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Many people came over and their shadows cast over the writing Shao Fei.

Some asked Liu Chen to help extend the homework deadline, some sent gifts, some said they were going to the canteen and asked if Liu Chen needed anything. 

Soon, this area became the scene Shao Fei saw last time.

Students in twos and threes surrounded them.

Because this was an escalator school, many students in this class have been friends with Liu Chen for many years and speak casually.

Liu Chen noticed it had become too packed for Shao Fei to do his homework.

So he announced he had to go to the office soon, and the crowd slowly dispersed.

Shao Fei unnoticeably breathed a sigh of relief.

Liu Chen couldn’t help laughing because of his appearance.

There was suddenly an urge to poke the little animal’s puffed cheeks.

However, such an action was too intimate.

He didn’t want to scare him away.

Now Shao Fei is still very alert to him.

As he expected, it’s indeed fun to keep the accident in life in front of him.

At this time, Dong Ling came to tidy up the rest of her stuff.

Shao Fei hurriedly stepped aside.

The girl bent to take out the things inside.

A pair of straight and white legs were particularly eye-catching.

She bent very close to Liu Chen, but he paid no attention to her and stood up to look at the class notes written by Shao Fei.

Shao Fei noticed a small detail.

Dong Ling, like many girls, shortened her knee high school uniform skirt.

If Liu Chen didn’t stand up just now, from that point of view, he should see… Something exciting.

Dong Ling is a girl who knows how to create opportunities for herself.

However, Liu Chen put an end to this possibility in advance.

From the perspective of a pure straight male, Shao Fei felt that Liu Chen’s willpower was comparable to that of an old monk.

Boys of their age are very impulsive, often thinking with their bodies.

There is a sentence in the novel that is particularly suggestive: Liu Chen’s lips are thin, but his lip colour is red, which is symbolic of a man with strong sexual desire.

Shao Fei couldn’t help looking at Liu Chen’s lips, which were really thin, but very beautiful.

Dong Ling once said in the novel that those lips gave people the impulse to kiss.

Therefore, it was not easy for the male lead to keep his body as pure as jade for the female lead all this time. 

After Shao Fei recovered his senses, he found that he was once again distracted.

The man beside him stared at him with an ambiguous smile: What are you looking at

Shao Fei: I, I, I seem to have been confused by goblins just now.

Shao Xiao Fei, whose reflection arc is slow, has spent time and gradually went through layer after layer.

Beneath the superficial layer of the male lead’s nasty personality, at the heart of his essence is overwhelming charisma. 

Dong Ling was so depressed that she clenched her teeth.

Of course, she understood Liu Chen’s move to get up.

It was impossible that Liu Chen didn’t have this level of emotional intelligence.

He was just drawing a line with her.

This was a polite refusal.

She saw a new textbook on the table next to her.

One corner of the book was spread out, with a stylistic signature at the top.

The handwriting was recognizable.

Liu Chen actually lent out his textbook

There seemed to be a bucket of vinegar poured over her heart.

She didn’t have this treatment when she was a girlfriend.

Is the gap between his girlfriend and his brother as wide as the Pacific ocean !

Dong Ling finished sorting things and invited Liu Chen out, stating that it was to discuss class activities at the weekend.

However her ulterior motive was clear to all.

People around her understood and several boys familiar with Liu Chen watched them both leave with an expression of watching a good play.

As soon as Liu Chen left, Luo Yufei immediately relapsed and interrupted Shao Fei’s studying: “Come, let’s add wechat.”

After the two added friends, Luo Yufei browsed and looked at the feed that was completely empty: “You blacklisted me”

Shao Fei hurriedly denied and showed his dynamics to the other party.

Luo Yufei said inconceivably, “You’ve never even complained” You don’t even pour chicken soup for the soul or complain about bad things.

Are you from earth

People like him who have to send more than a dozen posts a day can’t understand the baby silkworm chrysalis in front of him.

Just now, he was still in the friends group chat.

He shouted that Liu Chen recognized a brother.

Now the news has been brushed by more than 100, and he got scolded for running after teasing them.

He just didn’t want to say it and hung them out to dry.

Liu Chen usually has few posts, but many people pay attention to him.

