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Shao Fei paused for a full three seconds, and saw that the answer sheet already had filled rows of squares in pencil.

He flipped through the test paper again and again.

After checking back and forth, he saw that the composition had already been written on the last page of the test paper.

It was in his handwriting.

When did Liu Chen even imitate his handwriting, this kind of typical ugly handwriting This kind of skill made Shao Fei feel that he has learned what a true scholar is.

Even he would have thought he had taken the test himself, if he hadn’t experienced the scene just now.

He looked at Liu Chen, and saw that the other party was also looking at him, his calm face didn’t look like he had done that kind of thing just now.

Shao Fei lowered his head, because he was afraid of being discovered by the people around him, so he could only whisper: “Change it back.”

Before that, Shao Fei didn’t know that the exam could be done like this, and he didn’t even know what to say to Liu Chen who had grasped the timing so well.

If there were no such troublemakers, what would Liu Chen do

But no matter what he did, he couldn’t deny that Lu Chen was extremely daring.

Fortunately, at this time, there were still a few students from Class twelve yelling at their monitor Zhuo Fan and asking the monitor to explain.

Zhuo Fan became the focus of the crowd for a while and no one paid attention to them in the last row.

Lu Chen just shrugged his shoulders indifferently, and smiled cheekily like a child.

This time he also showed eight white teeth.

Then he took out the note paper in the drawer and glanced at the farce that was about to end, quickly wrote a sentence on the paper, crumpled it into a ball of paper and threw it on Shao Fei’s desk.

The whole operation was seamless.

At this time, the troublemakers from Class twelve were about to be kicked out by Teacher Bao.

The troublemaker Ding Lin glanced in the direction of Liu Chen, rather than staring, it meant I paid back your favour

Liu Chen mouthed silently: Thank you.

With one stone, Liu Chen completed multiple tasks at one time, but the most important thing is today’s monthly exam.

According to Shao Fei’s progress, it will take some time to get into class one by strength.

But Liu Chen didn’t want to wait for this period of time.

When he realised his thoughts, he had already planned this step.

Of course, the specific situation still needed to be adjusted.

Shao Fei was a little nervous.

Seeing that the commotion was about to subside, he glanced at the angry teacher Bao on the podium.

The other party couldn’t pay attention to the students below them for a short time.

Most importantly, most of the students in class one were very conscientious , leaving most teachers reassured.

Shao Fei opened the paper ball and saw a row of flying dragon-like characters on it, very scribbled but still beautiful: This is our secret, you are also an accomplice now, be obedient, I will buy you candy later.

Really… This guy is so shameless.

Moreover, Liu Chen figured most of the psychological weaknesses of most people.

Buying candy because Liu Chen said last time that he should eat more candy if he couldn’t answer a question.

Later, Shao Fei would often have candy in his mouth when he was doing a question.

His cute appearance made Liu Chen buy more to prepare for the occasional needs.

Shao Fei still wanted to turn his head and say something, but the storm had subsided.

So he could only crumple the small piece of paper into a ball and throw it into the drawer at the speed of a shadowless hand.

Liu Chen’s peripheral vision saw the puffy appearance of the glutinous rice.

He felt that such a daily routine was very comfortable and it was good to get along bit by bit.

Staring at his feet, he leaned a little, and lazily began to look at Shao Fei’s answer sheet.

Within forty minutes, Shao Fei also answered a lot of questions and the multiple-choice questions on the answer sheet were basically full.

Shao Fei had never done such an exciting thing, and at this time, he kept looking to the side with a guilty conscience.

He noticed that Liu Chen took the eraser to erase the answers he filled in, every once in a while he would erase and then fill in the correct answer.

Shao Fei was able to maintain a calm expression at first.

He was not good at English, which was normal.

Later, it became more and more embarrassing, so many were wrong

Basically, Liu Chen’s answers are regarded as standard answers, that is, in the same as the ones found in textbooks and papers.

Shao Fei saw many top students coming to discuss with Liu Chen.

Seeing Liu Chen’s frowning brows, Shao Fei has the urge to drill into the ground.


Students with poor learning ability also have dignity.

“Over there, don’t look around, you can’t peek at other people’s answers.” With sharp eyes, Teacher Bao noticed that the new transfer student kept looking at Liu Chen next to him, although this kind of answer sheet with only black squares was generally hard to cheat even if people want to take a sneak peek, but is he treating the  teacher as blind

Shao Fei immediately focused on the test paper in front of him.

Perhaps because he had never done such a thing, perhaps because he had missed so many questions, perhaps because he was caught by the teacher, or all three, Shao Fei’s face was so red he looked like he could drip blood.

He felt that time passed extraordinarily difficultly.

