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TN: Trigger warning for harassment, stalking If anything else applies, let me know.

Liu Chen almost gnashed his teeth: “You really surprised me.”

In the afternoon, the little thing’s performance was not like that at all.

In addition to avoiding him, he was still very obedient.

It turned out that it was all a cover up to fool him.

While Liu Chen’s anger soared, simultaneously he felt that Shao Fei should be like this.

Only when they become more familiar can he dig out this little bad side.

For Liu Chen, this resistance was still soft.

It was like a small claw scratching him.

It had no strength at all.

His desire became more and more uncontrollable from the shallowness at the beginning to the fierce rebound after repression.

Thinking about it carefully, Shao Fei should have paid attention to the conversation between him and Luo Yufei at that time.

Maybe he had planned it long ago.

Originally, he thought Shao Fei was so silent before having a change in attitude.

Unexpectedly, today’s docile appearance was all a cover up.

Just like the expression of the little fool he saw walking from the car before, Shao Fei has an inexplicable attractive charm, but Shao Fei obviously didn’t notice it at all.

It’s like the most harmless little thing giving you a bite when you don’t pay attention.

It can blow up all your original peace of mind.

Liu Chen was so angry that he didn’t even have his usual fake smile.

The dark eyes in the dark night were extraordinarily penetrating.

Liu Chen drove out directly.

The sound of the car starting was obvious in the Liu family that had quieted down at night.

Uncle Yu had slept for a while now, but he didn’t completely fall asleep because of the uneasy feeling when sending Shao Fei away.

A  beam of car lights passed through the window.

Uncle Yu immediately put on his coat and looked from the window.

Seeing the car that wasn’t driven often, he guessed that the young master must be driving by himself.

After the young master got his driver’s licence on his 18th birthday, Mr.

Liu gave several cars as gifts.

Unfortunately, they all grew mould in the garage.

The young master felt that as a student, there was no need to drive at all.

After the car left the gate, it rushed out like an arrow leaving its bow.

Their young master lived a regular life, perhaps influenced by the master’s life of playing all night.

When he was a child, the young master hated the master very much and naturally rejected the master’s style.

Children’s behaviour often went to extremes, so the young master from childhood was very restrained in his private life and hardly went out so late.

He realised that the young master might have found out about Shao Fei, but he didn’t call any of them.

He wanted to inform Yu Mo and let him pay attention.

He felt that this groundless feeling would add to the chaos, so he only let out a long sigh.

It’s time for some changes to occur in the Liu family.

According to the displayed address, Liu Chen controlled the speed within the maximum limit all the way and flew through the empty roads.

His expression seemed to be frozen.

When he was close to the little red dot on the map, he slowed down.

He looked at most of the shops on both sides of the street that had their shutter down, some scattered office workers who worked overtime going home and several 24-hour supermarkets that were still open, which had a strong energy of life.

More importantly, it was very close to Dijiang high school and belonged to the category of school district housing.

The price of renting houses has risen in recent years, reaching a shocking level, Shao Fei can’t afford it with his wage from working every month.

Even without asking, Liu Chen can roughly infer with his own judgement that this is his father making trouble.

Oh, that’s incorrect, it’s the old fool who can’t tolerate outsiders within Liu’s house.

Previously, Liu Chen didn’t bother to pay attention to such things.

He drove the car directly to the community of the location point.

He was lucky all the way and didn’t get caught drunk driving.

Otherwise, Liu Chen might be in the station now.

The guard uncle waved to him and pointed to the sign at the door: “It’s full.

Go and park on the road.”

The parking spaces in the old community are first come, first serve and basically disappear after 6 p.m.

The fees of road spaces are much higher, but you’re lucky if there even is a spot at this time, basically people who often come know.

At first glance, this is a newcomer who hasn’t come often.

Liu Chen leaned out and fished in his pocket.

He rarely took cash with him.

