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He trembled and pulled away quickly.

As soon as he was about to move back, he was pinched by a big hand.

Just as he wanted to turn his head to determine the strange touch, his eyes were covered by a big palm and his sight returned to darkness.

The soft and warm touch clearly sunk into the body through the pores from the skin surface.

As if the body was pierced with a torrent of heat and rocketed straight up.

“Don’t move, it’s not done yet.” Liu Chen’s low voice came.

Before he couldn’t tell.

Now that he paid closer attention, the voice felt particularly provocative, as if the eardrums were covered with a light crisp itching feeling.

“I think it’s fine now.

I want to go back to the classroom…” Shao Fei’s voice trembled a little at the end.

He still remembers the small touch across his back against his fine hair just now.

It was not an illusion, that was definitely a kiss.

Liu Chen was kissing his wound.

This cognition made Shao Fei’s scalp explode.

Previously, he was sure of Liu Chen’s sexual orientation, which was reinforced by the system.

He always felt that he was being overly paranoid, regarding the intimacy between boys so sensitively.

Even condemning himself for judging others wrong.

Now, what is this Is it still a misunderstanding

Now his mind is in a mess and he can’t think about anything.

He feels deep despair about the plot that is completely broken and may no longer continue along the right track.

As if to let Shaofei know that this was not a misunderstanding, Liu Chen loosened the hand covering his eyes and clasped the thin, white and tender waist.

Even if the small animal under his palm began to tremble, he did not loosen his hands.

This little guy wouldn’t change his mind without being given a little stimulation.

Just as Luo Yufei was greatly surprised, the him before would never have thought of this possibly in the beginning.

But the more they got along with each other, the more he was pleasantly surprised.

Whether it’s character or other aspects, this person is completely in line with what his soul yearns for most.

There are others who are physically more beautiful than Shao Fei.

And it’s also not because of his father’s scheme, but because of the soul living in this body.

When he pinched the waist, a dazzling light flashed through his eyes.

“Why do you have bruises on your waist” Liu Chen’s tone seemed so ordinary, as if he was not taking advantage.

Shao Fei’s eyes are red and urgent.

He wants to be thousands of miles away from Liu Chen.

Where can he still concentrate on answering his questions The voice was barely squeezed out: “You, let go…”

Liu Chen certainly knew that what he had just done had a great impact on Shao Fei.

It was impossible to get the answer to the current question, but he  wasn’t concerned about the answer.

Shao Fei’s reaction was stronger than he expected.

The only thing that made him happy was that even if the little animal were shocked beyond measure, they didn’t resist too fiercely, or maybe they were too surprised to move.

Either way, Liu Chen doesn’t intend to continue to  monologue.

Only when Shao Fei is clearly aware of the difference in their relationship can there be a turnaround between them.

Even his surprised appearance made him feel doting to the bone.

Even if this soft and good creature is bullied by him, he rarely resists.

He believes that as long as he moves step by step, he can slowly put this person into his own territory.

As for the bruise on Shao Fei, it is not difficult to guess.

They spend most of their time together, whether at school or at home, so when Liu Chen thinks about it, he knows where it came from.

It must be from catching that woman Shen Banqing last time.

His heart sank a little.

Shao Fei likes that woman, which is not a happy fact.

“Let go of me, let go of me.” Shao Fei kept insisting.

In the end, the fear of the male Lord has prevailed.

How could this happen What went wrong He naively hoped that Liu Chen would take the initiative to let him go.

“Don’t move.

I’ll rub away the bruise for you.”

Shao Fei’s body trembled more and more.

Liu Chen gently kneaded the place with light bruising starting from the top and his fingers with thin cocoons moved against the skin, sometimes kneading, sometimes pressing and sometimes beating.

The professional techniques did make Shao Fei’s body feel comfortable, but his spirit was so tight that he had no time to take into account that comfort.

Liu Chen is immersed in the soft sensation he could only imagine before.

His desire seemed to leak out again and his blood boiled.

When Liu Chen finally let go of him, Shao Fei seemed to be extremely frightened.

He quickly pulled over the shirt next to the bed and couldn’t put it on.

He didn’t dare to turn back, directly running at the fastest speed in his life.

This time he didn’t even say goodbye.

Liu Chen didn’t stop him any more.

He looked down at the fingers which got to touch him.

Kissed them each gently and leaked out a hungry aura.

Just don’t run out of my sight.

After Shao Fei put on his clothes, he hid directly into the toilet compartment.

After locking the door, he breathed heavily.

The heat on his face never subsided.

He was both angry and embarrassed.