When Liu Chen saw Shao Fei’s state out of the corner of his eyes, he pretended not to see it, but the corners of his mouth lifted.

After changing the answer above, he quickly wrote an essay in the column of the composition that Shao Fei had not yet filled in, and then filled in his name.

He has long discovered that Shao Fei has a bad habit, that is, when he is filling the test paper, he will do the questions first and fill in the name last.

Which made it convenient for him this time.

After checking the test paper back and forth, he stood up.

Hearing the sound of the chair being dragged back, class one was not surprised.

They have been accustomed to it for three years.

For almost every exam, Liu Chen handed in his papers ahead of time.

When Liu Chen walked around the table, he tapped Shao Fei’s back with his finger.

Shao Fei felt a numbness on his back.

They had cultivated a little tacit understanding during this time, knowing that this meant “go together”.

The two handed their test papers to teacher Bao together.

While Teacher Bao smiled at Liu Chen, the smile turned down when facing Shao Fei.

In her opinion, one was able to answer the questions so quickly due to excellence, while the other was because there was no other choice and just handed in the papers with random answers.

After handing in the test paper, Liu Chen went back and got his exercise book and went downstairs with Shao Fei.

Shao Fei breathed a sigh of relief when he went downstairs.

Fortunately, Dijiang High School has always protected the privacy of students and implemented a relatively relaxed and non-oppressive teaching method.

Including not confiscating mobile phones, even in the classroom there is no monitoring.

Only in the corridor for the purpose of teaching, a few are installed for the safety of students.

The school’s philosophy is that learning is for yourself, not for the admission rate of a school.

Of course, its enrollment rate still ranks first in the country.

There is a circular flower bed downstairs, surrounded by three benches for students to rest and the two of them picked one at random.

After sitting down, Shao Fei didn’t have time to breathe, before he saw Liu Chen sternly said: “I will only help you once, no more.

If you think about relying on me in the future, then I can tell you now that it’s impossible.” Don’t dream, you have to rely on your own efforts to be my roommate.

Shao Fei was even more stunned than when he changed the papers just now.

There are such shameless people in this world.

Although he has always known that the male protagonist has a deep heart, Shao Fei felt that as he became more familiar with him.

He saw a person who was more… shameless than in the novel.

He found that Liu Chen could constantly refresh his lower limit and he felt that he was no longer the same person as when he just came to this world.

However, Liu Chen was still indifferent: “As for the mathematics that follows, you should look at these first.”

He saw Liu Chen pointing at the workbook he just took out, which recorded many problems and problem-solving methods.

Seeing that the neat layout seemed to be specially designed to teach people, Liu Chen looked at the dial on the watch: “We are ahead of schedule.

With the extra time for handing in the papers early and including the rest time in between, you have enough time to recite these questions.

Especially the ones I marked with asterisks, they are big questions, each is worth thirty points.”

Shao Fei didn’t notice that Lu Chen’s hand was on the back rest behind him, from a distance it seemed like he was hugging him.

At this point, Shao Fei still doesn’t understand: “Will it be a question to be tested later”

Could it be that Liu Chen did something to know the content of the test paper in advance

In fact, many of Dijiang’s exams are beyond the syllabus.

For people who don’t study here, many of the questions are impossible.

Because of this, unless the exam papers are leaked, ordinary students can’t pinpoint the exam questions.

“What are you thinking about in your head, am I such a person”

Shao Fei: “…” It’s really possible.

He got flicked on the forehead.

Shao Fei laughed shyly.

In such a short period of time, he and Liu Chen not only repaired the relationship that was about to divide, but even got closer unknowingly.

“These are all questions that I guessed will be in the test, otherwise won’t there be too much to memorise”

Every time it came to studying, Shao Fei felt that a layer of holy light shrouded Liu Chen.

This kind of scholar who could guess questions was simply impossible to find.

“You forgot the disk I gave you Do you think it’s a street product everyone can get I’m also one of the editors, so I have such a spare.

Usually, every major question is drawn from it, and Dijiang’s teacher will not repeat the content.

Removing all the questions that have been used in the past three years and then removinging those that are only suitable for the first and second high school examinations.

Plus the preference of the teacher who wrote the questions this time, a range can be estimated.”

They didn’t know each other well at that time, but Liu Chen gave him the disk.

Even if he gave it casually, it showed that Liu Chen really didn’t have much malice towards him from the beginning.

Seeing that Shao Fei was still looking at him in a daze, he was pleased in his heart, as Shao Fei didn’t get close to him very often.

However, this is related to whether he can continue to be at the same table for the next month, so Liu Chen still restrained his thoughts: “Don’t be in a daze, the problem-solving process I wrote here has jumping steps.

