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TN: Guys this is 4.3K so I’m splitting it in 2, but don’t worry today’s extra chapters will still be released by today if a little later than usual.

Liu Chen held the person with one hand and relished the soft feeling of holding the little guy in his arms.

Looking at the small animal struggling in his arms finally stopped in exhaustion and panted, as if they were playing a game.

Glutinous rice is always very sticky.

Liu Chen thought of the words Luo Yufei sent in wechat before.

Shao Fei’s frequent panting constantly stirred the senses of his ears, and they warmed up because of the seemingly non-existent distance.

Just like a small current flowing into his body.

He was captivated by how little thing could only desperately fall into his arms.

Liu Chen looked thin but he was powerful.

Pushing him is like pushing an iron block.

Shao Fei felt that his male dignity had been injured by being constrained by this seemingly loose hug.

Under the force of the rebound, as Liu Chen expected, he completely fell into his arms again.

Shao Fei and Liu Chen are the same age.

He can’t believe that their strength can be so different, he feels great desperation towards this weak chicken like body.

Since transmigrating, he exercises every day, but the schoolwork is heavy, and his strength can’t improve overnight.

His thin lips rubbed Shao Fei’s soft ears.

Shao Fei trembled and blushed red like an apple.

He was so ashamed.

In addition to being ridiculed, there was an ambiguous atmosphere in the air, which also made him want to run far away.

“Since you chose this yourself.

If… Don’t blame me.” Liu Chen hung his head with a sigh.

This was the first time he realized the chemical reaction when in contact with this guy.

After realizing that he was out of control, Liu Chen would certainly send away the unstable factors as soon as possible.

He knew that such feelings should not exist.

The pull between reason and emotion had not yet decided a winner.

He just followed the most honest feelings in his heart and could not let him leave.

“What did I choose” Shao Fei’s sealed throat seems to be freed at last.

How can he feel that he and the male lead are having two separate conversations.

Liu Chen didn’t answer, as if he had teased enough.

When he released him, Shao Fei was still in a state of confusion.

He stared at Liu Chen as if hoping for an explanation.

Since they first met, he found that while Shao Fei was not smart, he also wasn’t stupid..

He wouldn’t believe everything and be fooled casually.

And he didn’t want to scare him away.

Since he had stepped into his circle, there’s no way he can easily leave.

He smoothly lied: “A few days ago, I bet with Yufei on the rise and fall of a stock today.

At the closing of the afternoon, he sent the results.

The condition for losing is to hold the last person I saw before going home for five minutes.

After I got in the car, I was thinking whether to hold Lao Zhang or you.

I chose you in the end.”

“You… Are too much!” Shao Fei knows that these two people do play stocks and they often bet when they are bored, but this style of playing is too much.

Eighty percent of Liu Chen’s words are true, and only the result is false.

That’s how most people can’t break through the lies.

“If you are really angry, should I let you take revenge” Liu Chen slightly opened his arms.

Shao Fei knows that some bad people in class one like to joke about vulgar topics and Liu Chen has a good relationship with these people.

So sometimes there is no upper limit for joking.

Even this behavior may be just because of Liu Chen’s bad sense of humour.

But Shao Fei somehow felt hot, so he turned his head: “No thanks.”

Liu Chen smiled and called Uncle Zhang back.

As soon as they got out of the car, Shao Fei still felt cheated in his heart, feeling it in every cell of his whole body.

As long as he closed his eyes, he would think of every look and action of Liu Chen just now, about to suffocate.

He suddenly stopped his steps, straightened his head, turned back and shouted seriously, “Chen gege.”

“Hmm” Liu Chen looked back and found that the little thing seemed to have blown up fur.

Shao Fei doesn’t care what Liu Chen thinks, a barrage of words was released: “Each human body has different specifications.

I know you have a good physique, outstanding in sports and a good figure.

However not everyone in the world has unique advantages like you and there are people like me who are at a disadvantage.

Don’t you think it’s outrageous to bully the weak as the strong and I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to use such actions for betting.”

Although Shao Fei tried to look serious and talk in his fiercest tone, it only made Liu Chen try to hold back his laugh.

He really wanted to catch him and hug him again.

With a little thought, he knew Shao Fei must have misunderstood the “push me away” just now and thought he was bullying.

However, Liu Chen did not intend to explain at all, and the first half of his speech was pleasant to hear.

If you think I’m so good, why can’t I attract you

“I’ll pay attention next time, or are you misunderstanding something” The last syllable is a little blurred and charming in the dark night.

“No, I just don’t like this kind of joke.” He stepped back quickly regardless of what he said, with every intention to run away.

Shao Fei returned to the empty building where he lived.

When he went up the stairs and lost sight of Liu Chen, he breathed out.

He was still a little angry.

Impulsively he opened wechat and sent: I refuse to participate in your stock betting.

Don’t contact me in the future.

Luo Yufei, who was having dinner with his girlfriend, heard the prompt sound and saw that the remark was the message sent by ‘glutinous rice cake’.

He wanted to show off to Liu Chen that his glutinous rice cake contacted him.

Though he was confused at the content.

When did he provoke Shao Fei again

As soon as his mind turned, he immediately sent Liu Chen a message: Are you bullying him again

Liu Chen was enjoying the night wind and replied: Don’t worry, it’s none of your business.

Luo Yufei: Fine, but can you stop pulling hatred for me every time

Liu Chen: Very good.

He clearly realizes your essence.

Luo Yufei: Our friendship has come to an end.

Liu Chen was too lazy to reply.

After a few minutes, Luo Yufei’s message came again: You have always had your own ideas.

We all have followed you from young till now.

We listen to you not because you are the heir of the Liu family.

Of course, this is one of the reasons, but also because we believe in you.

