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When changing clothes, he heard a young couple talking in the next compartment.

It should be a boy who is changing his clothes, calling the girl to come over to see how the clothes fit.

“I’ll buy you clothes later,” the boy said.

“No need, I already have enough for this year.”

“I’ll buy you something different.”

“What’s the difference”

Later, the boy said something very quietly, but Shao Fei still heard it.

“A man will buy you clothes just because he wants to peel them off one by one…”

Shao Fei felt as if his body had been scalded, and was extremely flustered.

When Shao Fei rushed out, Liu Chen was still picking out clothes.

As soon as he saw how red he looked, Liu Chen had the urge to hold him again: “Did you get embarrassed from changing clothes”

Just at this moment, the couple on the other side came out, and Shao Fei didn’t dare to take another look, whispering that he didn’t want to try on clothes.

Seeing that he was really unwilling, Liu Chen asked for all the clothes that Shao Fei had just picked out when he was changing clothes.

He signed his name, and wrote down the address to Shao Fei’s community for delivery.

Each set of clothes was ordered in two sizes, so that two can wear couple-outfits.

The two left the store and Liu Chen said that they should continue to shop more.

Shao Fei’s mind was still on the conversation between the couple just now and stood at a distance from Liu Chen.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure in the distance.

That looks like Yao Feifei!

She has come back


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