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You Successfully Caught My Attention (36)

The Lu family is also one of the investors here and Lu Yi has certain decision-making power over trivial matters that do not affect major issues.

“What’s wrong” Lu Yi hadn’t fully digested the earth shaking news just now.

 Those who harass guests without reason can be dismissed at their discretion.”

It’s nothing to dismiss.

There are more than one such place, but the lotus leaf cup is also recognized as a place with more style.

Those who come here also have a certain status.

If they are dismissed from here, it will be difficult to find a similar job.

“Who has the guts of a leopard and dares to harass you” This must be someone who has never tasted Liu Chen’s means.

Shao Fei was washing his hands in the bathroom, when a person suddenly appeared behind him.

Looking closely, it was the young man who stopped them before.

“I stopped you just now, just on impulse.

I hope you don’t mind.

In fact, I’m not familiar with Liu Shao.” Xiao Yuan sincerely apologised.

“It doesn’t matter.” Shao Fei realised that the other party should have waited for him here, otherwise how could it be so coincidental.

But it was inexplicable for him to ambush him, as they didn’t know each other.

Xiao Yuan looked at Shao Fei, as if he wanted to closely inspect the other party.

He silently observed Liu Chen before, but the distance he peeked at was too far.

Only now could he feel the difference when looking up close.

The inherent atmosphere.

Some people say that there are two things that can’t be resisted, one is sneezing and the other is liking.

But this person is not as beautiful as himself, and his temperament is even more ordinary.

If he doesn’t stand by Liu Chen’s side, maybe no one will notice him.

However, aside from this, he seems to understand why Liu Chen called for this type of past and then why he  chose this person.

Compared with him who was pretending, eldest young masters like Liu are of course more willing to choose the genuine version.

No matter how perfect a pirated version is, it will never become a genuine one in people’s hearts.

He also knew what role he was playing.

Seeing that he had nothing to say, Shao Fei planned to leave.

Unexpectedly, the other party stopped him and asked, “Do you want to know what Liu Shao asked me to do when he came here some time ago”

Even if nothing is done, it makes people who hear it feel as if something has been done.

If Shao Fei and Liu Chen confirmed their relationship, a misunderstanding will definitely be fabricated.

But first of all, Shao Fei’s feelings for Liu Chen are not that deep and secondly, he has an idea about this person’s thoughts about Liu Chen.

It was so obvious that it could not be more obvious, this indea was further enhanced with the same-sex concept instilled by Liu Chen during this period, how could he not guess

A voice suddenly intervened and a big palm slapped the bathroom door, which was pleasant to the ear: “Then what did I do, can you tell me”

Xiao Yuan is like a rusty pendulum, slowly looking towards the door at the person smiling indifferently, all words seem to be sealed.

“Why don’t you continue” Liu Chen walked in with a smile.

Xiao Yuan did not dare to say any more.


“That… really nothing!” Indeed nothing happened

Liu Chen ignored Xiao Yuan, who was terrified and said to Shao Fei, “I asked Yufei to order a cup of rainbow juice and your favourite creme brulee, go try it.”

Shao Fei looked at the two back and forth and there was some hesitation in his eyes looking at Liu Chen.

Liu Chen was a little excited.

Does this mean that Shao Fei still cares a little: “I rarely come to these places, so I drank a little too much at one time and didn’t do anything.” He didn’t even remember what they looked like.

Shao Fei wasn’t too worried, but rather believed in the Liu Chen described in the novel.

He knew that in the original work, Liu Chen was really clean and even his first kiss was unsuccessful several times due to interruptions in the plot.

After graduating from high school, he and the heroine had never kissed.

This is probably one of the factors of the imbalance in this space, the male protagonist is too aggrieved.

“You don’t have to explain it to me.” But something was amiss in his heart.

“There are some things that you don’t want to hear, but I still want to say.” He didn’t mention anything specific, he just said it in an ambiguous tone.

Before Shao Fei left a few steps, he was hugged by Liu Chen from behind.

The two bodies seemed to fit well.