He quickly pressed the second emergency button to summon the system.

“Hello, the system serves you wholeheartedly.

How can I help you” After saying the fixed introduction, the system asked Shao Fei, “I say, we haven’t been in touch for a long time.

What’s the matter Is there something wrong You’re current condition doesn’t look too good.

Your heart rate is a little too fast.

Overly fast heart rate will affect the blood supply.”

Shao Fei responded in his brain: “Didn’t you say that the sexual orientation of the male lead is normal…”

“Of course.

Your question is so strange.” The system that has neer experienced emotions reply is simple, straightforward and strong.

“See for yourself…” Shao Fei was currently unable to explain the situation.

He was so nervous that his whole body was shaking and his words were stuttered.

The system quickly browsed through the memory and said: “… How is this possible What did you do”

Among the previous 99 maintainers, many did extremely outrageous actions.

There were also those who interfered with the plot.

Shao Fei, a small passer-by, could not affect the overall situation no matter what he did.

In addition, it knew the character of the maintainer well, he would not do anything out of line at all.

“You should have already seen what I’ve done.”

System: “… Indeed.”

Moreover, it can look beyond Shao Fei’s perspective, so it can see some of the other things Liu Chen has done.

The male lead with a particularly different brain structure is making trouble everywhere for Shao Fei.

“I too am to blame.

I should have noticed something the last time you called me.” It didn’t find the abnormalities of the male and female leads last time, mainly because there was no such precedent before.

Now, after replaying some details, it noticed the clues.

Feeling very embarrassed as it not only didn’t help the maintenance staff, but also became a burden.

“How could this happen… What should I do” Shao Fei’s mentality is very chaotic.

What just happened has completely broken his original world view.

“Don’t worry and don’t be afraid.

Data shows that the will of the world does not reject the current plot development, which shows that it thinks all this is reasonable.” The system measured Shao Fei’s emotions as being too chaotic, along with a strong sense of retreat.

So itr comforted him immediately, “You also know that the male lead in this world has deleted files and restarted the world countless times.

Although he has no memory after restarting, his soul power is becoming stronger and stronger, which can affect the world’s will and spatial balance.

As a self aware soul, he may not be bound by the novel plot at all and neither will he follow the original plot.”

This is a runaway wild horse.

It is possible for anything to happen.

The male lead increased their workload infinitely.

Before, their system also selected maintenance personnel with various personalities and abilities, including men and women.

However, except for rejecting them, Liu Chen never had a change in preferences.

This makes the system even feel that all this time Liu Chen has been waiting for Shao Fei to appear.

“Is he crazy I’m a man…”

“I also think he’s crazy.

This madman almost destroyed this plane.

What can’t he do Currently you’re already involved with him and this will only increase more and more in the future.”

Shao Fei suddenly thought of another possibility and raised hope: “Is he just playing a joke on me He has a very bad character.”

The system thought of other scenes it saw and directly denied: “Even if most men with normal sexual orientation want to joke around about their sexual orientation, they won’t do this.”

“If I leave this world, will the plot go back to normal” Shao Fei’s scalp became numb at the thought of the contact just now.

He was asking just in case, but he didn’t have much hope in his heart.

“Little ancestor1, it’s impossible.

Everything has already happened, don’t even consider such a terrible idea.

The plot is already past the halfway point, bear it a little longer.

The world is currently extremely unstable.

If you give up, you may not be able to open the door to the next plane.

Completing this plane is key, if it collapses there will be a chain reaction, and It may also affect the world where you live.”

The system hurriedly persuaded him.

“I’m just asking.” Shao Fei said quietly, looking as if he had recovered his normal appearance, but his body was still shaking uncontrollably.

Who knows whether it was due to fear, anger, or at a loss about the future.

“I’ve reported the matter here.

The emergency command from the top is that you continue ahead first.

This male protagonist has been ruining plots for a long time.

No one knows what will happen later and no one has succeeded to the end before.

Even we cannot control it.

You’ve been doing well, all you need to do is do it your way – Du.”

It abruptly cut off.

Ten minutes are up.

However, Shao Fei understood the meaning of the system, that it can’t help with anything.

Maybe Liu Chen just wants to taste something new, but why does it have to be him

The ghost of lips and the hand pressed on his waist made Shao Fei feel like he was stared at by a python.

Shao Fei hugged himself tightly with his arms and buried his head.

Unable to say anything.

Luo Yufei just went to buy a drink.

When he returned to the playground, he saw classmates talking about something on the basketball court.

It seemed that something big had just happened and he had missed it.

He casually asked a girl in his class about the situation.

The girl was very excited.

