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You Successfully Caught My Attention (38)

Shen Banqing can be said to be another core of the world.

If the plot changes and the male lead doesn’t appear at that time, her fate will be even more chaotic.

If there are major changes here and unknown consequences, the unstable world may collapse ahead of time.

In fact, when he first ran out, he hadn’t deliberated too much, nor did he deliberately want to hide it from Liu Chen, but due to impulsive consideration.

In the original work, this paragraph takes place on the eve of the graduation of the male and female lead.

Perhaps because of the disturbance of the rhythm of the story, even the plot is ahead of schedule, and this is also a key turning point in the female lead’s feelings.

Shao Fei called Yang Xin.

On the other side, Yang Xin was in a low mood these days because of his class assignment and Shen Banqing’s refusal.

He was a little depressed and even constantly doubted whether he was really so bad, so much so that he was unattractive to others.

In the midst of the war between heaven and man, he received a call from Shao Fei.

Although Shao Fei is his idol’s deskmate, the two are completely two extreme’s.

If Yang Xin receives a call from Liu Chen, he will be frightened for fear that he has made a mistake.

While he will be much warmer receiving Shao Fei’s call.

He was cheery and about to make a joke when he heard the voice on the other end of the phone mention Shen Banqing and immediately focused.

“No, I didn’t leave with her today.

Shouldn’t she have reached home by now…” Yang Xin’s face changed and he quickly stood up: “If you find her, send me the location without delay.

I haven’t been gone for long, I’ll go there immediately!”

Then he hung up and went back to school as fast as he could.

The inertia of the plot will not completely disappear due to the change of the male lead.

Shao Fei ran to the indoor sports field according to the clues from the novel, no one could be seen.

Looking from a distance, he can see the locked equipment room.

There was no need to confirm, long as he opens the equipment room he will know whether his inference is accurate.

It’s best if it was empty.

If someone…


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