He gave a stack that was everything on him and improvised : “I’m picking someone up and I’ll leave soon.”

“Oh, hey, you take it back first.

We’re not allowed to collect bribes.” This is the school district apartments.

Occasionally, parents drive in when there is no place to park.

The uncle wasn’t understanding and directly pressed the button of the lifting lever.

Looking at this large stack, there must be several hundred here.

No one will pay so much to park the car temporarily.

He looked up and saw a beautiful and flawless face.

The uncle was impacted by this beautiful face.

Oh, he’s really a handsome boy.

However, the uncle is old after all.

He only glanced a few more times and noticed that the young man looked cold.

It was not like picking up people, but like looking for revenge.

What else does he want to say He watched as the boy drove in.

The uncle looked around.

It was late at night and no one saw the scene just now.

He put it into his pocket and shouted to the car that had driven far: “Hey, stay as long as you want, take your time!” He also wrote down the licence plate number into the book, and noted that the car will get free parking in the future.

He didn’t know if that person heard it, but the uncle thought about the face he saw just now.

Then tsk’d a few times, he’s so good looking he could be a star, but his mind is a bit stupid.

Where is Liu Chen stupid, he has a company that is used for practicing his skills and has a good understanding of stocks.

However currently he is angry, has a hot head and drank a lot of alcohol.

He is quenching the fire in this irrational way.

Running over to block people without thinking about the consequences.

Now he’s so angry that his liver hurts.

After driving into the community, there happened to be a car going out at night.

He drilled into the space and stayed in the dark car for a while.

He hit the steering wheel hard, angry at himself.

The little guy just left without telling him and he became a mess.

It was as if he could feel that Shao Fei didn’t belong here.

This uncontrollable uneasiness came out from time to time.

He parked the car and walked to the location of the red dot on the map.

This is an old community built 20 years ago, with some age marks.

Because there is no underground garage, cars are crowded on the ground level, but the greenery is well done and there is a hazy quality under the street lights.

Liu Chen came to the marked location, but he didn’t know which floor it was.

He looked gloomy and filled with unknown thoughts.

Shao Fei arrived at his new home.

It is a three bedroom and one living room, two rooms of the same size, and there is also a smaller bedroom.

It won’t be certain until Yao Feifei takes a look in the future, but Shao Fei knows that Yao Feifei absolutely won’t like it here.

The landlord cleaned up neatly.

The home decoration style belongs to a combination of oriental and western, but the furniture is still very new.

It is mainly made of wood.

There are several small potted plants on the windowsill.

The house looks very warm.

Shao Fei is actually very grateful to Liu Zhengming and Wu Tehzu for their help.

Although renting a house is Liu Zhengming’s order, he knows that he will not interfere with such insignificant matters.

It is basically Wu Tehzu who is dealing with these various and troublesome things and specially considers the vicinity of the school for the convenience of his travel during this period of time.

With the help of Wu Tehzu, it’s no wonder that Liu Zhengming still has a good relationship with many ex lovers.

“Satisfied” Yu Mo notices the smile in Shao Fei’s eyes and asks.

Generally, people who have lived in a place like the Liu family’s house are suddenly kicked out, only to live in such a small and old house.

Most people will be a little resentful.

This is a gap in mentality, no matter how good their psychology is.

He can feel that Shao Fei really likes it and completely omits that gap.

Although he is a little timid and soft, he has a very peaceful state of mind.

It feels like people can calm down when they are around him.

In the face of Yu Mo, Shao Fei let go a lot.

In the original book, this is a warm man, capable and not unassuming.

To some extent, they can understand each other without the need for words, so even if they don’t talk, it’s not boring.

“If I’m not satisfied, there will be retribution.

The rent here is too expensive.

When the lease expires, I’ll move out and rent a smaller place.” What’s the use of living in such a big house alone Although it is close to the school and very convenient, he only accepted this to reassure the Liu family.

It is impossible for there to be a second time.

Of course, he has to make plans for himself in the future.

