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It was really meant half as a joke.

Now he has finished his chores, ready to go back and bumped into this talent who took his joke seriously.

Liu Chen, who had already forgotten Shaofei, refreshed his impression.

In terms of time and distance Shao Fei should have walked at his fastest speed for more than two hours.

After vomiting, passer-by A slowly raised his head, and the roadside light poured over his white porcelain like face.

Like the flowing sea opening a path, his hair fell away from this action.

It was not particularly special, but Liu Chen finally saw the expression clearly.

There was no anger from being teased, no resentment from compromise, and no greed or desire to enter the Liu family.

It was very cold, showing neither joy nor anger.

Such an unremarkable person seems far from Liu Chen’s cognition, and there is even no word that can define this person for the time being.

Next, he should ride a car or bus back.

The previous insistence was enough to “prove his effort”.

Liu Chen was well aware of people’s deep rooted bad habits and calmly watched on.

Shao Fei wiped his mouth and felt much more comfortable after vomiting.

Although his entire throat felt a burning pain, his stomach no longer churned.Recalling the route previously memorized.

There’s still halfway left.

He’d better hurry.

He did see the bus before, but he didn’t get on.

Based on his understanding of Liu Chen in the novel, and in combination with other data, he felt that he must complete this task fully, so the male lead can’t pick faults and use them as excuses to trouble him in the future.

It’s better to do more than less.

Moreover, he himself did not like this weak chicken body, so he should begin to exercise.

Still walking

Liu Chen looked at the little fool who kept his head down and sneered: “Doesn’t he know there are buses and taxis in the world”

It’s impossible not to know.

Several cars just drove by Shaofei, he just chose to continue walking.

Liu Chen, who thought Shao Fei was a little clever at the beginning, was mistaken again.

Liu Chen stopped watching, turned back and said, “Let’s go.”

“Young master, don’t you care about him”

Liu Chen smiled: “It’s his business if he’s willing to walk.

I won’t destroy others’ persistence.”

Lao Zhang: …

“Lao Zhang, when did you become nosy”

Suddenly, Lao Zhang, a driver with decades of driving experience, had his tempo disrupted.

Sometimes he was more scared of the young master than the old master.

Maybe it was this kind of keen sharpness.

He did change his route to heighten the chance of the young family seeing Shao fei.

He was still worried about the child.

Although he was found by his young master, he didn’t seem to blame him.

He explained: “I just checked the traffic news.

The original route is a red line.

Maybe there was an accident, so the route changed to go through the flat road.”

Liu Chen smiled, took out his bluetooth headset, put it on and closed his eyes, “Tell Wu Liang to send someone to follow him.”

Wu Liang is the name of Wu Dezhu, but many people only remember to call him Wu Dezhu.1

“Understood.” Lao Zhang breathed a sigh of relief.

He also knew that the young master generally didn’t care about trifle matters.

As long as it didn’t touch his reverse scale,2 the young master was easy going most of the time.

Shao Fei finally arrived at Yao Feifei’s apartment past two o’clock in the morning.

His legs were trembling.

Every step was like lifting lead.

If this body were more robust, it wouldn’t take this long.

He decided to start exercising.

After lying on the porch floor for a long time, he took off his shoes.

There was some blood on his heels and blisters on the soles of his feet.

Yao Feifei has yet to come back.

He recently transmigrated so he doesn’t know where the medicine box is, and he doesn’t have the strength to look for it.

Reaching the room on the second floor he fell like a heavy sandbag onto the bed.

Maybe he was too tired, but he couldn’t sleep.

Carefully recalling his actions today he felt that he was respectful and dedicated.

Today’s result is a good harvest, even if he didn’t become Liu Chen’s attendant the system didn’t warn him orpunish him.

The system explained the rules.

First, his character settings cannot collapse by more than 30%, and second, he cannot be found to be an outsider, which relates to rule 1.

It is now certain that as long as he carefully controls his behavior, he still has a certain degree of freedom.

Shao Fei had yet to feel sleepy when he heard movement downstairs.

Walking to the window, he saw a business car parked downstairs.

A familiar person came down from the car.

There was another man following her, it was not Liu Zhengming but Mr.

