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You Successfully Caught My Attention 36

When Shao Fei heard the sound, he looked towards the source of the sound and saw a young man in casual clothes standing there shyly.

He looked delicate and beautiful, but one could tell at a glance that it was a boy.

The slightly thin body looked softer than a girl, with standard peach blossom eyes, watery and very endearing.

Currently he is looking at Liu Chen insistently.

Although he looks like a teenager, he is actually the age of a young man.

He is the young man who Liu Chen casually called to prove his sexuality.

The first time Liu Chen called himself, in fact, he only regarded the other party as an ordinary guest.

It was not until the money from the card allowed him to solve an accident that xiao Yuan began to pay attention to this young man.

He wanted to understand every bit of Liu Chen’s life.

The more he knew, the more he could not contain his thoughts.

It is hard not to be moved by this extraordinary person.

He went to watch from a distance near the gate of Dijiang high school several times.

However every time Liu Chen left the school gate, he would lead a handsome boy into the car with him, it seemed to be the person with him now.

Liu Chen has always taken good care of the boy next to him, but he didn’t think much about it.

Compared to himself, this boy looked too plain, so he just thought it was a young master from a certain family that Liu Chen knew well.

Originally, xiao Yuan didn’t have the courage to talk to them.

After all, they have their own rules in the industry.

It’s okay if they succeed, but they may not be able to keep their jobs if they fail.

The last time Liu Chen came here for a drink, he saw him by chance and followed him.

Although the two didn’t speak with Liu Chen ignoring him, he sat on the side to guard Liu Shao and was not driven away.

Maybe this was a signal of tacit agreement..

So his mind became more active, maybe he had hope, which is why he tried to say hello this time.

In fact, why did Liu Chen not drive him away Because he was enraged that Shao Fei left him.

Liu Chen knew very well that this was his one-sided attraction, so Shao Fei’s indifference was reasonable.

His whole person was helpless, distracted and didn’t care about who was around.

He didn’t own the bar and it was the freedom of others to sit where they wanted.

Liu Chen’s face was relaxed.

He didn’t even remember the other person’s appearance.

There are so many people around him every day.

Does he need to remember them all Even if he had the ability to, his brain doesn’t have room for waste.

Shao Fei turned his eyes, a little curious about the relationship between this boy and Liu Chen.

“What are you thinking about Let’s go.” The tone was soft, like a flowing stream and there was some doting in his eyes.

Shao Fei, who was attacked by beauty, was stunned for about a second.

Then Liu Chen hugged his shoulders, half dragged and half hugged and passed by xiao Yuan.

The most indifferent response is not responding at all.

They walked away as if they didn’t see the person in front of them.

Xiao Yuan’s body was stiff and his face was pale.

Shao Fei wanted to turn his head to look.

Since the other party called Liu Chen, they probably knew each other.

Liu Chen put his big hands directly on the back of Shao Fei’s head, preventing him from looking around, and said softly: “There are so many people who want to know me, if anyone on the road calls me, do they all know me Remember, don’t pay attention to it, otherwise it will be troublesome to be entangled by cats and dogs.

This is called touching porcelain, understand”

What Liu Chen said is also true.

Some people don’t know how they recognised Liu Chen’s appearance.

They are looking for chance encounters and they also set up various bridges to make it seem natural to meet.

This is mentioned in the original novel.

So Liu Chen lived a very low-key life, striving to live differently from his father’s life.

However, Shao Fei could see the surprise in the young man’s eyes, it was not like someone lying.

Shao Fei hesitated and said, “But I think he knows you.”

“Everyone seems to know me.” Liu Chen said indifferently, holding down Shao Fei’s slightly twisting shoulders.

Their conversation is particularly resounding in this quiet corridor.

Xiao Yuan can hear it clearly even if he walks farther and farther.

He trembled slightly, like a duck that had been beaten into the water.

It turns out that Liu Chen doesn’t even remember his appearance.

The two came all the way to the reserved box.

As soon as the door was opened, a faint smell of smoke rushed over and there was a group of people talking and laughing.

With a frown, Liu Chen grabbed Shao Fei and hugged him to protect him in his arms.

Covering his mouth and nose, he knocked on the door with one hand.

When everyone’s attention was gathered, he was rarely unreasonable: “Put out all the cigarettes for me.”

Shao Fei didn’t move for a while, his lips and the palms rubbed together, creating a trace of swift electricity.

Liu Chen’s arms tightened and he warned in a low voice, “Don’t move.”

If you move again, I don’t know what I will do.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

Before we smoked like this, Liu Shao, you didn’t care.

At this time, some sharp-eyed people saw that Liu Chen was holding a little guy in his arms and a few people had an understanding in their hearts.

It seems that the didi recognised this time is not the same type as them.

Overreacting about the effects of inhaling second-hand smoke, he’s really like a treasure.

