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There may be a third extra PMP chapter today, but if there isn’t it will be released on sunday.

Dong Ling paid close attention to Liu Chen from a distance.

She found that Liu Chen was different today, both in appearance and attitude, yet he also seemed to have not changed at all.

She thought of Liu Chen sharing his text book with the new deskmate.

Sometimes women’s sixth sense is very precise.

In the end she didn’t think too much and said to other girls: “He has always had a better relationship with boys and this isn’t a new occurrence.”

Other people were in agreement.

If boys and girls get close, there will always be gossip, so they also swept away this topic.

Moving on to gossip on today’s school forum: “Speaking of, the girl from class three didn’t come to school this afternoon.”

“I heard something happened at home.”

“She’s from a small family.

Her family can’t even enter the ranking.

What can happen” Another girl sneered.

“I don’t know what happened, but before she left, she clung onto our dicao.

Tut Tut, there’s no lower limit.”

Dong Ling’s face changed: “When did this happen !”

A girl took out her mobile phone, scrolled to the forum and handed it to her.

Sure enough, the hottest news today is to guess the identity of Liu Chen’s new girlfriend, attached with the photo of Shen Banqing jumping into Liu Chen’s arms.

They were looking at each other affectionately.

“Why don’t I think it’s an accident”

“Accident You’re too naive.

These women who rely on their beauty try their best to create chances.

It’s almost impossible for those of us who don’t take the initiative.”

Dong Ling immediately put aside her doubts.

Compared with boys who are just relatives and friends, girls are the focus as rivals: “When she returns to school, notify me.”

If Liu Chen picked them she wouldn’t say anything.

No matter how uncomfortable it is, she will hold it in.

She has her own principles.

However, towards those who use underhanded tricks.

Don’t blame her for being ruthless.

Shao Fei didn’t eat much during lunch.

He was focused on passing the monthly exam in a few days, so he was a little hungry now.

Rummaging inside the schoolbag, what came out was only an empty packet with some remnant crumbs.

What about the contents

“This tastes bad.

Bring something else next time.” Someone said with a tone of distaste.

Shao Fei’s good impression, which was still rising just now, was once again poured with a basin of cold water by reality and extinguished.

You can’t go through my school bag without my consent.

After eating, you have the nerve to dislike that it’s not to your taste.

Who asked you to eat it

Shao Fei wanted to rebuke but stopped.

He didn’t say anything in the face of the male lead’s command.

I’m so angry.

By the end of the evening self-study, it was 8:30 p.m.

Under the guidance of Liu Chen, Shao Fei, who found the fun of learning, was still a little unsatisfied but was ushered into the car by Liu Chen.

After getting in the car, Shao Fei chatted with Uncle Zhang, the driver in front, and found later that Liu Chen had been silent all this time.

He actually fell asleep like this.

Shao Fei observed him carefully.

He noticed faint shadows under Liu Chen’s eyes.

He thought of how Liu Chen in the novel went to school during the day, then after school he was busy all night.

By the time he was a teenager Liu Zhengming had pushed him into the business circle, where he was forced to grow up.

This only amounted to a few lines of description in the novel.

Only when he really enters this world, does he understand that the male lead is also a living person and can also feel tired.

There is a reason why his rebellious period is so different from ordinary teenagers.

If he does not grow and is not strong enough, Liu Zhengming has plenty of other candidates to choose from.

Liu Chen leaned back on his seat to have a rest.

The warm yellow glow of street lights occasionally poured on his handsome face.

The thin shadow from the eyelashes falls like a feather fan.

Even with his eyes closed this beauty can pierce through the hearts of people.

Just as he was about to look away, those beautiful eyes suddenly opened.

There was no sleepiness within those depths.

It seemed that he was just closing his eyes and nourishing himself.

Meeting Shao Fei’s gaze, his smile became deeper: “Are you peeking at me”

“Sorry.” As he was at fault, Shao Fei apologized.

“I want to brush this off, but I’ve always been a person who doesn’t like to suffer losses.

All those who owe me have to repay double.

Why don’t you let me see it” Liu Chen seemed to think about it for a while, then put forward this constructive feedback deliberately to tease someone.

“But I’m not good-looking, so you watching back will have no meaning, you will suffer a loss.”

Shao Fei instinctively responded, there was a hint of righteousness in his tone.

Liu Chen was stunned for a moment.

Silently covering his face, turned around gracefully, leaned against the other side of the window, and laughter bubbled from his chest: “Should I say you have self-aware or…” silly.

Liu Chen has been laughing more recently, but he is used to not indulging himself too much.

In fact, it’s not funny.

Shao Fei is not a humorous person, but because he speaks so seriously, it makes people amused by the contrast.

Such a dialogue without any connotation made Liu Chen a little fascinated.

The laughter was very attractive, but Shao Fei felt that the other party was laughing at himself.

He didn’t think there was anything funny about what he just said.

Sometimes the male lead was really strange.

“But thank you for your praise.

It’s the most original compliment I’ve ever heard.

I like it very much.” Liu Chen said softly.

