busy giving orders, Shao Fei ran to the staircase, and flashed up with soft steps.

Luckily the elevator in the Lu family’s main house meant people seldom used the stairs.

He had taken off his shoes and socks to heighten the dexterity of his ste, even his breaths were kept shallow and silent.

Shao Fei was  fortunate and didn’t meet anyone all the way to the fifth floor.

Of course, if he had, he probably wouldn’t have a way out.

The fifth floor is mainly Lu Zhengming’s bedroom and work study.

If Yao Feifei really came here, she should be in the study.

At the end of the peachwood corridor situated a high window letting in scatters of sunset glow, quiet like a sleeping beast in the dark.

He inspected the closed doors in the corridor, analysing which door led to the study.

When he was hesitating, a door silently opened.

He was pulled in with both hands, the door slamming shut behind him.

Before he could exclaim, the person behind him gave him a reality check: “What are you doing here”

Meeting Yao Feifei’s angry eyes, Shaofei felt faint.

He took a few deep breaths and asked, “This should be my question!” He hoped he was overthinking!

“Do you know how the Liu family will deal with you if they find you sneaking around, leave now!” Yao Feifei didn’t expect to bump into her son here, and from his tone of voice, he must have discovered something.

“I’m a child caught sneaking around and you would be an adult, which is more serious Will you continue after I leave” Shao Fei scanned the surroundings.

Fortunately, Yao Feifei was cautious and didn’t leave a no trace of her presence, but it also indirectly proved that Yao Feifei was a frequent offender.

Shao Fei feels this is getting more and more troublesome.

She often walks by the river.

How can her shoes not get wet1

“I’m not joking.

At 6 p.m., the far-infrared system on the fifth floor will turn on.

Only three people have the password, at that time you’ll have no escape.” Yao Feifei said fiercely, “if something happens to you, I won’t care!”

Shao Fei was so angry that he said, “if you don’t go, I won’t go.

I only have you.”

The last sentence is from the original owner.

Yao Feifei choked and became more earnest: “I have no time to explain to you! I must…”

Shao Fei straight out told her: “That man said, you don’t have to find it.

He has a way.”

“What, you…”

The two suddenly stopped talking.

The faint sound of conversation was particularly harsh in the silence.

It came from outside the door.

The sound insulation facilities here were top quality.

They wouldn’t have heard if the room weren’t silent.

They looked at each other, then tacitly searched for a place to hide.

Shao Fei silently pointed to one side of the couch.

The couch was located behind the bookshelf.

It should be a place where Lu Zhengming rested when he was tired.

It was difficult to spot from most angles.

Yao Feifei: What about you

Shao Fei hurried her.

Why are you dawdling around Shao Fei just wanted to push her over and conveyed silently: Go, I’ll Figure something out.

As the sound of conversation outside approached, Shao Fei’s forehead beaded with fine sweat.

He looked at the desk for a few seconds, gritted his teeth, pushed out the office chair and hid beneath the desk.

Click, he heard the door handle pushed down.

He curled up in the shadow and pulled the office chair back to its original position.

In less than a second, the door opened.

It’s the familiar voice of young master Liu, the type people are unable to forget after hearing once.

Liu Chen had just passed the voice change period, particularly pleasant and soft: “You said that the shopping mall project in the new urban area that Yang Zhen liked was intercepted by  Rongshang industry”

Shao Fei currently didn’t know that this Yang Zhen was the Mr.

Yang they met downstairs that day.

The kind and elegant middle-aged man who said a few words with Shao Fei.

“Yes, unfortunately Yang’s previous investment also  failed.

It’s said that in order to win over several investors, he invested a lot of capital.

Now Yang’s internal shareholders are dissatisfied with his mistakes.” Wu Lianggang is Liu Chen’s personal assistant in business and also his mentor.

“This dissatisfaction has your handwriting all over it.” Lu Chen concluded.

Wu Liang neither denied nor admitted keeping a routine expression under scrutiny: “Young master,  you over praise me.

I don’t have that ability.”

“I’m not father.

You don’t have to tread so carefully.

Is there a reason for their project being intercepted”

“There may be a leak.”

“The news can’t be leaked so easily.

Yang Zhen doesn’t even trust his son.”

Wu Lianggang also thought it was strange.

However, the little wolf young master obviously won’t miss such a good opportunity: “Continue to stare at this cake.

I Lu Chen don’t want everything for nothing, just a bite.”

Wu Lianggang’s cold face showed an understanding look, then slightly lowered his arrogant head: “Understood.”

Liu Chen said his own name, not the Liu family.

Obviously, in his heart, the Liu family doesn’t represent him.


Lu Chen’s eyes condensed seeing white cloth between the desk and the carpet.

Did the little mouse enter

Shao Fei really had no place to hide.

The safest place in the study was given to Yao Feifei.

In a hurry, he had no time to think more.

He could only believe that “the most dangerous place is the safest place”.

When Lu Zhengming was not at home, he could have survived until the end of the chat, but he neglected his clothes.

He had only two sets of clothes for summer.

The T-shirt had been worn for many years.

It had stretched from washing often to become wide, long and loose.

His curling action directly dragged the T-shirt to the ground, revealing a corner.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Luzi: Come on, squeak

Xiao Feizi: Chi

1If you do something often enough, you will sooner or later make mistakes


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