She said that Liu Chen picked a one v five fight just now and also that he raised his fists to help the students in his class.

Otherwise, no one would have known he was such a good fighter.

So cool.

The girls’ eyes shone.

Luo Yufei thought for a moment and asked, “At that time, Shao Fei… ah, was Liu Chen’s deskmate there”

The girl looked back and seemed to remember: “Yes, yes, yes, he seems to have been hurt.

How did you know”

Luo Yufei took the drink and waved it twice in the air.

Giving the feeling of hating iron for not turning into steel.

He knew Shao Fei was involved.

What was happening

Liu Chen is self-controlled and calm, how can he be so impulsive when it comes to glutinous rice.

Shao Fei didn’t enter the classroom until the second to last class in the afternoon.

Liu Chen sat at his desk and opened the app to check.

He confirmed Shao Fei didn’t leave school, so he put down his worries and waited for him in the classroom.

He knew Shao Fei needed buffer time to come to terms with this matter.

He spent so long on psychological construction, not to mention Shao Fei.

He shouldn’t excessively coerce him.

It doesn’t matter if the little hamster shows a little resistance.

As long as it’s within the tolerable range, there’s no problem even if he’s scratched a few times.

That will be the pleasure between them.

Liu Chen is willing to go through this step by step process with him.

He won’t force Shao Fei any more.

He prefers people to come to him willingly rather than forcing him.

Seeing Shao Fei slowly coming in, with his head lowered and at a snail’s speed.

Liu Chen’s heart melted and was unwilling to see his dull appearance, but if he didn’t make it clear, Shao Fei would never realise.

This is a necessary process.

When he decided to make Shao Fei aware, Liu Chen was ready for the little animal to reject him.

Since this person came back, it means he is not completely resistant to him.

Liu Chen is a little relieved.

As long as time is given, he can figure it out gradually.

“You’ve returned”

Shao Fei let out a low hum and didn’t look at Liu Chen.

As if he didn’t mind at all, Liu Chen said softly, “I have already told the teacher about your injury and that you were resting in the infirmary, as your reason for not coming to class.”

As long as Liu Chen puts his mind to it, he is a very meticulous person.

Able to make people feel that they are valued, just as if every step was like walking on wind.

Whether it is his family background or his own halo, when getting along with him, he can always give people a feeling of flattery and others can’t help but indulge in it, even if he doesn’t do anything elaborate.

As soon as he sat down, he heard Liu Chen say that he had created notes of the missed classes.

Using the beautiful font that made people’s eyes shine, it neatly recorded the key points from class.

Shao Fei only briefly glanced through and found that the basics were clear with the summary concise and to the point.

Liu Chen’s actions made Shao Fei unable to ignore him even if he tried.

He thanked the other party in a low voice and received the notes handed over by the other party: “Thank you.”

Shao Fei is unable to ignore the two’s previous conflict and act normal now.

It was like sitting on pins and needles, he can’t wait to raise his legs and run.

“Why are you being so polite with me How many times have I said that you don’t need to say thank you for everything” Liu Chen reached out and tried to pat Shao Fei, but Shao Fei avoided him reflexively.

Liu Chen’s hand stayed frozen in front of Shao Fei, just like before in the corridor, as if he had returned to the beginning.

Shao Fei’s pupils shrank.

He is a little afraid of Liu Chen’s anger.

Liu Chen’s temper has not been good recently, in fact Shao Fei can feel it, so he is even more careful to act obedient.

Even if Liu Chen is very gentle to him, he basically doesn’t refuse any of Liu Chen’s requests.

He has always been mindful to not be corroded by sugar coated shells.

But currently he can’t be so close to Liu Chen after the wound kissing incident.

Unexpectedly, Liu Chen didn’t seem to care about this direct rejection at all, instead naturally withdrawing his hand.

A little smile appeared in his eyes: “Why are you acting so strange all of a sudden” The smile contains a touch of loss and hurt.

Shao Fei was silent, as if he didn’t notice.

He can’t pretend that nothing happened like Liu Chen, and he can ridicule so recklessly.

Liu Chen saw that he didn’t want to talk to himself and no longer leaned close, giving Shao Fei more space.

As long as you stay so obedient, I won’t touch you for the time being.

Liu Chen hasn’t lowered himself to the point of forcing anyone.

Liu Chen began to continue his daily tasks in and out of class every day.

He no longer paid attention to Shao Fei or even talked to him.

The only difference is the page pinched in his hand was wrinkled.

Shao Fei gradually relaxed, but he was still planning to stay away from Liu Chen as much as possible.