Shao Fei’s body was embedded in Liu Chen’s arms, and a pair of strong arms clasped the waist that he couldn’t stop thinking about.

A giant dog’s head drilled into Shao Fei’s shoulder, and Shao Fei actually felt a tinge of grievance.

Shao Fei was about to explode, especially from the gazes of waiters and guests who were watching while coming and going in this building.

It’s too embarrassing to do this outside.

As soon as he struggled, the other held him even tighter.

“Chen ge, you said you will treat me as a didi.” The direction is getting more and more out of control.

Looking at the little guy who was still wary now, Liu Chen suddenly felt a stone pressing on his chest, hummed and slowly released him.

Don’t be in a hurry, the little guy is moving towards you, if you are in a hurry, he will slip through your fingers like quicksand.

“Then I’ll go first.” After being released, Shao Fei rushed back to the box.

“Liu, Liu Shao…” Xiao Yuan followed behind him, standing not far away, Liu Chen’s breath was like the frosty temperature in december.

Xiao Yuan was trembling.

It was true that the Liu saho he had seen before was completely different from the one in front of him now.

At most, he just wanted to provoke a little bit, without much malice, but maybe it was too late.

After being separated from this group of people, Lao Zhang stopped outside and waited for them to come out.

This time Shao Fei also exchanged contact information with a few people and then he was pulled into a WeChat group, by Luo Yufei.

Soon he saw the content of the chat inside.

Not all the people Liu Chen knew were here today, some were busy with official business, some were on business trips, and some went abroad.

Now, they all said they didn’t believe that Prince Liu had this style of painting.

The unscrupulous second generation, who used to find new entertainment for himself every day, suddenly changed his ways and started teaching his didi’s homework, study and drink… milk

Who can believe it!

Liu Chen, your style of painting has changed.

Shao Fei kept looking back at Liu Chen, seeing that the other party was looking at a website on his phone he should have completely blocked the group.

Shao Fei guessed that it was probably because it was too noisy.

He found that Liu Chen’s friends were actually good people, but he also understood that what he saw was only one side of them.

As long as they were human, everyone was multifaceted.

In the silence, Liu Chen, who was peeked at by the glutinous rice, finally turned his head: “Do you like to look at me”

He is sometimes glad that he has this face.

“No…” Shao Fei stuttered when he was nervous.

He didn’t know how to explain it, so he could only turn his head and sit upright.

There was a low sound of laughter in the darkness.

Shao Fei turned his head to look at the scenery outside awkwardly and suddenly felt a little hot.

Shao Fei found that Lao Zhang sent them to the gate of the community, so he said goodbye to them and left.

Shao Fei looked at Liu Chen who entered the community with him: “Chen ge, aren’t you going home”

Passing by the gate guard of the community, the uncle seemed to recognize Liu Chen’s appearance and ran out of the delivery room.

He wanted to return the money back to Liu Chen, but after thinking about it in the end, he still didn’t mention it.

paid the parking money, even though the luxury car has been driven away

Shao Fei also noticed this uncle’s strange behaviour and had a flash of doubt before he caught up with Liu Chen.

Liu Chen’s sad expression turned more melancholy in the moonlight and his handsome face looked lonely: “You also know that my father and Aunt Fei are separated, currently he is with a different lover.”

Shao Fei nodded and didn’t think it was strange.

Just like he knew that he and Yao Feifei would leave sooner or later.

In the original text, Liu Zhengming constantly wanders around flowers.

In fact, his business ability was not bad, but he put too much energy on women.

So the Liu business could only be stable and it was impossible to expand.

Feeling the loneliness in Liu Chen’s tone, Shao Fei thought of Liu Chen who slept in front of his house for one night that day.

The eldest young master who is wayward and most arrogant, showing a little vulnerability makes it easy for people to become immersed.

Of course, Shao Fei occasionally wonders if the other party did it on purpose.

But when he thinks of Liu Chen’s temperament, he probably won’t lower his arrogant head even if the earth was destroyed.

So he directly excludes the other party deliberately showing weakness.