Yang, who they had chatted with in the hotel lobby.

He was a man with an elegant temperament.

He was not as aggressive as Mr Liu.

It was too dim from the second floor, he couldn’t see their faces clearly.

However from their intimate movements, their relationship is not simple.

Yao Feifei left with Liu Zhengming, so this is tonights after show

Does she think her life is not complicated enough She was walking on a tightrope, below was the abyss.

He began to doubt whether the boat he was riding would turn over at any time.

Yao Feifei looked at his son limping downstairs and said in surprise, “It’s so late, haven’t you slept”

Shao Fei didn’t mention what happened with Liu Chen.

He opened the door and said, “I saw the person who sent you back.”

Yao Feifei was stunned and immediately warned his son, “Xiao Fei, you’d better have short term blindness.”

“Even if I’m blind, there are always people who are not blind and paper can’t wrap fire.

Don’t forget Liu Chen and assistant Wu.”

“I’m aware, let me worry about that, I know what I’m doing.” Yao Feifei looked away in slight embarrassment.

She raked through her hair in frustration.

Her appearance was baffling.

For  unimportant roles there will be barely any mentions in the original text, so Shaofei didn’t understand her character.

The mother and son, who were unfamiliar with each other, were particularly awkward at this time.

Yao Feifei talked first, “What happened to your foot When did you get hurt”

Shao Fei said it was nothing.

Yao Feifei felt annoyed, but eased up  when she saw several blisters on her son’s feet.

She took the medicine box, lifted his feet up, treated the blisters for him, and applied medicine.

She scolded him while applying medicine to not make trouble.

Shao Fei didn’t feel painful or itchy.He is getting used to this other side of his mother.

Although she normally acts coquettish, there is still a trace of tenderness like now.

“You’d better stop… They won’t let you go if you continue like this.” He suddenly felt that it would be a pity for such a woman like summer flowers to wither, and none of these gold masters are easy to offend.

Perhaps the person beside him felt so real.

Shao Fei unconsciously immersed himself in the role and said superfluous words.

In the face of her son’s heartfelt advice, her heart, which had been frozen into ice, was a little warm.

Yao Feifei softened more and remained silent for a long time, until Shaofei fell into a deep sleep.

Once Shaofei fell asleep, she slowly opened her mouth: “You are still young and don’t understand.

Sometimes you go back even if you want to.”

The next day, Liu Chen received the report early in the morning.

After listening to it, he chuckled: “He really walked from beginning to end”

After school Wu Lianggang came down from the study and greeted the young master.

They had already met in the morning.

This robot-like multitalented Wu Dezhu, has been helping the young master deal with some important affairs under the order of father Liu.

At least on the surface, Liu Zhengming’s love for his son is faultless.

As he was about to leave, Liu Chen said, “Tell my father that I don’t object to them moving in.”

Wu Lianggang pushed up his glasses, hiding his sharp eyes: “Understood, I believe Miss Yao will be happy.”

Since the death of the former wife, no matter how many lovers were kept outside, not many women can truly enter the Liu family.

There were only two cases, the second being Yao Feifei, she was also the only one that Liu Chen personally approved.

Liu Chen only wore a standard smile explained with philosophical theory: “People who know how to persevere are not annoying.

They are always better than people who get something for nothing, don’t you think”

When Wu Lianggang thought of Liu Chen’s orders yesterday, he suddenly understood something and echoed, “True.”

Yao Feifei was pleasantly surprised when she got the news that she could move into Liu’s house this weekend.

When she was with Liu Zhengming, the other party also said to look at Liu Chen’s attitude.

So she may have to wait a few more days, but she didn’t give up hope.

Yao Feifei couldn’t help hugging her still stiff son: “How did you convince him”

Shao Fei was reviewing for the entrance examination in his room.

After thinking about it, he affirmed, “I didn’t do anything.”

Yao Feifei was not surprised.

Pigs would fly the day her awkward son could please Liu Chen.

If she had any other choice, she wouldn’t use her son3: “You should continue to please Young Master Liu now and in the future.”

Her words went in Shao Fei’s left ear and out the right ear.

He knows it is unrealistic for passers-by A to increase their scenes in this kind of novel.

