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After entering the house, Liu Chen took the towel handed over by Uncle Yu, to directly cover Shao Fei’s wet head and rubbed the rain from his hair: “Go to my room and take a bath.”

“I’ll use a guest room.” There are so many free rooms in this house.

Shao Fei still subconsciously didn’t want to touch anything belonging to Liu Chen.

“Be obedient.” Just two words, although cold, but irresistible, “Use the clothes in my wardrobe.

I’ll bring you new underwear.

And give me your mobile phone.”

Watching Shao Fei disappear through the elevator doors, Liu Chen took back his gaze and ordered uncle Yu: “Make some ginger tea and add more sugar.”

“Young master, you also need to bathe.

Shall I have someone prepare the guest room”

“No, I’m only a little wet,” Liu Chen said as if he remembered something before he went up.

“Oh, by the way, remember to break the bathroom pipe in Shao Fei’s room.”

The butler was confused: “How badly”

“The worse the better.”

Uncle Yu doesn’t understand whether his young master likes Shao Fei or hates Shao Fei.

Maybe there is more hate.

The young master is gentle on the surface, but there are too many people who have been cleaned up by him secretly.

He has been a man who eats people and doesn’t spit bones since childhood.

A wechat was sent by Yang Xin: Liu Chen, can you help the Shen family I know you will have a way.

Liu Chen glanced at it and pretended he didn’t see it.

Why should he help He has no spare time to send warmth to others, especially helping someone who will only hinder him in the future.

She can clean up her own mistakes.

He is not a garbage collector.

When he got to his room, he saw Shao Fei’s schoolbag on the ground.

Liu Chen looked at the closed bathroom door.

The little guy should be taking a bath.

In his bathroom…

His heart rippled slightly.

He took off his wet shirt directly and sat naked on the edge of the bed with the hamster’s cell phone in his hand.

Liu Chen easily got through the password.

Sometimes it’s not bad for the little guy to be afraid of him.

His finger rubbed a mini USB flash disk, which stored a new virus.

After installation, he can link and view the content stored in the mobile phone at any time as long as he wants to.

Of course, this is only for Shao Fei’s safety, not to track and spy.

For example, in case of any special situation, Shao Fei’s phone camera can be accessed for monitoring through this virus, or call up GPS positioning, etc.

Even if it is usually used, it is only to detect the usability of the virus and to develop better software.

Liu Chen found a bunch of high sounding reasons for himself without effort.

After entering the bathroom, Shao Fei squatted down silently and covered his face.

He actually dreamed that Liu Chen kissed him.

Although it was barely a touch and was still on the corner of his lips, the feeling was too real.

The touch of each other’s lips, the frequency of breathing, and the suffocating atmosphere…

He didn’t even dare to look at Liu Chen just now, especially at his lips.

So embarrassing.

It was as realistic as the python dream at noon, so when he first saw Liu Chen, he thought he was still dreaming.

Did he become overly sensitive from playing fake brothers

“Don’t be stupid.

It’s a game, a game with real consequences.

If you fall too deep, what’s waiting at the end is fleeting pity like many men and women around him.

That would be too sad.”

But it’s too true.

Liu Chen may be able to act soberly, but Shao Fei knows himself clearly.

He’s afraid that if he takes it seriously, he will be doomed in the future.

Even if the two grow close, he still maintains a certain understanding.

That is, he deeply remembers the essence of the young master and his tendency to play mind games.

He doesn’t remember how many times he has been played.

If this goes on, will he be like the original owner, desperate to stay with this person, just to taste this warmth again, an irrecoverable addiction

Maybe it has nothing to do with emotions.

This person has an irresistible charm.

Even though he is still sober, it seems that Liu Chen has  brought him into an invisible vortex.

In this world he has only his self consciousness, so he can’t afford to lose it.

At this time, the driver Lao Zhang has returned to the building which is designated for the servants.

He takes the salary of the old master and the treatment is so good because he also acts as an informant.

Of course, the master is just to ensure the safety of the young master.

In addition, if there are any special circumstances, he needs to inform the master.

People who work for the Liu family know that old master Liu is busy everyday and young master Liu strongly suggests his own plans.

There are often contradictions between the two.

In fact, old master Liu wants to show love and concern but has no starting point, Liu Chen has already passed the age of needing such concern.

After hesitating again and again, there was a family that still needed his wage.

So at last he dialed the phone.

There were several rings at the other end before they picked up.

It seemed that there were many women’s coquettish voices and Liu Zhengming’s laughter: “Hahaha, Lao Zhang, what’s the matter”

Listening to the voice, I can also feel that the man at the other end was a little drunk and from the tone.

Lao Zhang hesitated even more.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Who can it be now

Because the knock was urgent, Lao Zhang still stood up and opened the door.