Shao Fei had very little luggage.

He was economical and basically didn’t buy anything for himself, he used what the original owner used and didn’t add more.

His only requirement for the items he used was that they were usable.

Therefore, after Yu Mo sent him here, they were free.

“Good.” Yu Mo nodded, put the notebook on the dining table in the living room, plugged in the power and turned it on.

“Do you want to play I’ll teach you.”

Shao Fei played this game twice in the Liu  house last time.

This game is particularly addictive.

Everyone has equal opportunities to attack and be attacked according to the landing location, but the difference in personal technique is still obvious.

For example, he saw Yu Mo shoot to death the person who wanted to escape in the car.

How much accuracy does it take to do this Anyway, Shao Fei really admired it.

Last time, he heard a lot of people online calling for Yu Mo to broadcast live.

Yu Mo should also be well known in this field.

They were very close, but there was no ambiguity.

Their energy was focused on the game.

At eleven o’clock, Shao Fei said in surprise: “It’s so late.

Let me see you out.”

“No need, I know the way.” Yu Mo motioned that it doesn’t matter.

He belongs to the kind of person who speaks with actions not words.

“I want to see you off.” The other party was so busy, was willing to help him move and taught him to play games.

Shao Fei felt particularly grateful and warm.

He took the initiative to add contact information for the first time.

He planned to introduce him to Shen Banqing when he had a chance in the future.

At a glance, they would get along well.

When going downstairs, Shao Fei quietly turned on his mobile phone and found that he didn’t receive any news from Liu Chen’s via wechat.

He was relieved.

Sure enough, passerby A must not take himself too seriously.

Whether it’s because Liu Chen doesn’t care about him or because he thinks moving away is a small matter, Shao Fei feels relieved.

Does this indirectly prove that Liu Chen indeed treats him as a novelty If so, he will go back to school tomorrow to apologise.

With the appearance of being too lazy to take care of anything of Liu Chen’s, he should not care about him.

Shao Fei naively hoped so.

Shao Fei sent Yu Mo downstairs all the way.

He felt a dangerous sight lingering on himself, as if he had suddenly returned to the Liu family’s house.

However, he had just arrived here today.

How could he feel this sight He trembled in the cold wind and regarded it as an illusion.

Yu Mo: “What’s the matter”

“No, maybe it’s autumn.

I feel a little cold.” He put his hands over his arms.

When Yu Mo heard this and planned to take off his baseball jacket and put it on Shao Fei.

Shao Fei hurriedly stopped his zipper pulling hand: “No need, I’ll go up soon, and the temperature of more than 20 degrees is just right.”

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be lying, Yu Mo stopped.

Shao Fei repeatedly thanked him for driving him to this community and the two youths said goodbye.

“Stay in touch.” Yu Mo rarely said more words.

“Well, of course, otherwise won’t wechat be added in vain” Shao Fei was a little happy.

He was a little cheerful after putting down the big stone in his heart.

Shao Fei didn’t know that the scene of his happy conversation with Yu Mo was completely seen by someone waiting downstairs, and their anger soared.

Shao Fei felt something behind him until he got home.

He shook his head.

He’s been really sensitive recently.

Just as he was about to continue playing the game, he heard the doorbell.

At present, out of the few people he knows only Yu Mo has just left.

He directly opened the front door and asked with a smile, “Did you forget something”

This kind of old community does not use an anti theft security door, but a double-insurance design with a wooden door inside and an iron door and screen window outside.

After opening the first door, you can see the visitor through the screen window.

When he saw the person standing at the door, Shao Fei fell into the ice cellar.

There was no expression on his face, as he looked directly at him.

Shao Fei’s lips trembled and the happy expressions became petrified.

He didn’t expect Liu Chen to come so soon.

He knew it would happen sooner or later, but it was too fast.

He thought he could last at least one night.

Of course, in Shao Fei’s heart, maybe Liu Chen found out in advance, because the housekeeper told him.

