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TN: Already on chapter 30, nearing the end of this arc and the end of my work on this teaser.

The next arc is cultivation and out of my capabilities as a translator.

Hopefully someone else will pick this up.

Thinking that it should be Liu Chen who came to send him underwear, Shao Fei wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door a small crack.

Liu Chen handed over a brand-new pair of white underwear.

He thought he would be able to see something, but the little guy hid tightly.

There was a faint steam floating around and he could only see a small section of a pale arm as it whizzed out those few seconds needed to grab the underwear.

Pull, pull and still can’t bring it inside.

Finally, a small half of his head was exposed.

He wanted to check what was going on, but just caught a glimpse of Liu Chen with his upper body bare.

Liu Chen saw him blinking his eyes, looking like a steamed stuffed bun just out of the steamer.

And his heart trembled.

A bad guy didn’t want to let go so simply, after Shao Fei pulled four or five more times.

As he was about to give up, the other person suddenly let go.

Receiving a glare Liu Chen loosened both physically and mentally.

“I haven’t worn it.

It’s new.

Although it may be a little big, make do for now.” Liu Chen acted as if nothing had happened just now, he spoke in a low voice.

“I see.” Shao Fei nodded.

This villain loves playing pranks all day.

He can’t be angry.

This is a small matter.

When he got it, the whole form instantly retracted.

The door slammed shut.


Although Shao Fei only saw a little, there were thinly muscled and smooth lines, he had a tighter body than most boys at this age.

After taking off the clothes, the sight was explosive.

Liu Chen, who usually wears clothes, actually looks a little weak.

A typical model of campus male god, young and refreshing.

Now it’s completely another feeling, leaking especially aggressive male hormones.

Just… It’s too revealing.

It’s far from the rigorous image of a top student.

But this is Liu Chen’s room.

He can dress however he wants.

It’s his freedom even if he wanted to walk around naked.

Besides, they got soaked in rain just now.

Liu Chen can’t keep wearing wet clothes.

It’s not a big deal as they’re both boys.

If he were those girls in the school, he would be excited from the sight.

Shao Fei looked at his white cut chicken body and sighed.

The difference is too vast.

His male dignity was shattered.

Shao Fei pinches left and right.

It’s soft everywhere, not to mention muscles.

Now there’s a little extra meat padding.

Has he eaten too much recently

He took the underwear and looked at the size, scrutinising it from front to back.

From his memory the Liu family acted low-key, but were particular about their lifestyle standards.

For example, the clothes in all aspects were basically tailor-made by their favoured brands, so this size is measured exactly for Liu Chen’s needs.

Most men can’t help competing.

Even the size of that place is so… Well, it’s hard to say.

Better not hurt his own self-esteem by comparing with Liu Chen.

After putting it on, he took a look in front of the mirror.

The white underwear was a little big, but it still stayed around his hips.

It was a little empty in front, but the cotton was high quality and comfortable to wear.

Shao Fei looked again at the little yellow duck he had changed out of.

Er, it really didn’t match this magnificent bathroom.

He hid it in his changed clothes and decided to throw it away when he went back.

Shao Fei quietly decided to buy a more mature style in the future.

The bathroom door opened and a gush of steam floated out with the smell of shower gel.

Shao Fei came out with water vapor, looking more moisturized as if he had been soaked in water.

He was neatly dressed, wearing a set of Liu Chen’s casual clothes taken from the wardrobe.

The top is a T-shirt and the bottom is string tied sweatpants.

The T-shirt is overly large, making the collar slide down.

Collarbones peeked out from the top and legs showed from where the pants were rolled up.

This ensemble made him look even younger than before.


“Ah, yeah.” Shao Fei, who has always been reserved, usually replies with short curt words.

Seeing Shao Fei still holding his dirty clothes, Liu Chen said, “Put those in the washing basket in the bathroom.

I’ll get someone to wash them later.”

“No need, I just…” before he finished, he watched on as the walking hormone dispenser stepped closer.

Shao Fei really thinks it has nothing to do with gender.

Few people can avoid crude thoughts when they encounter this perfect creation.

Liu Chen stared at him and Shao Fei immediately obediently threw his clothes back into the washing basket.

“I’ve readied the bath for you.” Shao Fei likes taking a shower because it’s convenient.

In the novel it said that Liu Chen liked to take a bath.

Thinking that Liu Chen let him use the bathroom first to wash up, Shao Fei prepared the water for him by the way.

“Who did you ask How do you know I like taking baths” Liu Chen was very satisfied that the little guy took the initiative to ask around about his preferences.

He should be this enthusiastic.

Shao Fei almost thought he was exposed and stammered: “I, I just guessed, and there are a lot of things for bathing in the bathroom.”

“That’s right.” Liu Chen’s gaze made people feel inexplicably flustered.

Before leaving, Liu Chen returned the mobile phone to Shao Fei.