Originally, they heard Luo Yufei tell them to show respect and don’t bully the child coming today.

They didn’t believe him, but after experiencing it first hand, they could no longer be so casual.

This level of respect can still be given to Liu Chen.

When the smell of smoke dissipated a little, Liu Chen released his hand on Shao Fei.

Shao Fei looked around curiously.

Others were also looking at him.

The first feeling was: He is too ordinary isn’t he, have Liu Chen’s eyes gone bad

However, Shao Fei has long been accustomed to others ignoring him and he continued to look around.

The people here are all Liu Chen’s old acquaintances, and they all grew up together.

There are men and women, the oldest is no more than twenty-eight and the youngest are Liu Chen and his year, who are around eighteen years old.

The room is antique style with dim light in the room, only a few Chinese-style paper lanterns are lit along with a few beautifully carved candlesticks in the distance.

The candlelight flickers.

Outside the window is a lake view.

A row of hazy light combined with the sound of music fountains calms people’s mood.

In the fluttering veil, a beauty in ancient costume can be seen playing the piano, and the music flows over.

Liu Chen led him to the booth on the side.

There were men and women around, and some were even from other classes in Dijiang.

It was just that when he was in class, every class was like a separate mountain.

If people didn’t run over on purpose, it is also a technical job to meet.

After their initial surprise, they also began to introduce themselves one by one.

Shao Fei was still very nervous when meeting so many people.

Liu Chen patted Shao Fei’s hand, telling him not to be afraid.

It was a very subtle gesture, but for the people present who knew the rules of society, it was obvious that Liu Chen was expressing his importance.

He said to the crowd, “This is Shao Fei.

Take care of him for me in the future.

I, Liu Chen, will keep it in my heart.”

These words are serious.

Liu Chen saying he will remember them in his heart are not just words, Liu Chen will really use practical actions to repay them.

This is equivalent to giving Shao Fei the green light in the future, so everyone’s expressions became more serious.

As if they regarded Shao Fei as a Liu family member.

Shao Fei couldn’t feel it and wanted to explain his true relationship with Liu Chen.

But Liu Chen took the opportunity to squeeze the soft flesh on his waist.

Leaning over, he exhaled warmly: “Don’t say it, no one cares.”

No one here cares about Shao Fei’s identity, no matter how high they are, they only care about Liu Chen’s attitude, which determines many things.

Shao Fei wanted to create distance by trying to scare Liu Chen: “If I pretend to be a tiger, it will give you trouble.”

After being scratched twice by the cat pretending to be a tiger, Liu Chen’s heart was about to go crazy.

Liu Chen narrowed his eyes, whispering softly: “Do whatever you want…”

Shao Fei felt that his ears were itchy, but the dim light covered his urgently beating heart.

Seeing that the two of them were whispering, the others didn’t go and intrude.

One of the girls observed Shao Fei’s appearance and suddenly exclaimed, “Are you Liu Chen’s tablemate, spring onion”

Hearing this title, Shao Fei was a little confused.

Others asked what was going on.

It turned out that she was the one who posted the popular photo of deskmate love on the forum recently.

Everyone was curious, and then the girl took out an ipad and pulled up the candid photo of onion picking for everyone to see.

There are several comments below.

Seeing the photos, they really didn’t expect Liu Chen to have such a gentle side.

This gentleness is not like having a didi at all, but more like having an emotionally entangled didi.

Would people normally help a nominal didi pick out the green onions they didn’t like If you have a lover in the future, you will not spoil them so much!

It’s really far from the Liu Chen they imagined.

They always thought that in the future, it must be a girl who has worked hard to climb Mount Everest coming out on top.

Young Master Liu might not care, just like before.

It has been the same many times before, whether they started dating or broke up, this eldest young master will remain indifferent.

All this time, so many girls can’t hold a candle against one didi.

Lu Yi, who was also a junior, pulled Luo Yufei aside and asked, “What’s going on here, where did Shao Fei come from”

Because Lu Yi lives far away he goes to a different school from them, they usually do not meet each other.

Luo Yufei said in a low voice, “Do you still remember the last time Uncle Lu had a lover, a particularly demonic one, who went shopping in your mall and bought several luxury watches.”

Lu Yi remembered: “Remember, she gave me the impression of a reborn Daji.” 1

“Her son.”

“That’s the…” Drag oil bottle In a sense, he is barely a didi, but Liu Chen generally doesn’t care about these people.

“That’s right, then for some reason he attracted attention.” Glutinous rice is also pitiful, he was ruined for no reason.

“Impossible, this is a male!” He is not blind.

“Who knows what Chen zi is thinking, when I brought him home drunk a few days ago, didn’t I give you a heads up on WeChat”

“I thought you were joking again.” You’ve not been playing for only a day or two.