Outside the door stood a man who spoke casually with a smile.

They both work for the Liu family.

Even if they don’t know each other well, they have met each other.

He remembers that this man is one of Liu Chen’s bodyguards, nicknamed Adam.

Lao Zhang’s heart tightened.

He remembered Liu Chen’s gaze in the car before, as if he was stared at by some beast.

Adam didn’t speak, only standing there quietly.

But at this time, both of them knew what the situation was.

Lao Zhang gently closed the door, leaving a slight gap so his voice could be heard from outside.

Liu Zhengming asked him at the other end if there was something wrong with Liu Chen: “Nothing.

I just want to report to you that everything is fine with the young master.

He goes to school on time every day…”

Lao Zhang hung up and opened the door again in a calm manner.

However his hands were shaking.

He didn’t know what to do in the future.

It was not easy for him to find a good job at his age.

He said to Adam, “I didn’t say anything and I won’t say anything in the future.

I’ll resign.

I hope Liu Shao can be generous and not care about what happened before.”

“Who’s making you resign The young master said that everyone can make mistakes, and he won’t sanction them all.”

“You mean…” Lao Zhang suddenly felt that he was going to collapse from a lifetime’s worth of relief.

He was so scared he was sweating.

“The meaning is literal, make sure there are no mistakes in the future.

Although the bonus for these three months is gone.”

“Of course, of course, no problem!” Although the bonus was deducted, he was happy just to keep the job.

Before, he was ready to report the young master’s good deed by telling Liu Zhengming.

Then he planned to leave the Liu family.

Two Liu family masters, if he chooses one, he can only be sorry to the other.

Now, Liu Chen has given him a new choice.

Lao Zhang nodded with gratitude and tears.

He didn’t have such a deep feeling before.

Now he deeply realized Liu Chen’s calculations.

Carelessly controlling people at will, his methods are too frightening.

Adam took out a stack of envelopes: “Although your bonus is deducted, the young master is a nostalgic person.

You have been picking him up and seeing him off all these years.

This is his personal thanks.

This amount can make up for several years worth of bonus.”

“No, no, no, I really can’t take it.” His bonus is not low, and he can’t imagine a few years worth.

This golden egg is too heavy for him.

He’s afraid he can’t afford it.

Inadvertently he thought the young master meant, whatever the old mast can give, so can he.

“I heard your daughter wants to go abroad.

You’ll need it.”

Giving a few sticks, then soothing with a carrot is what Liu Chen often does.

Even if they know it’s his warning, most people will accept it.

Each person has their own fetters and weaknesses.

Lao Zhang really needs money.

He plans to send his daughter abroad.

First, he will show her the world and then she can have a good job when she comes back.

Second, he will break her mind.

Since she met Liu Chen as a child, his daughter has fallen in love with the young master.

If he hadn’t stopped her, she would have come to work for the Liu family.

He has been a young master driver for so many years.

It is clear that the young master is definitely not so gentle and harmless.

How can he watch on as his daughter offends the young master and destroy their whole family.

But one time, his daughter blocked the young master as he was heading out.

He didn’t know what the young master said.

After returning home, his daughter no longer mentioned it, but he knew she didn’t give up.

If he accepts the money, he knows what it means.

He will work for the young master in the future.

Secondly, it is also a sealing fee and compensation.

With the addition that he had better keep his daughter out of sight.

One action having multiple open and dark intentions is indeed Liu Chen’s style.

After Lao Zhang understood, he slowly took the money.

Compared with the master, maybe all normal people will choose the young master.

It’s human instinct to pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages.

“Help me tell the young master that Lao Zhang understands.

He can rest assured.”

He thought of the sleeping temporary young master.

Someone who didn’t know the young master’s mind at all.

He didn’t know whether it was a blessing or a curse to be coveted by the young master.

Adam only stayed for a while and left soon and directly called Liu Chen.

Liu Chen had installed the virus on his mobile phone at this time and picked up: “En, as long as he understood.”

Just said one sentence before he hung up.

Whether it is sudden or accidental, Liu Chen will look for opportunities that are favorable to him, slowly turning the people around him for his own use, and remove these informants one by one.

Dong Dong Dong.

Shao Feigang finished washing and reorganized his mood to prevent Liu Chen from seeing his entanglement just now.

Coming out of the hot steam, he heard a knock at the door.

The author has something to say: Today’s Xiao Luzi is also coquettish.

1In case it’s not obvious, he thought being close to LC had corrupted little cutie SF.

The original saying was being dyed black next to black ink.

TN: Super long chapters will be split in two, but in  terms of release schedule will still be counted as one chapter.

It just hurts my head when it seems endless when translating.


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