The tip of the nose is filled with the fragrance of the young man.

It’s faint and smells good.

As if he were surrounded by him.

Shao Fei found that Liu Chen was playing the mobile version of Plants vs.

Zombies and was even playing very well.

Suddenly there was a feeling of… Special affinity, as if he was really a brother.

Blooming the feeling of cosy homliness.

Shao Fei didn’t notice that he was slowly attracted by Liu Chen and immersed in the atmosphere the other created.

Unable to resist even when he had his guard up.

“Wait here.

I’ll be ready soon.

Ginger tea is prepared in the kitchen.

We’ll go downstairs together later.”

Liu Chen closed the bathroom door, sniffed the smell inside, closed his eyes and imagined the little guy here.

Being interrupted, he felt even more ardent.

He hasn’t tasted him yet.

After getting to the washing basket, he stopped.

When he said it, he really had no other meaning.

Liu Chen only had other ideas at this time.

He bent over and lifted the shirt out.

Sure enough, he saw yellow fabric inside.

A very familiar pattern of that little yellow duck.

Liu Chen picked it up and remembered the scene he accidentally caught in the toilet that day.

His body heated up and the lower part rose it’s head quietly.

Since puberty, he had never been stimulated so easily.

The person wasn’t even here.

And previously only a white arm could be glimpsed.

He’s crazy.

He’s not a pervert.

Liu Chen sat impatiently in the bathtub Shao Fei had filled, splashing a pool of water out.However he never let go of the crumpled little yellow duck.

Shao Fei sat upright on the only chair in the room and found that there was nothing in the room except luxurious decoration.

As if the room only existed for sleeping.

For example, the trophies and certificates he had seen in the storage room were missing.

In fact, Liu Chen’s life is considered monotonous.

Shao Fei took out his homework book, squatted on the ground, put the book on the cushion of the chair and began to write today’s homework that was almost complete.

Shao Fei, who just came to the world without any memory, tried to absorb knowledge and give himself a sense of security.

So when Liu Chen came out of the bathroom, he was so absorbed he didn’t notice the sound.

Liu Chen watched the little guy squat pitifully on the ground to do his homework.

Curling up into a small ball made him look especially pitiful.

Just like last time when he didn’t ask anyone for help and cleaned by himself, he would help the domestic servants do all kinds of chores, one by one.

Shao Fei completed each task seriously, when he could have easily ignored them.

Not for anyone’s benefit.

As if he enjoys the process itself.

Shao Fei is living a very serious life.

No matter if they are small things like sesame and mung bean, everything is taken seriously.

In this society, everyone is busy like a spinning top, busy playing, busy learning, busy gossiping about others.

Facing too many temptations and choices and the greed in the people’s heart is constantly updated and multiplied.

Too many desires lead to half hearted simple gestures and losing touch of this simple happiness.

Just like when people were children, They felt happy when receiving  new year money to buy firecrackers.

No matter how much money They made after growing up,  the original happiness couldn’t be felt again.

People’s desires were different at different stages of growth.

Within Liu Chen’s world, self benefit ranks first.

He had always known that the little guy was the opposite of himself.

Because of this difference, he was constantly attracted and wanted to explore deeper.

The little guy made up for what he lacked.

Even now, he doesn’t know if he wants it at all.

Or… Wants everything.

Liu Chen just stood like this.

He liked to watch the little guy seriously completing tasks.

After standing for a long time, he found that Shao Fei had not moved before he walked over.

When a shadow fell over him, Shao Fei was startled and shrunk: “Chen ge, you’re here.”

As soon as he got up, he stumbled forward because of numbness in his legs and was caught by Liu Chen.

They were close enough that he noticed the place on Liu Chen’s body that rose up.

Shao Fei stared and was speechless.

Don’t know whether the female lead will be happy or pitiful in the future.

It seems more likely that she will be pitiful.

How sorrowful.

Liu Chen’s face showed only calm, due to his continued suppression.

Shao Fei wanted to stand properly, but he felt that the soles of his feet were like ten thousand ants continuously biting, numb.

His whole face wrinkled.

Liu Chen happily took the opportunity and hugged people in his arms.

The same aroma blended between them: “You can’t move at this time.

Wait until the numbness passes.”

“Why not write on the desk” Seducing him like a little white cabbage every day. 1

“I don’t think it looks like it’s used for writing on.” This is also true, the desk acts as decoration in the room.

Liu Chen’s homework from school is finished in school.

His work outside school is done in the study deep in the corridor and this man doesn’t like others to touch his things.

Shao Fei doesn’t want to violate his taboos.

“Things are not placed there for aesthetics.

Don’t make me say the same thing every time.


“Yes.” We’ll see.

He always knows the boundaries of the game and never crosses the line.

Shao Fei felt better.

So they naturally let go of each other.

“Do you want to solve it down there…” Shao Fei asked implicitly.


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