He returned his concentration to the textbook.

He was secretly surprised at the teaching level of this school, it was obviously much higher than his previous school.

Of course, he didn’t know that Yao Feifei prepared for him the highest level of self-study exercises.

Seeing her son nodding obediently, she was satisfied and packed to move.

On the weekend, driver Lao Zhang and several strong movers came to pick them up.

Yao Feifei had already followed in the first moving van.

Lao Zhang saw the young man sitting in the corner, almost buried by big and small bags.

These all should be Yao Feifei’s clothes.

The young man didn’t say anything, he just sat there quietly as the driver walked over: “Young master Fei, give me your luggage.

I’ll put it away for you first.”

Shao Fei, who held word flashcards in hand, heard the words and looked up: “I have only a schoolbag.

I have no other luggage.”

Lao Zhang saw that Shaofei was still wearing the T-shirt and jeans from when he met the Liu family a few days ago.

Shao Fei had only two sets of clothes for summer, from which he switched between.

So he really had no other luggage.

But now he has a new worry, because he left directly with Yao Feifei.

His documents, such as ID card, student status certificate, bank card and so on, have been left in his original home.

He needs to go back to pick them up.

“Uncle, call me Xiao Fei.”He is not the original owner.

He doesn’t enjoy being called a superficial title.

Lao Zhang became kinder: “My name is Zhang.”

Shao Fei cleverly called the other Uncle Zhang, so along the way, they chatted happily.

When they arrived at the Liu family, the entrance was surrounded by people.

A group of servants looked distressed, hesitating in place not knowing what to do.

Yao Feifei was angry because the housekeeper informed her that Yao Feifei’s and Shao Fei’s rooms were still being refitted, and the guest rooms in the main building were under construction.

There were no vacant bedrooms, some gym areas and audio-visual rooms were being made into bedrooms for them.

For the time being they had to live in the side building first.

The housekeeper’s tone was reasonable.

It was not Yao Feifei’s first time coming to Liu mansion.

She knew this side  building only sounded nice, when it was no better than an abandoned storehouse.

There were even rumours that people had died inside and their ghosts haunted it at night.

It’s called the dead building in private.

Even servants don’t live there.

Yao Feifei can’t stand such an insult.

She thought how could they move in so soon, so the trick was waiting here!

The situation was becoming too chaotic, so the housekeeper sent someone to the main building to call the master over.

But Liu Zhengming was on a business trip, the only one present was his son who stayed home for the weekend.

Liu Chen’s arrival made people watching the fun leave immediately, while others shifted to form a path.

He went straight to Yao Feifei, who stood in the middle of the crowd, and said politely: “My servants’ negligence is my negligence towards Aunt Fei.”

Liu Chen’s words soothed Yao Feifei a little, but there was still lingering anger: “Xiao Chen, I won’t live in this building.

I want to stay in Zhengming’s room.”

Liu Chen advised a few more words, but couldn’t change Yao Feifei’s mind.

She was insistent, even acting pitiful, which didn’t annoy people.

Instead, she looked more beautiful, this act made many male servants blush.

The smile on Liu Chen’s face faded more and more.

Shao Fei’s heart shuttered in his chest, he had a terrible premonition.

Liu Chen bent over and spoke so only they could hear: “Your tricks are useless on me.

Though if you really don’t want to…”

Just when Yao Feifei was happy, Liu Chen smiled and said, “Why don’t we send you back”

As he spoke, his eyes turned to Shao Fei in the crowd with his head down standing still like wood.

Shao Fei felt the familiar oppression again, and his body was stiff again, just like a small animal puffing up.

Vaguely hearing the man’s suppressed laughter, he seemed to think Shao Fei’s nervous appearance was very interesting.

Little transparent, is very sensitive to his eyes.

1 Not quite sure why they call him Wu Dehzu and not his actual name.

In Chinese it means virtuous, moral etc but that doesn’t fit his character.

All I can think of is it’s a nickname that stuck 

2A sensitive or weak spot.

This refers to a dragon’s reverse scale, which when touched instantly becomes enraged.

3 Originally treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor.

Knowing the matter is beyond hope yet still hoping.


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