“Actually, it’s okay to have many lovers, but many years ago, he also brought a didi in name back.” Liu Chen’s tone was mocking.

The nominal didi is an illegitimate child.

Although there are many in the original book, Shao Fei has never met them.

According to the novel, they are suppressed by Liu Chen.

Unless he is summoned, he will not appear in front of the Liu family’s prince.

From this it can be seen that Liu Chen’s methods are excellent.

Shao Fei understood that this time Lu Zhengming’s bad habits relapsed and it is very likely that this will be the new Mrs.

Liu in the future.

But he remembered that even when this novel was discontinued, the Liu family did not have an official wife.

“I’m upset these last two days and don’t want to go back to that house.

Take me in for a few days” The two had walked to the downstairs of the unit without knowing it.

Liu Chen’s eyes seemed to be flickering with the dim light of the street lamp, bright and sincere.

Most people will be unable to ruthlessly refuse.

Besides, Shao Fei can probably guess that if he refuses, Liu Chen has many ways to make him agree.

This is one of the houses rented by the Liu family and he doesn’t seem to have the right to say no.

So, young master Liu made a phone call to the housekeeper, Uncle Yu and swaggered into Shao Fei’s house.

Of course, Shao Fei didn’t dare to arbitrarily arrange a place for Liu Chen, and prepared the same-sized room next door to him.

Liu Chen was secretly glad that he cleaned it out in his spare time.

Liu Chen, who originally wanted to use “If it’s too late to clean it up, we can sleep in the same room”, cut off the rest of the words.

It was not the first day that he knew that his own glutinous rice has this serious temperament.

Even if no one else lives here, he will clean up his surroundings every day and this earnestness towards life is his characteristic.

The two went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Of course, Shao Fei was asked to wash first.

Shao Fei couldn’t resist and took a bath slowly.

Hearing the doorbell, he was halfway through putting on his clothes, so he opened a small slit and probed out.

Seeing the little head coming out in the steam, Liu Chen, who had just opened the door, was slightly displeased: “Go back and get dressed, do you want to catch a cold again”

After Shao Fei closed the door, Liu Chen took the bedding and daily necessities sent by the other party.

Then said to the uninvited guest outside the door, “Thank you for your hard work in specially making a trip.”

Although Yu Mo has a fierce face, he was a little sun on the inside.

He came to play at Liu’s house when he was very young, and he met Liu Chen.

It was Liu Chen who brought him into the field of information technology, he has always respected the top god-level figures in codingand Lu Chen is a leader in this field.

In particular, this is Young Master Liu, whom his father has always been grateful towards.

Young master Liu has always taken good care of their family.

Without the Liu family, he might have had trouble eating enough when he was a child.

“It should be done, young master.” Yu Mo was a little dull.

He had already signed a contract with Liu Chen’s company, after he started work in a few days Liu Chen would be his immediate boss.

To him it’s natural to call him young master.

Liu Chen ge patted his shoulders kindly and said with a pleasant expression, “You are not hired by my Liu family, why are you cally me young master You calling me that will make me angry, okay”

“En.” Yu Mo was a little flattered.

Looking inside again, he seemed to be looking for Shao Fei.

Liu Chen smiled and said, “The little guy is taking a shower.

If you have a message, let me pass it on

“I gave him a game disk last time.

I’m not sure if he knows how to play.

Tell him if there is anything he doesn’t understand, I will teach him.”

Liu Chen’s face turned gloomy for a while, but soon returned to normal: “If he wants to play later, I can teach him.”

“Okay, Liu ge, call me if you have any questions.” Yu Mo scratched his head.

Watching Yu Mo go downstairs, Liu Chen’s smile slowly disappeared.

Every day, someone makes him uncomfortable, and even the opportunity to be alone is interrupted again and again.

“Don’t come.” A gloomy tone rang.

Liu Chen already had many plans in his mind that would satisfy the Yu family and remove Yu Mo far away.

“Chen ge, just now…” Shao Fei saw Yu Mo’s shadow just now, so he hurriedly put on his clothes and came out, but thinking about what Liu Chen had said about Yu Mo’s sexuality, they should avoid suspicion.