“I’m not welcome” Liu Chen hooked the corner of his mouth and looked at the person shrinking like a quail.

After the kiss in the infirmary, the little thing escaped faster than he thought.

Maybe if he were a little faster, he wouldn’t be able to find him.

“No… No.” Shao Fei wanted to cry without tears and his voice was soft, like a frightened rabbit.

Seeing that Liu Chen’s expression remained unchanged, he added tremblingly, “I happily welcome you.”

“Then why don’t you invite me in” Liu Chen’s smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

His tone was cold, although he didn’t look angry, “Unless you don’t want to”

But Shao Fei knows that when Liu Chen is really angry, he will not look angry.

Instead, he will be relatively calm, but his behaviour can make you truly feel his ruthlessness.

Liu Chen rarely looks like this in the original book.

From the description in the book, it seems… similar to what he’s currently seeing.

Shao Fei felt a little cold, especially because the corridor light was not very bright.

In the cover of shadows there was a strange atmosphere.

He was fighting between a rock and a hard place

If he doesn’t drive him away, does he have to invite Liu Chen in This place is rented by the Liu family.

He’s just a tenant himself.

Even if he escapes here, can he escape with good luck all the time Besides, he’s here to complete the ending.

It’s impossible to stay too far away.

More importantly, Shao Fei remembered uncle Yu’s words: Don’t annoy him.

If you accidentally annoy him, try to appease him.

He hoped that this move would calm Liu Chen’s anger.

Shao Fei repeated in his heart, appease him, appease him.

With shaking hands, he undid the lock.

With a click, the door opened.

Liu Chen stepped through the open door and slammed it shut again.

He came to Shao Fei within a few steps.

They stood close, but not so touching.

There was something ambiguous between them.

The downward sight made Shao Fei a little pressured.

He looked down and remained silent.

Liu Chen looked at Shao Fei.

Ontop his lowered head, there was a small hair whorl.

It was very cute.

His hand clenched around emptiness before he turned to sit on the sofa.

Shao Fei saw the young master sitting, as if there was a mountain in the living room and immediately went to the kitchen to find the pack of bottled water just bought from the supermarket.

When pouring water, he spilled some water out because he was too nervous.

He walked out with the spilled water still on his hands.

He knew that this visit was definitely to settle accounts, but Liu Chen didn’t want to completely destroy him at least.

Although it is more stressful waiting for the execution, Liu Chen is typically a person who is polite at all times.

Shao Fei carefully sent the water cup to Liu Chen: “Chen ge, drink water.”

Liu Chen took a look.

Shao Fei noticed that his eyes were looking at the game still open in the notebook.

The account above was Yu Mo’s and hasn’t been logged out.

Liu Chen recognised it because Yu Mo was signed to his internet company, which mainly does live broadcasts, including gaming live broadcast.

Yu Mo was among the first to be signed into the company due to his relationship with uncle Yu.

When signing Yu Mo also didn’t put forward any conditions, the relationship of both sides is very harmonious. 

To celebrate the department’s official beginning , Yu Mo got a bonus salary.

Because he is among the first batch of live broadcast candidates, Liu Chen has read all their profiles.

All of Yu Mo’s large and small statistics have been seen.

Even if he hadn’t been upstairs previously, it’s not difficult to guess after he saw the interaction between the little guy and Yu Mo downstairs that they played together.

“Have you been with Yu Mo just now”

Shao Fei nodded, for fear of involving Yu Mo he said, “But he only drove me over and taught me how to play the game, that’s why he left so late.”

“Really I’m also good at playing games.

Why don’t you come to me”

Shao Fei’s heart jumped.

No, Liu Chen didn’t play games at all in the original book.

Maybe it was just not mentioned in the book.

“I… didn’t know.

I’ll come to you next time.” Shao Fei conceded.

“Do you know his sexuality”

Eh, Shao Fei was startled.