Liu Chen: Just say what you want to say.

Luo Yufei: Don’t you think you pay too much attention to him

Although Luo Yufei loves watching plays, the two have a deep friendship.

The small abnormality can be traced back to the sudden irritability some time ago.

He thinks it’s too abnormal and gives him a reminder.

Liu Chen paused and slowly typed a few words: I know.

When he put the mobile phone back and passed through the Wutong tree in the courtyard, he was reminded of a slight depression by Luo Yufei.

The tree trunk shook slightly and the leaves fell down.

He used to think he could control everything.

Liu Chen looked at the unlit room on the side upstairs and murmured, “As long as you don’t tempt me anymore, continue just like this…” maybe I can hold back.

At a critical point, Liu Chen seemed to be able to pierce this thin film from a little stimulation.

Shao Fei reminded himself as he walked up the stairs: This is BG romance, BG romance.

Even if the relationship with the female lead takes a detour, she will still return to the right track.

His previous thoughts were only affected by the atmosphere.

He knew since day one the bad character of the male lead.

When the male lead wants to fool someone, all external conditions such as voice, appearance and temperament become his attractive weapon.

The male lead is a person who is good at making full use of his own advantages.

He is just confused for a while.

Passerby A has nothing but a clear mind.

However, Shao Fei couldn’t sleep after tossing over and over that night.

The male lead was too aggressive.

At this time, a voice appeared in his mind: “Hello, the system serves you wholeheartedly.

The response time has been delayed due to the impact of other data streams.

We have made some adjustments to this, and we are deeply sorry for the trouble caused to you.”

Finally after a delay, the system appeared.

Shao Fei lost his temper, the most critical moment has passed.

After calming down.

He remembered he only has ten minutes to ask questions every time he contacts the system.

Shao Fei did not delay: “System, the plot is not quite right and the mal and female lead have no romantic feelings up to now.”

The system replied calmly: “Calm down first.

I said before you entered the world that this is a real parallel space.

In the process of improving and repairing, there will be deviations between the character’s behavior and the plot.

You just need to lead it to the finale.”

Shao Fei certainly knows this: “However the plt has deviated by a lot.

I don’t think I can wait for the break.

The plot has completely changed.”

The system is also confused.

It rewound the scenes seen from Shao Fei’s perspective and watched on in shock, eh!

This is also the first time it has seen the plot completely deviate.

Why do the male and female leads seem to hate each other

The system thought for a long time, even if all the possibilities are calculated, there is no practical and effective resolution.

However, it does not feel this deviation was bad, but thinks it is a good surprise: “If the will of the world does not expel your soul, it means that all this is recognized, and you can continue to complete it until the end.”

Shao Fei didn’t understand: “But the direction is wrong.

What if the male and female lead don’t get together”

The system comforted: “I’m already surprised that you are still tolerated in this world.”

Shao Fei was more confused: “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Because Shao Fei’s completion degree is the highest, the system who expected the collapse of the world was now overjoyed.

This world had mutated in the long process of mission failures.

The male lead’s consciousness awakened and affected the spatial balance.

Resulting in the original plotlines collapsing without possibility of recovery.

This is the first world where the male lead awakened.

Only by clearing this world can the channel of the following worlds be opened.

If this space collapses, the others will be destroyed in a chain reaction.

Worst case scenario, it will affect other spaces and form a space storm.

The 99 maintainers before Shao Fei were all expelled.

When the system thinks of the the male lead of the world it will gnash it’s teeth: “Do you know how abnormal Liu Chen is As long as someone has a purpose when approaching him, he can detect it.

Especially for non-natives like you, they will be expelled without exception.

He is like a monster.

So far, no one can stay with him, including the female lead.

You are the only one.

Since he didn’t catch you, maybe he found…”

The system noticed his gaffe, but fortunately Shao Fei had been distracted by what he said and didn’t notice the last sentence at all.

So it changed the subject and said: “Before you, some movie emperors and empresses dressed as various roles, including Luo Yufei, Yang Xin, Dong Ling, etc.

you know the outcome, they all have been seen through.

Because there is no finale, this space continues to delete files and repeat and now it is very unstable.

In the process of deleting files and repeating, his soul power becomes stronger and stronger.

Now after a few rounds he can expel the souls of outsiders, don’t you think he is abnormal Calling him sick is being kind to him! ” How much extra work has this caused us systems!

Shao Fei has been listening to the system describe how abnormal Liu Chen is.

Although he agrees, he still remembers the advantages and the help received from the male lead, so he doesn’t completely agree.

His task still needs to continue.

After thinking about it, he interrupted the system’s non-stop complaining and said, “That’s why you asked me at the beginning not to break the bad guy’s setup and not be found to be an outsider.”

“Yes, it’s also the reason why I can only appear three times.

In the previous world, because I often chatted with the maintainer, it affected them in integrating into the world.

You see, even chatting is prohibited now.” As a chatty system, it is also very lonely.

The maintainer this time looks easy to talk to, like a soft persimmon.

He is the gentlest and the best tempered of all the maintainers it met, “In fact, when I look at the memories in your brain now, I think you may have survived by luck, or he just didn’t find you.

We once selected more than a dozen people as passers-by covers like you, but it’s fine if they don’t get close to the male lead.

Otherwise it’s another file deletion and restart.

It’s unexpected that you can get to this point.”

“It’s almost ten minutes, and our communication is coming to an end.

Do you have any questions” The system reluctantly said, alas, it’s rare to meet a host with such a good temper and character.

Making it have the desire to chat more.

Shao Fei hurriedly asked, “Do you mean that even if male and female leads don’t end up together,it’s fine as long as the ending is approved by the world’s consciousness”


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