“Would I make jokes about this kind of thing I am still a good brother!” Luo Yufei felt that all these bad friends were one worse than another.

 “Is he serious” Lu Yi also suddenly remembered that the last time Liu Chen called a boy, he asked for a student-like, clean and well-behaved…

Suddenly looking back at Shao Fei, he suddenly realised something.

Growing up together for so many years is not for nothing, they all know Liu Chen’s temperament.

It turned out that if Liu Chen liked them, he would give chase and even take the initiative to charm them.

“You can’t see it at this level and can’t be faked.”

“That didi…” He can’t seem to remember what that didi was called

“Stupid, recognised didi, frecognised didi! The drunkard’s intention is not to drink.” 2 

“I need to digest, wait, it’s not possible, what will happen in the future, can uncle Liu let it go And that rigid boy really looks like Liu Chen caught a passerby on the road.” Regardless of looks, In fact, he looks okay, but the temperament is not eye-catching.

Not to mention, the two people seem completely incompatible, different but attracted to each other.

It is quite exciting when they are together.

Luo Yufei snorted twice and continued, “Not only does he like him, but he has unrequited love.”

“So awesome!”

There’s so much information, I don’t know what to say.

There are a few older people who want to pull Shao Fei to play cards or go to the next room to play a few games of snooker, so that he can slowly blend in.

Before he could be pulled away, Liu Chen blocked them all back and scolded with a smile, “Don’t drag him down.

If you want to play in the future, bring him to play some healthy games.” 

Several people looked at Liu Chen speechlessly: Are you qualified to lecture to us Playing healthy eagles catching chickens3 

“We are about to take the college entrance examination.

The most important thing for him now is to study.” Liu Chen said with dignity and seriousness.

Shao Fei was really bored.

He was not interested in those games and his curiosity was satisfied.

Liu Chen asked him if he wanted to go out for a walk and Shao Fei readily agreed.

The two went to grab their coats for a walk, then Shao Fei said he wanted to go back.


Then after watching the playing of this group of people, he felt a little bored.

“I’ll accompany you to continue reading the book you were revising before”

“Is that okay” It doesn’t seem okay.

“What’s wrong, don’t you want to relax”

“It would be relaxing.” However, it’s awkward to come all the way here to revise.

The two continued to whisper, getting closer together the longer time passed.

Liu Chen blocked all the alcohol and ordered Shao Fei a glass of milk and almonds, saying to him, “Don’t worry about them, I asked the teacher for a copy of today’s test paper and filled in the answers again, you can go through it first.

See what is different from your answers and ask me again.”

This kind of behaviour of asking the teacher for extra exam papers in advance, probably only Liu Chen can do it successfully.

Liu Chen turned on the overhead light to illuminate the test papers.

The warm yellow light made people feel a little warmer, brighter and easier for Shao Fei to read.

A group of people who are preparing to start the next game occasionally look over and their expressions almost twitched.

They never knew that Liu Chen could love learning so much.

Does anyone who comes out to play have this style of painting Liu Chen, you want to go to heaven!

As a result, the weirdest picture ever was formed.

Others were having fun, but a corner of the room had a warm and strong reading atmosphere, like two worlds that were incompatible.

After a while, the waiter brought the milk and some snacks such as nuts and raisins just in case.

The service here has always been very attentive.

Liu Chen measured the temperature of the cup with his hand, put the milk aside and wiped his hands with a wet paper towel.

Then he picked up the almonds and started peeling them, before he threw them into the milk.

One of the girls tugged at the person next to her, indicating at Liu Chen’s direction.

Another one was also horrified to see this scene: “Oh my god.”

“I’m going blind!”

After finishing adding the almonds into the milk, he took a small spoon from the side, threw it into the cup and handed it to Shao Fei: “You haven’t had it today, drink it later when it’s cooled.”

Shao Fei was still working hard and he didn’t put his mind on the person next to him when he agreed.

In fact, no matter what Liu Chen said, as long as it was not excessive, Shao Fei habitually agreed.

Liu Chen liked the seriousness of his own glutinous rice, and began to watch the questions he was doing.

Both of them automatically blocked the noise on the side.

Seeing that there was still no progress in Shao Fei’s penmanship, he thought in his mind that he should tutor him when free.

To prevent it from being too ugly when they sign the marriage agreement in the future.

There is no such thing in China, but it should be possible in foreign countries.

The two girls who were still watching had their eyes wide open, looking at the fake Liu Chen who looked like an old mother.

This man is definitely a real didi.

Otherwise, why would Liu Cheng take the initiative to do such trivial things and the other party still looks unappreciative.

Too many gazess fell on Shao Fei, he excused himself to go to the toilet and left the box.

While another person who had been waiting for him to leave the box quietly followed behind him.

After Shao Fei left, Liu Chen’s expression became colder: “Lu Yi, call your responsible manager here.”


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