He only knew Yu Mo’s sexual orientation after reading the text.

Moreover, the text is so obscure that ordinary people won’t notice at all.

So Liu Chen has always known, but didn’t show it.

Is there anything in the world that Liu Chen doesn’t know

Shao Fei reluctantly suppressed his thoughts.

According to common sense, the original owner should not know.

He shook his head.

“If you don’t know, you still approach an unfamiliar man unguarded.

How do you know whether he likes men or women” The stern tone frightened Shao Fei.

“It’s not an unfamiliar man.

We’re friends.” Shao Fei subconsciously blurted out.

After seeing Liu Chen’s smiling expression, he immediately shut up.

He felt that Liu Chen had misunderstood something and couldn’t help explaining: “There can also be pure feelings between men.”

Shao Fei didn’t know what he was talking about right now.

“It doesn’t sound like you don’t know at all,” Liu Chen said slowly, accurately discovering the guilt in Shao Fei’s tone.

“There’s something different with his sexual orientation.

You not only don’t avoid suspicion, but also take the initiative to get close.

On the contrary when facing me, you can’t wait to escape”

Shao Fei was speechless, as if he had been trapped, and he couldn’t tell where it was wrong.

“Since you are willing to get along with him, you aren’t against this orientation.

Then I’m the only one you exclude” Liu Chen suddenly stood up.

The suddenly violent movement showed an awe inspiring momentum and Shao Fei was scared to take a step backward.

Liu Chen suddenly raised a difficult question.

Shao Fei thought that Liu Chen’s logic was sound and it was also in line with certain facts.

But there is still a problem.

Yu Mo is not interested in him.

Not every homosexual will like him.

So what’s he afraid of Can’t they be friends

But Liu Chen didn’t read the original work and wouldn’t think so.

What Liu Chen saw was that he got along well with Yu Mo, but he ran away without saying a word to Liu Chen.

Put yourself in his shoes.

If he were Liu Chen, he would also feel chilled.

Shao Fei immediately became speechless and tried his best to defend: “No, I really didn’t exclude you…”

The voice is soft and pitiful, which makes people want to ravage him.

Watching Shao Fei retreat, Liu Chen seemed to see a joke.

“Really, not excluding me” He took one step forward and Shao Fei took another step backward.

Is that no exclusion Liu Chen’s heart was aching.

No matter what you say, your behaviour is proof.

Shao Fei couldn’t help himself.

When he saw Liu Chen like this, he couldn’t help but want to escape.


Back to the wall, Shao Fei finally had no way to escape and was blocked by Liu Chen.

Liu Chen left a little distance, but he didn’t give Shao Fei room to escape.

Liu Chen looked at the trapped animal.

“Am I not good to you”

“… good.” This is also the truth.

He runs with him every day, cooks for him and teaches him homework.

Maybe a real brother won’t be as considerate as Liu Chen.

Shao Fei is also human.

Of course, he can feel it, but it doesn’t matter whether he’s good to him or not.

“Or did the Liu family treat you badly”

“No.” He vaguely felt that he was going to be cornered by Liu Chen.

He quickly spoke the words he had thought up before, “Mr Liu who broke up with my mother.

He informed me of my imminent departure, I… I…”

He wanted to somehow deceive the others, but Shao Fei couldn’t tell an outright lie.

Shao Fei heard a sneer from above: “How long ago did he tell you”

“…” Shao Fei was instantly exposed.

Yes, it was a while ago, but he didn’t tell Liu Chen.

At first, he really didn’t think it was necessary, but later he didn’t dare to say it.

It seems that there is no need to say the rest.

Liu Chen understands everything he should understand.

Shao Fei doesn’t want to be involved with him.

The shadow of the other party fell, as if hugging him.

Liu Chen hit the wall with his fist and Shao Fei was shocked.

Liu Chen wanted to indulge himself and release the deepest desire in his heart.