As long as there were fewer opportunities to get along, Liu Chen might wake up or stop playing this real-life game with him.

He can’t afford to lose and doesn’t want to play.

Shao Fei originally planned to tell Liu Chen about his departure today.

He also planned to buy something for Liu Chen at a passing store when they went back together.

Now he is silent.

He is afraid of causing an incident.

As long as he moves out, even Liu Chen can’t do anything.

Can he force him to move back The house was rented in the name of Liu Zhengming, and even Liu Chen had no right to interfere.

Besides, Liu Zhengming decided to make him leave.

So he didn’t need to inform Liu Chen at all.

Shao Fei felt that this was a long night’s dream.

He had to hurry and wake up.

When Shao Fei hesitated about how to hide from Liu Chen, Luo Yufei in the front row suddenly turned his head to Liu Chen at the end of the day’s classes and said, “Come out and get together tonight”

Liu Chen looked at the wechat new friend application from the boys in class 12.

He clicked to accept without looking up: “No.” I’m full with glutinous rice today.

Those boys, who just wanted to beat him up, now add his wechat However, Liu Chen never cared about others’ provocations.

Luo Yufei knew that Liu Chen would be like this.

So he directly asked Shao Fei, who was sitting as far away from Liu Chen as possible, shrinking there to do his homework.

Before, the two were still fine.

Why was the atmosphere so tense suddenly, and Shao Fei, who had never lost his temper, took the initiative to shield against Liu Chen.

The distance in between can indicate a lot of problems.

There’s definitely something going on between these two..

“Shao Fei, will you come out to play” Luo Yufei asked.

Shao Fei didn’t expect the other party to invite himself, but he refused the invitation without considering it.

“I say, aren’t you tired of doing your homework every day People should relax, and the brain also needs to relax.

Only when you relax can you study better.” Luo Yufei tried hard to persuade him, but Shao Fei just didn’t yield.

He was so boring.

What did Liu Chen like about him The boringness

Relying on Shao Fei’s incomprehension, he said to Liu Chen, “What did I say about your vision”

Liu Chen sneered, “My vision doesn’t need you to question.” As long as I know how good he is.

What’s the point of knowing

They talked in riddles that others didn’t understand.

Luo Yufei also straightened up: “Come, I really want to talk to you about something.

If you treat me as a brother, then come this once.”

As a good friend, Luo Yufei certainly doesn’t want Liu Chen to go astray.

First of all, Liu Chen seems to be the only heir to the Liu family.

But in fact, Liu Chen’s every move is watched by others who are qualified to compete.

Liu Chen can’t make mistakes, especially such a major mistake.

Secondly, it is inevitable that this road is difficult to walk.

Aside from the pressure from all aspects, is Liu Chen really sure about his sexual orientation Maybe it’s just a temporary novelty.

Moreover, according to his observation, Shao Fei is completely immune to Liu Chen’s charm.

Although Shao Fei seems to be making up for the two classes he didn’t attend, he has actually been paying attention to the dialogue between the two people.

When he heard that they were going out at night, his heart beat slightly quicker and his mind became more active.

It was not until Liu Chen agreed that Shao Fei retracted his attention.

Liu Chen will not be here tonight, so he can’t miss this opportunity.

Shao Fei had planned to move out later.

Now that this happened, he was determined to move out immediately.

Liu Chen didn’t go directly, he sent Shao Fei home before leaving with Luo Yufei.

Of course, the whole process of returning to Liu’s house was done at a distance.

Liu Chen didn’t approach to avoid scaring people away.

His hamster was easily spooked.

It wasn’t until Shao Fei got out of the car that he warned: “You skipped two classes today.

You can’t just read through notes.

I’ll give you some tuition when I come back.

The monthly exam is about to take place, and your foundation is still a little lacking.”

Shao Fei thought that tonight was the last day to live here, so he should be obedient.

When Liu Chen’s car was completely gone, Shao Fei immediately found uncle Yu who was supervising dinner and explained that he was moving out now.

Uncle Yu was a little surprised: “Aren’t you waiting for your mother”

“No, I can meet her later.” Shao Fei said nervously, “Uncle Yu, can you please not tell Liu Chen my new address.”

Uncle Yu is a professional housekeeper.

Of course, he can’t promise this.

As long as the employer needs it, employee’s can’t hide it.

Shao Fei had also calmly guessed this outcome.

What he said before is just for the purpose of his second request.

“At least don’t take the initiative to tell him about my departure.

If he doesn’t ask, don’t you say it.

Is that ok” An excessive request will not be accepted by the other party, but there will be some guilt in the heart.

