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BL, PMP, TL / By -Winged Neko-

Part two

Liu Chen’s eyebrows picked up and didn’t mind this intimate topic: “We’re both men.

What’s the matter It’ll be fine later.

Don’t worry.

Let’s go downstairs.”

Shao Fei’s face is complicated.

The male lead will be nineteen in a few months.

Is it fine for him to bottle it all up like this

When they went down together, uncle Yu had prepared two brown sugar ginger teas in the kitchen and gave Shao Fei twice as much sugar.

Uncle Yu said to Liu Chen, “Young master Yang has been waiting for you outside for a long time.

Will you go see him”

Liu Chen didn’t reply.

He handed over Shao Fei’s his, testing the temperature of the bowl and said, “Careful it’s a little hot.

Drink it slowly to drive out the chill.”

They sat at the round table where they usually had dinner,  a short distance from each other.

Everything proceeded naturally and Shao Fei passively went with the flow.

Unable to tell what felt wrong.

Shao Fei took a sip.

The spicy ginger tea and the sweetness of brown sugar and honey rolled into his throat and down to the stomach.

Listening to the sound of rain beating on the ground outside, he felt warmer than usual.

Then he heard, “Let him in.”

Yang Xin came in wet from the outside and was completely soaked with rain.

Shao Fei choked and coughed fiercely when he saw his appearance.

Liu Chen directly pulled the little guy half on his lap and patted Shao Fei on the back while scolding: “How old are you this year Yet you can’t drink soup well”

Shao Fei didn’t notice that his tofu was eaten2 from time to time.

He seemed to be domesticated.

When he was unprepared, he was encircled by the most dangerous beast in the territory.

No, this development is good, returning to the appearance described in the novel.

The image of a wet discouraged duck.

At the thought of this, Shao Fei burst into laughter.

The soup in his mouth almost gushed out just now.

Aware of his inappropriate humour, Shao Fei silently scolded himself.

He must have been corrupted by Liu Chen.

However, they just separated.

Wasn’t it all right before It can’t be that Yang Xin has gone bankrupt within this short time.

Yang Xin stood there without saying anything.

“I’m fine.

Cough.” Shao Fei avoided the other’s patting.

He immediately turned the topic and asked Liu Chen softly, “What is he doing here”

“Whatever his reason, drink first and I’ll ask for you.”Why does he always care so much for others

Shao Fei immediately picked up the bowl and drank it slowly.

Yang Xin was actually shocked that Liu Chen had such a gentle side, but he didn’t have time to care about this.

“Liu ge, I’m sorry.

I was impulsive before.” He didn’t really want Liu Chen to help the Shen family.

He just remembered his father’s and Shen Banqing’s evaluation of Liu Chen and felt that he must be able to think of a solution.

He wanted to know how Liu Chen would solve this situation.

“I accept your apology.

If you have nothing to do, go back early.

Uncle Yu, get Yang Shao an umbrella.”

Uncle Yu answered and went back to get the umbrella.

As Liu Chen spoke, he watched as the little animal finished drinking and burped.

With a smile at the bottom of his eyes, he drank the rest of his bowl in one breath.

En, it’s sweet.

Shao Fei took Liu Chen’s bowl to express his thanks: “I’ll take it to the kitchen.”

He felt that Yang Xin had something to say.

Maybe it was inappropriate for him to be present, so he found an excuse to leave.

At this time, uncle Yu was holding an umbrella and coincided with Shao Fei.

He thought of the phone call from the master tonight and he didn’t know how to talk to Shao Fei.

But sooner or later, he needed to talk to the child.

Besides, with the young master’s tossing temperament, it’s better to let the little guy leave early.

“Young master, follow uncle Yu.”

Shao Fei put away the dishes and followed him.

Seeing the child’s quiet appearance, uncle Yu sighed: “Do you know that your mother and master Liu broke up”

In fact, it’s about the same time Shao Fei expected it to happen.

Liu Zhengming’s speed of changing girlfriends has always been very fast.

Shao Fei shook his head and said what the housekeeper wanted to say but was hesitating: “When should I leave”

“The master will come back next Tuesday.

You can choose to leave in advance or wait until he comes back…” why did he have to play a villain.

On a whim allowing people to move in and driving them out when they no longer like them.