Liu Chen’s anger was still vivid in his mind, Shao Fei didn’t want to mess with Liu Chen, so Yu Mo’s name was swallowed.

“En, brought me some necessities.” Liu Chen wasn’t angry either, the relationship between the two eased up and he didn’t want to blame him.

Looking back, he saw Shao Fei, who was red and tender, like a crystal dumpling.

He turned around and grabbed the door with one hand, this tested his will too much.

He is a young man.

In addition, he hasn’t shed fire for a long time.

At a glance, he looked like a volcano about to erupt.

Except for the first few times at the beginning of youth, Young Master Liu disdained to solve this kind of thing by himself.

If he encounters it, he will wait for it to naturally go away.

Although it was more frustrating and oftentimes bad for his health.

But what can he do This little guy of his is too difficult to sway, even Liu Chen, who has never been defeated, has a headache and can endure.

Liu Chen lowered his head to see the place that had risen again and comforted it silently: Hold on, it will be yours sooner or later.

The longer it is stewed, the more delicious it is.

Liu Chen, who was holding back the explosion, rushed into the bathroom, passed Shao Fei like a gust of wind and closed the door.

“Wait, Chen ge, I haven’t…” Moved the laundry.

He knocked on the door, but there was no movement inside, so Shao Fei could only give up.

He started to make Liu Chen’s bed and blankets, then put the laptop on the table next to him, and put his replacement clothes in the closet.

When the housekeeper brought him underwear, Shao Fei with a blushing face, went to the kitchen to get a fresh-keeping bag, stuffed it in and hid it directly into the bedside drawer.

The whole series of actions went very fast.

Knowing that it may be an abyss, if you are accidentally tempted, how should the maintainers resist and how can they continue to remain calm

Liu Chen stood for a while to let his scorching brain cool down.

When he was going to the shower to soak in cold water, he passed the basket and saw white clothes in a blue basket.

It was Shao Fei’s shirt.

Liu Chen’s mind moved, and he rummaged through it.

Sure enough, he quickly found something soft and eye-catching.

He pulled a corner and hooked it out.

Found was a pair of little underwear and he almost did something with it a few times but in the end he held back, he thought it was too obscene.

He took the piece of fabric closer, smelled it and the roaring below increased more and more.

A kiss fell lightly on the soft fabric and a tinge of colour came out of his eyes: “You are trying to suffocate me.”

The author has something to say: Xiao Luzi: My body is roaring

The gong and shou are already adults, at the age of eighteen

TN: So many stalkers in this novel … also on a scale of 1 to 10 the pervertedness of LC is …

1 妲己 = Daji = Was the favourite consort of King Zhou of Shang the last king of the Shang dynasty in ancient China.

In legends and fictions, she is portrayed as a malevolent fox spirit who kills and impersonates the real Daji.

2 醉翁之意不在酒啊 = The drunkards interest is not in the wine from 宋·歐陽修 Song Ouyang Xiu ‘s 《醉翁亭記》”The Drunkard Pavilion”

Originally meant that the drunkard, that is, the author’s interest was not in drinking, but in admiring the scenery in the mountains; it was later used to indicate that the original intention was not here but in other aspects, or with ulterior motives

3 老鷹捉小雞啊

a game, before starting, the roles are divided.

That is, one person will be the hen, one person will be the eagle catching the chick, and the rest will be the chicks.

The chicks lined up behind the hen, holding the person in front’s clothes and the eagle stood opposite the hen in a chick-catching pose.

The chicks behind the hen are terrified, and the hen tries her best to protect the chicks behind her. 

The eagle does not catch the mother chicken, but can only break through the mother hen’s defense line and catch the chicks.

After catchin the last chick, the eagle wins.

In order to prevent the eagle from grabbing the chicks behind her, the mother hen can open her arms and try to stop the eagle and cannot hold onto the chicks behind her.

While the mother hen is blocking, she can shout out where the eagle is coming from, and instruct the chicks behind her.


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