Then a request that is not particularly excessive, will make the other party be more likely to agree.

He just wanted to drag it out, until the male leads woke up.

He believes that as long as he calms down, Liu Chen will be able to see how ordinary, how featureless and boring he is.

His appearance and temperament don’t stick out from the crowd.

How can Liu Chen be a person who allows himself to make mistakes again and again.

If it’s just not taking the initiative to speak, it’s not tricking or helping him.

Won’t the elderly man accept this little request

“Is something wrong between you and the young master”

Shao Fei made it clear that he didn’t want to say more.

Uncle Yu thought that he had acted like a villain before and tried to drive Shao Fei away.

This past guilt is still there.

He looked at Shao Fei standing there pitifully in front of him, as if he was helpless and confused.

Sighing: “Just this time, but if the young master asks, I can’t help you hide it.”

Uncle Yu knew Shao Fei had no other relatives, he was worried about him moving into the new house alone, so he ordered his son Yu Mo to accompany Shao Fei.

After sending Shao Fei to the car, uncle Yu thought about the recent interaction between Liu Chen and Shao Fei, and felt a little uneasy: “Young master Fei, don’t think uncle Yu is talkative.

The young master is not easy to fool.

Don’t try to deceive him.”

Shao Fei certainly understood, but compared with Liu Chen’s anger, he had a larger urge to keep a distance.

Between the two, he chose the lesser evil.

“Remember my words, don’t provoke him.

If you accidentally provoke him, try to ask for forgiveness.”

Shao Fei nodded solemnly.

Now the Liu family, for Shao Fei, who is already like a frightened bird, is as dangerous as a dragon’s pool and a tiger’s den.

He understands that no matter how many reasons he came up with, they won’t be enough.

He was afraid that Liu Chen, who was full of desire, would constantly erode and seduce him.

At the lotus leaf cup, some people were playing Soha there, and some were playing truth or dare.

Seeing the two of them come in, they say hello one after another.

Luo Yufei motioned them to continue playing.

He took Liu Chen to a seperate private room.

As soon as he walked in, there was a familiar looking person sitting in it, still with the familiar outfit that gave off the aura of a student.

Seeing Liu Chen and Luo Yufei coming in, the young man immediately said hello shyly.

Liu Chen directly frowned and said, “Get out.”

The young man’s smile froze, but he still looked at Luo Yufei.

Luo Yufei saw the familiar indifference in Liu Chen’s eyes.

This is the usual Liu Chen.

After waiting for the boy to leave, he said, “Are you really going to indulge yourself like this”

Liu Chen picked up the bottle on the table, poured himself a glass and took a swallow.

He looked down and his hair covered the gloomy expression.

“Not to mention anything else, you should know how many men there are in the world, and how many within them are interested in the same sex.

Even if you are interested, what about Shao Fei Don’t think I can’t see that he doesn’t feel the same to you at all.

What’s the probability of him being a straight man You’re the eldest young master of the Liu family.

You can have anyone you want, even men.

So why don’t you change the target I promise there are many people who are willing to introduce themselves to be your bed partner! ” Luo Yufei said ardently.

“You used to like girls.

This time it’s just a small mistake.

If you correct it now, that will be the end of it.” He really can’t watch on as Liu Chen stumbles.

But Liu Chen only continued drinking.

It was not that he was indifferent to Shao Fei’s rejection today, simply that he was suppressing the emotions.

Luo Yufei advised for nearly half an hour, but Liu Chen never responded.

“He will.” After drinking the last sip of wine, Liu Chen stood up and looked straight at Luo Yufei.

“Yufei, you’ll help me, won’t you”

It was almost ten o’clock when Liu Chen came home.

He noticed that the section in the opposite building was dark and didn’t pay much attention.

Shao Fei is unlikely to wait for him today.

He may have gone to bed long ago.

There was a cold wind blowing on the balcony, and the drunkenness dispersed.

As usual, he turned on the eavesdropping app and wanted to listen to the soft snoring to ease his anxiety.

However, it was found that the coordinates displayed did not indicate Liu’s mansion.

Liu Chen instantly came up with a conjecture.

The green tendons on the back of his hand holding the railing popped out, and his temple vien jumped again and again.

Spitting out two words: “Shao, Fei!”

The author has something to say: Xiao Luzi: gas explosion

System: I have more to say!

1 Chinese people are really respectful to older generations and their ancestors, calling someone ancestor normally indicates they are acting very overbearing. 

TN: Not gonna lie, forgot how much of a creep LC is haha.

On a slightly more serious note, healthy relationships are good and consent is sexy~ Do not try this at home!


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