You can’t memorise it by rote.

Start reading first, and ask me immediately if you can’t understand anything.”

Liu Chen is a naturally dominant person, even if it is not Shao Fei, others will obey him involuntarily.

Seeing that Shao Fei obediently started to read the practice questions, Liu Chen had the time to relax and pay attention to the surroundings.

He saw an uninvited guest.

It was Shen Banqing, who had also submitted the papers in advance.

Shen Banqing saw Liu Chen and her expression also crumbled.

They had a taste of enemies meeting on a narrow road.

How many times has this man treated her badly, she is not a person who sticks a hot face to a cold butt.

Since he doesn’t like to see her, then she also won’t bother to pay attention to him.

However, Shao Fei, who was beside him, helped her a lot last time and Shen Banqing was more willing to approach such a simple-minded person after being hurt.

In addition, the two had a brief exchange in the morning assembly, seeing him Shen Banqing was pleasantly surprised.

She simply ignored Liu Chen’s warning and called out to Shao Fei.

At this time, Dong Ling, who had practised her speed because of Liu Chen’s habit of handing in his tests in advance, handed in her test.

As soon as she looked down from upstairs, she saw Shen Banqing, who was rumoured to be Liu Chen’s new girlfriend take the initiative to go over to say hello.

She glared fiercely.

She originally saw that Shen Banqing had been hit hard recently and planned to teach her a lesson after a while.

She needed to know that not everyone can use that kind of vile method to approach Liu Chen.

Don’t blame her for being ruthless. 

Hearing the soft voice, Shao Fei raised his head and was overjoyed when he saw the person: “Are you finished too”

In fact, the heroine is also a top student but she was unaccustomed to this school when she first came.

Later she also entered class one.

“Yeah, how did you do in the test” Shen Banqing will never forget the warm hug from Shao Fei at that time.

Apart from her family, Shao Fei is also one of the motivations to cheer her up again.

It is a feeling of mutual appreciation.

When it comes to this, Shao Fei was unable to respond with a yes and it is also inappropriate to say no, there was an awkward pause.

On the other hand, Liu Chen, who was next to him, put his hand directly on Shao Fei’s shoulder, as if taking an oath of sovereignty.

With a light voice he said: “It should have nothing to do with you whether he did well in the test.”

Shao Fei shuffled, feeling a little uncomfortable.

Ever since they resumed their relationship, with a hand on his shoulders in such an ordinary way, sometimes his thoughts go somewhere else.

“Shao Fei and I are chatting, it should have nothing to do with you.” Shen Banqing’s voice was soft, but her tone didn’t show any signs of weakness.

Both of them had smiles on their faces, but the atmosphere was inexplicably tense.

Shao Fei looked at the male and female protagonists who were supposed to love each other, now full of tension.

He originally held a glimmer of hope to match them, but now he no longer thinks the two can still be together.

What should he do Does he continue to assist the male and female protagonist

In fact, there are quite a lot of candidates among female supporting roles.

Although they are not as powerful as Shen Banqing, they all have their own characteristics, Shao Fei thought wildly.

However, the atmosphere quickly dissipated, because Yang Xin also handed in his test with Shen Banqing.

He first said hello to Liu Chen.

Liu Chen smiled, but when he looked at Shen Banqing, he let out a cold snort.

Shen Banqing turned her head with a beautiful smile.

Looking back to see her smile, Yang Xin was immediately stunned.

Then while Yang Xin was fascinated, she said, “You love your male god so much, ask him if you have any questions and don’t follow me.”

Hearing this Yang Xin looked at this way and that way, very embarrassed.

After speaking, Shen Banqing also turned around and left.

Yang Xin, like an airbag full of confusion, what’s the matter

Shen Banqing usually has no problem dealing with people and things, and it is rare to be so ruthless.

Liu Chen simply ignored it.

He wouldn’t bother to refute her and start an argument.

Shao Fei felt that the other party was the same as himself, a human sandwiched between the two.

Taking a glance, Yang Xin looked like an eggplant beaten by frost.

Yang Xin felt a little better when he came into contact with Shao Fei’s comforting eyes.

Shen Banqing sat down on the other bench and Yang Xin also stuck to it, persevering in the face of Shen Banqing’s frosty expressio.

Finally under the constant attack of jokes, Shen Banqing opened her mouth: “You handed in the papers so early, are you so confident in yourself”

Shao Fei also pays attention to the situation behind him from time to time.

In fact, even with a cold face, you could tell that Shen Banqing is not disgusted with Yang Xin.

The other party’s concern also makes her warm, but due to a sudden family change and Xie Yun’s betrayal, it was difficult for her to trust others now.


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