Shao Fei’s mind stalled, and then thought about the conversation just now.

He realized that he said he wasn’t good-looking and there was no advantage in staring.

Didn’t he indirectly say that he had watched Liu Chen for so long because Liu Chen was so good-looking He was really praising him.

Having figured this out, Shao Fei’s face turned red this time, a very deep shade of red.

How did he feel that the dialogue with Liu Chen was strange

Liu Chen appreciated the little fool in front of him for a while in the dimness.

All of a sudden the car braked.

Although the performance of the car was very good, Shao Fei almost flew forward from the seat.

A seemingly thin but firm muscled arm easily caught his waist.

After catching the person, Liu Chen unconsciously pinched the little hamster’s soft waist with his fingers, feeling the softness of this creature completely different from himself in his arms.

For a moment, his heart seemed to melt.

Before Shao Fei noticed anything strange, Liu Chen restrained his instinct and resumed his calm facade.

Once he had that kind of thought, it was impossible to take it back completely and immediately.

So it’s reasonable to occasionally go out of control, within a reasonable range.

Liu Chen’s pleasant voice sounded overhead: “Are you okay”

In the dark, such a voice makes people feel safe, slightly hoarser than usual, but with a trace of calmness.

“I’m all right.

What happened in front” Shao Fei accepted Liu Chen’s help back to his seat and looked forward.

“Go down and have a look.” Liu Chen’s handsome eyebrows creased as he ordered Lao Zhang in the driver’s seat.

Seeing that the two young masters were unharmed, Lao Zhang hurried down.

In front of the windshield, a girl who was hit because she rushed into the road quickly steadied herself on the hood with one hand and blocked the too strong light with the other hand.

She stood up slowly.

Her face was messy and her clothes looked disheveled.

From a glance Shao Fei was stunned.

It’s the plot.

This is a very important plot point!

Liu Chen has helped Shen Banqing several times.

However, due to various misunderstandings, although they encountered each other many times they were mutually disgusted with each other.

Each encounter ends in a quarrel, but in fact, neither side really hates each other.

At this time, there is no deep emotion, but an ambiguous feeling of mutual pity.

In Shao Fei’s opinion, it is because these two people have strong personalities.

The turning point is here.

In order to turn the loss of the company into profit, the female lead’s secret love, Xie Yun, deceived her father into signing a fake contract.

Leading the female lead’s father to bear a huge debt.

Shen Banqing confronted Xie Yun, who made excuses and promised to use all means to help her father.

Hoping that she will understand his plight.

Xie Yun still didn’t show his true face at this time, but Shen Banqing was previously blinded by her feelings.

As long as she didn’t have this emotional filter, she was a very intelligent person.

Her family’s small business is facing bankruptcy.

She was unaware of the truth until she answered her mother’s crying call.

She only knew that during this period, the family atmosphere was gloomy.

Her parents had hidden it from her.

Arriving home, she found her father comtemplating jumping off a building and committing suicide.

He was rescued by her mother’s quick arrival.

How can she still be blinded by her feelings when such a thing happened to her family.

She woke up from years of secret love and realized the nature of Xie Yun, this vicious dog.

Her heart was intertwined with years of love and contrasting hate that he almost pushed her family to collapse.

In anger she tied him up and beat him when Xie Yun was unprepared.

After he fainted, she untied the rope, took away all the evidence of her presence, called an ambulance and left.

She wandered out in a daze and bumped into Liu Chen’s car.

Even if Liu Chen unexpectedly stayed for self-study today, the plot was powerful.

She still bumped into the male lead here.

Shen Banqing is in a trance now with her thoughts in a jumble, but the strong light and a slight pain make her stand still.

Lao Zhang didn’t know what to do.

He didn’t know whether it was a touching porcelain incident or whether she was genuinely careless.

This is not a crossroads and there had been no other people on foot during his drive through here. 

The girl had rushed out without warning.

If he didn’t have decades of driving experience and a cool head in the face of danger, there would be an accident.

With sincerity he advised: “Miss, what you did was very dangerous.

Your family will suffer endless heartache should something happen!”

At the mention of her family, Shen Banqing’s tears slipped down.

In fact, Shao Fei is very fond of Shen Banqing.

The female lead has a direct attitude.

She shows her gratitude and resentment straightforwardly, just that she is not very good at discerning people.

Finally arriving at a main plot point.

He turned to the man beside him, wanting to see how he will be the hero that saves the beauty.

However Liu Chen sneered: “It’s her again.

Does she love to touch porcelain that much”

Liu Chen does not believe that there were so many coincidences in the world.

Eight out of ten of all coincidences were man-made.

Two completely different individuals have different experiences, which will lead to different thought processes and results.

If the novel world becomes a real world, it will automatically fill in the plot holes.

Even if they encounter the same plot, they will not necessarily fall in love.

Each character is independent, can think for themselves and clearly know what they want.

Shao Fei was surprised.

Liu Chen’s eyes and tone were too genuine.

A person like Liu Chen, who was almost never angry, sneered with a trace of anger.

There seems to be some mistake!

No, it’s a major mistake!


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