People are not objects, these actions are chilling.

“Can I go this weekend” Yao Feifei said she will come back in a few days.

He wanted to wait for her.

Uncle Yu observed Shao Fei’s appearance and found that he was not surprised or angry.

He accepted it calmly, as if he had known for a long time.

This attitude was too rare for children of this age.

Shao Fei, of course, could not be surprised.

He had expected it long ago.

In the novel, the original owner begged to stay in the Liu family.

He was reluctant to give up the glory and wealth here and being a young master.

So he tried every means to please Liu Chen.

But Shao Fei didn’t want to do this.

Anyway, he wasn’t unwilling and couldn’t do such a thing that tramples on his dignity.

Now he can meet the male and female lead at school.

He doesn’t have to live in Liu’s house.

And maybe, in this way, he can successfully end this increasingly strange fake brother game.

“In fact, Mr.

Liu has arranged a new house for you as compensation.

It’s near the school.”

This surprised Shao Fei.

The Liu family really did their utmost to treat strangers.

He also didn’t put up a false pretense, with his little part time job money, it was not enough for living expenses and rent.

Also if he doesn’t accept it, Liu Zhengming will doubt whether head any deeper schemes.

Shao Fei took the address from Uncle Yu and was going to have a look when he was free.

“By the way, a few days ago, you said you wanted to open a disk on a computer.

My son has one he isn’t using.

You can go and get it when you have time.”

Shao Fei was overjoyed.

Liu Chen gave him the disk.

He hasn’t yet had time to take a look and he didn’t have a computer, or the extra money to buy himself one.

So he had planned to buy a cheap second-hand one.

Now that someone said they had an old one, it was like a pie falling from the sky.

“Thank you, uncle Yu.

How much do you want I’ll prepare it for your son later.”

Uncle Yu also smiled: “What money do I charge He will throw it away if you don’t want it, just take it.

I should thank you for not letting it go to waste.”

How could the child be so good When he left, uncle Yu would feel a little lonely.

After talking with Uncle Yu, Shao Fei was found by Liu Chen as soon as he arrived back at the living room.

He saw that Yang Xin was still standing in the same place too.

Shao Fei vaguely guessed why.

Although there is no such paragraph in the original work, many plot developments can be connected to form a background.

Speaking of Xie’s family, the second male lead, Xie Yun’s family, was originally a small enterprise.

In recent years, much of its development and growth depended on the help of Shen family enterprises.

In fact, at the beginning, Xie Yun was really not worthy of Shen Banqing, who was originally a rich second generation.

Later, Xie family’s enterprise gradually grew and changed its name to Rongshang industry.

During this period, lots of internal information of the enterprise was leaked and no one knew where the source of the information was obtained.

But they gradually overcame more and more high-end rivals and climbed the ranks.

Later, the Xie family was not satisfied with the current situation and aimed at the Yang family.

This was their first shot at a large enterprise.

Yang Zhen, the patriarch of the Yang family, was careless and was sniped.

However, this move has attracted many people’s attention.

The Xie family is too high-profile.

But the Xie family, who tasted the sweetness, didn’t intend to stay satisfied, so they aimed at the Liu family.

Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed either in the novel or in reality.

In fact, combined with the previous events, Shao Fei has guessed that all this may have something to do with Yao Feifei.

In order to change from decline, Xie, who was counter attacked by Liu, kicked out the Shen family as a scapegoat.

Yang Xin coming here is probably related to Shen Banqing.

In the original novel, the male lead helped the Shen family, but now…

Shao Fei peeked at Liu Chen’s face that obviously showed no intention to help.

Liu Chen is a person who doesn’t change easily when he has an idea.

It’s useless for anyone to persuade him.

Moreover, due to the experience of previous failures, Shao Fei wisely didn’t speak this time.

Plus the Liu family really had no reason to intervene in these things.

They have a competitive relationship, if Liu Chen didn’t help, no one would blame him.

In fact, Yang Xin’s standing here has shown that Liu Chen at least doesn’t dislike Yang Xin, otherwise he won’t give him time to talk.

As soon as Shao Fei went in, he heard Liu Chen say to Yang Xin: “… Opportunities are not bought by pity and sympathy.”