He was so angry that he wanted to kiss him directly and make up for his missed opportunity.

He also has Shao Fei’s handle in his grasp.

For example, after helping Shen Banqing last time, Shao Fei casually promised a favour.

If he said it, there’s a 50% chance that with Shao Fei’s temper he would agree.

But after he promised, it can be imagined that he and Shao Fei might drift further apart.

He can’t ruin the chance between them.

Shao Fei found that Liu Chen didn’t take the next step after exposing him.

He looked up carefully and saw that Liu Chen was actually very close, but his actions stopped.

He… He wanted to kiss him

Shao Fei was so frightened that he forgot to run away.

Because Liu Chen’s eyes are full of pain, confusion, hesitation and self loathing.

Shao Fei was frightened by the complex emotions in his eyes and there were surging waves in his heart.

In fact, this is not the first time he was influenced by this man, he clearly knew the gap between them.

However this time, he suddenly felt a trace of guilt about his escape.

He could feel Liu Chen’s inner turmoil, maybe he was in great pain.

Shao Fei never thought that the omnipotent man in the original book would show such an expression.

So, does he like men or women In fact, Shao Fei, who has no memory, is not sure.

If continued to stay, he may lose control.

Liu Chen suddenly turned around and took big strides to leave.

“Liu, Liu Chen…” Shao Fei summoned up his courage and shouted his name.

Liu Chen stopped, but he didn’t look back.

“I… didn’t run away.

Don’t be angry.”

Liu Chenfelt that the child was too good.

He turned around to comfort the person that scared him.

It’s because Shao Fei is so good that he will weigh the pros and cons of his actions carefully.

He won’t tear up the pretence without absolute certainty

“Don’t get close to Yu Mo in the future.

If I see him again, I don’t know what I will do.”

Shao Fei watched Liu Chen leave.

The door was opened and he didn’t come back.

Shao Fei’s heart seems to have a small piece dug out, leaving a sour pain.

Maybe the emotion in Liu Chen’s eyes was too strong, which affected him too.

When did it start They haven’t known each other for long.

Shao Fei went to school the next day full of guilt.

He didn’t sleep well last night.

But Liu Chen was not there.

As soon as class was over, an endless stream of people came to ask.

Shao Fei immediately called Liu Chen, but hid phone was turned off.

It was not easy to wait to meet Luo Yufei at noon.

But Luo Yufei said that Liu Chen would not come to school today.

“You know where he is.

Can you tell me” Shao Fei asked anxiously.

“It’s alright.

He slept at my house.

Don’t frown.

There’s nothing pitiful about him, he can get all the good things in the world.

Now it’s good, he will finally have something unattainable!”


Shao Fei blushed.

He seemed to understand.

Shao Fei always thought that this natural blackbelly might already know everything.

“Besides, someone will take care of that guy well.

Don’t pay attention to him.

I haven’t seen anyone with a stronger psychological quality than him.” I even gave up my bed to that bastard!

Luo Yufei calmed Shao Fei’s mood.

There’s no choice, Liu Chen ordered him not to tell Shao Fei.

Early this morning, before dawn, he received a call from the housekeeper of the Liu family, saying that their young master turned off his phone.

The young master usually didn’t turn off his phone, Luo Yufei immediately asked the housekeeper about Shao Fei.

The housekeeper said he had left just yesterday.

Well, it’s clear what happened.

Luo Yufei didn’t ask, but he also imagined several dramatic turns.

The result didn’t disappoint, Liu Chen was absolutely rejected.

While pacifying Shao Fei, Luo Yufei’s heart has rows of barrages and he wants to vomit hundreds of bad words.

This pervert Liu Chen, is finally lovelorn after many years of prosperity.

Of course, Luo Yufei only guessed that he was lovelorn.

Liu Chen is afraid to make a move on the glutinous rice.

Unable to accept this unnamed emotion.

Half of Liu Chen’s drinking is due to the blow received and the other half, in his opinion, is the inability to vent on glutinous rice at present.