Wait, why does this sound familiar

“Does it take so long to put away a bowl” When Liu Chen saw Shao Fei, he directly ignored Yang Xin and beckoned him over.

Seeing that Shao Fei was still holding his school uniform coat,as if planning to leave now, Liu Chen became slightly depressed.

Recently, he felt that he was actively seeking pain.

He clearly knew that Shao Fei would not take the initiative to ask to stay, “Are you going back”

“Well, the rain has lightened.”

“The water pipe burst and is leaking water.

You can sleep here these days.” Liu Chen seemed to speak carelessly.

Since he was leaving in a few days, Shao Fei refused without thinking: “I’m more comfortable in my own room.

Besides, if the leak spreads to the bed, at worst I’ll sleep on the floor.

I just have to be careful to sleep in a dry patch.”

Liu Chen didn’t say anything more, as if the previous suggestion was really made casually.

He directly gave Shao Fei the umbrella he was supposed to give Yang Xin: “Go to bed early.

I’ll check your homework tomorrow.”

Shao Fei walked in the rain with his school bag and school uniform.

Liu Chen watched Shao Fei’s back as it disappeared.

There was something in the bottom of his eyes, before he turned his head slowly.

“No one will go into the muddy water in regards to the Shen family.” Liu Chen said to Yang Xin, who had lost his fighting spirit.

“I know… But they were framed…” In fact, he just wanted to ask for a way, not to ask the Liu family to help.

He also knew it was impossible.

But even if there is a way, Liu Chen has no reason to tell him.

He also doesn’t dare to go back to ask his father.

He can only come here.

Unconsciously feeling that as long as Liu Chen is here, there is an unspeakable sense of reliability.

Maybe many people surround Liu Chen not just because Liu Chen’s surname is Liu.

“This is normal business competition.

They trusted people they shouldn’t trust.

This time, they spent money to buy a lesson.”

“Liu ge…” but this lesson is too severe.

“Yang Xin, my family doesn’t run a charity.

Even if there is a way, I don’t have this obligation.” Liu Chen said, walking to the elevator and signalling that he was seeing off the guest.

“You’re the only seedling of the Yang family.

Don’t let Mr.

Yang Zhen down.”

“I know.” Liu Chen’s words were a little heavy, which made him feel inexplicably uncomfortable.

“Don’t lose a lot of money for a woman.

She won’t necessarily appreciate you.” That woman is indeed not easy.

Yang Zhen protects his son too well, which is also a kind of happiness for his children.

At least the situation in the Liu family won’t occure.

Yang Xin blushed from the reprimand.

He was ashamed and felt that he had no long term vision: “En.”

Liu Chen saw off the dejected Yang Xin and came to the balcony of the study to look deeply at the place where the light was still on.

Shao Fei had just washed his school uniform, carried a washbasin and padded into the house.

He should have washed the school uniform coat just now.

It’s raining outside.

Shao Fei can only hang it to dry indoors.

He thinks it’s very shabby to wash clothes like this.

He hopes that after he returns it, Liu Chen will ask someone to wash it again.

Finishing with reading ahead to tomorrow’s textbook, Shao Fei turned off the light and went to bed.

Liu Chen slowly raised his hand and made a call.

Shao Fei suddenly woke up when he heard the ringtone and found that it was the familiar and strange blank number.

He didn’t answer again this time, but his sleepiness was completely dispersed.

He suddenly covered the quilt over his head and read the Heart Sutra in the quilt: “… Emptiness is color, color is emptiness…”

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

You have to learn to be alone.

Finally, the ringing stopped and Shao Fei breathed a sigh of relief.

But soon, there was a second call.

Shao Fei closed his eyes and continued to chant to himself.

Following the fourth call with no response.

Liu Chen finally gave up.

Imagine trying to pull people to your side, but the other side doesn’t accept it at all.

In the pattering rain, he stared in that direction.

Explosively, he kicked at the railing without holding back.

The clang sound was buried by the rain and the overcast face was no longer calm.

Damn it, don’t you know to ask me for help

The author has something to say: 

Xiao Luzi: He refused me again

Xiao Luzi: I’m boiling

1 Probably referring to how LC is the pig that steals the cabbage SF

2 Eating tofu = being taken advantage of, usually physically


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