Luo Yufei ran to several clubs and bars early in the morning.

According to Liu Chen’s temperament, where might he get drunk at the moment Of course, Liu Chen won’t get completely drunk.

He will stay clear headed while drinking.

Finally, in the small bar of the lotus leaf cup, he found Liu Chen who was drinking and looking wholly calm.

He took the man back.

There was a young man accompanying Liu Chen, the one he had called before, but Luo Yufei ignored him.

He looked sober all the way and there was no difference on the surface, except for the smell of wine.

It was not until he got home did he say: Don’t tell Shao Fei.

Then he collapsed.

It was not easy to move the person home and put them in bed.

Luo Yufei was so tired that he was gasping and felt very angry and amused.

He also looked forward to Shao Fei tossing Liu Chen.

After class, Shao Fei went to Luo Yufei’s house to find Liu Chen.

At least he knew the other was safe and sound, then he wouldn’t be worried from time to time.

But Liu Chen had already left and he still didn’t answer his phone.

He and Luo Yufei also went to several bars, but they still weren’t able to find anyone.

At nearly ten o’clock, Shao Fei returned to the old community with a heavy heart and saw Yu Mo waiting at the gate.

Thinking of Liu Chen’s words, in fact, Shao Fei also plans to keep a distance.

He is still worried about implicating others, but Yu Mo was in front of his door.

He can’t directly turn him away, and it’s so late.

It should be all right, since Liu Chen is not here.

Shao Fei walked over and asked, “how long have you been waiting Sorry, I didn’t know you were here.

Why didn’t you call me”

Yu Mo also felt that Shao Fei seemed a little colder, but they were people who said few words and didn’t think much.

Directly taking the game board discussed yesterday: “New arrival, try it out, it’s easier to operate.”

He always knew that Yu Mo was a good man.

Something mentioned off hand yesterday has been kept in mind.

Shao Fei was a little moved and kept saying thank you.

They did have a lot of topics and unknowingly for a long time.

Shao Fei didn’t know that someone woke up in the afternoon, took a taxi and now stood in the dark.

In fact, he didn’t intend to do anything.

He wanted to see Shao Fei and dropped by on the way.

Although the anger still wasn’t diminished and had accumulated in his heart, at least Liu Chen had controlled it.

After yesterday, he could see that Shao Fei was not indifferent to him, which was a good response.

Liu Chen began to analyse how to bring people back into his arms and make people come over willingly.

But after waiting for a long time without seeing anyone, Liu Chen took his mobile phone from the car that had been parked in the community and saw countless messages.

Today, he didn’t go to school and hundreds of thousands of messages have poured in.

Liu Chen glanced at it and didn’t want to look again.

He returned to the old neighbourhood again.

He didn’t expect to see Shao Fei still talking with Yu mo.

The anger that didn’t subside was ignited again.

After Shao Fei separated from Yu Mo, he walked back alone.

There is a long distance from the entrance of the community to the unit building he lived in.

However, Shao Fei found yesterday that he can take a shortcut and go directly through the small garden in the middle to get to his unit quickly.

The only inconvenience is that there are only a few street lights and the large area is quite dark.

There are some sports facilities and neatly trimmed flowers and trees in the small garden.

There are several package cabinets on one side, sunken in the darkness.

Sometimes when there are overflowing packages will be put into the nearby community deposit room.

Generally, the door is closed, but the community staff who closed today are a little careless and didn’t lock it.

Of course, Shao Fei doesn’t know this.

When he walked through the small garden and came near the deposit room, a hand suddenly stretched out from behind him.

Shao Fei felt something strange and was pulled by his neck.With a ferocious force, he could feel his leg buckle and his mouth was covered.

Pulled into the dark room without any light.

The person who has been waiting can’t help taking action at last.

TN: This was a surprisingly dark turn, or was it

Do NOT do this at home kids.


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