After a while, there are all kinds of guesses in the active group.

“I don’t know what to send.” Shao Fei doesn’t think it’s a problem.

It’s a personal choice and he’s not good at it.

Luo Yufei looked at Shaofei with kind eyes, like caring for children who lack love.

The child leads a pitiful life.

Shao Fei was flustered by this look and Luo Yufei wanted to say something encouraging.

When he was suddenly covered by a pair of big palms and turned back like a spinning top.

He said angrily, “Sh*t, Liu Chen, can you treat me better What do you think my head is A spinning top”

Liu Chen laughed and said, “Did you forget what I just said”

“I’m just exchanging wechat with Shao Fei.” He’s not your love, how could you even manage his socialising You think you’re the sea, all encompassing.

Liu Chen’s face turned even colder: “Will you help him pass the monthly exam in a few days”

Luo Yufei stared, but his mind kept turning.

He finally confirmed that the anomaly was not an illusion.

He and Liu Chen have been friends since childhood.

He knows Liu Chen very well.

Apart from a bad temper and a stomach of evil thoughts, he usually has his eyes above his head.

Not deigning to meddle in others affairs.

That’s because he is usually indifferen, he hasn’t seen Liu Chen pay so much attention to someone before.

It’s fine when he doesn’t pay attention to it.

Once he does… 

Shao Fei’s attention immediately moved to the word monthly exam.

Is he going to show his true ability level soon

Dijiang high school’s monthly exam determines rank.

Although there is the possibility to change classes by improving one’s ranking, the reality often does not change from putting in effort.

At most he expects to be able to move from the bottom of class three to the top of class three.

Liu Chen handed the stack of chemistry homework in his hand to the class representative next to him.

This should be the result from going to the office with Dong Ling just now.

The class representative thanked him and gave him a lollipop in return.

At a glance,one could tell they had a good relationship.

Liu Chen is often willing to give a helping hand, so it’s not hard to believe  his high popularity.

The lollipop was naturally stuffed into Shao Fei’s hand: “If you’re stuck on a problem, have some candy.”

Candy matches Shao Fei more.

Second period chemistry began.

The original owner’s foundation is very solid.

While Shao Fei is not as good, he was very confident after tutoring these days.

There were no chemistry questions in the school entrance examination.

Unexpectedly the teaching material the tutor used for ordinary schools was useless.

Dijiang high school was on a different curriculum, he couldn’t recognize anything on the current syllabus. 

Shao Fei wants to cry without tears.

This school is too unfriendly to transfer students.

Liu Chen looked at Shao Fei’s sad face and dull expression.

Put down the extracurricular book in his hand and used the free hands to cover his smile.

He looked like a crying bag that could drop tears with a poke, a little funny.

Finally, Shao Fei was left soulless.

After class, his back softened, his head drooped on the textbook, and was weak all over.

Liu Chen amusedly pinched Shao Fei’s cheek pressed against the chemistry textbook.

It was even more delicate and tender than it looked, he pinched and pulled until Shao Fei’s cheek changed shape and his slow reaction has yet to catch up. 

At this point Liu Chen realised he may be enjoying himself too much.

Restraining the smile on his face, he swiftly retracted his hands but a tingly sensation remained in his hands and heart.

Turning around, he became serious, and wrote a few questions on the blank notebook.

Shao Fei discovered that it was the contents of the teacher’s lecture.

Liu Chen explained as he wrote, “The exam won’t be so difficult.

After the teacher finishes the basic textbook, all the explanations are additional knowledge.

If you are interested, you can listen to it.

If you are not interested, you can do your own thing.


Shao Fei recalled the scene in class, and it seemed to be true, so his spirits immediately lifted.

“You don’t need to fully understand it, but once you have the basics down, these additional knowledge are worth learning.” Liu Chen’s serious expression was awe-inspiring, and Shao Fei listened carefully.

Neither of them paid attention to their close posture.

At such a close distance, an invisible chemical reaction is quietly taking place, “Don’t memorize chemistry, including the periodic table.

The most important thing is that you master its laws.”

While talking, Liu Chen opened the textbook again and began to analyze for Shao Fei, highlighting key points and equations.

According to the results of the little idiot, memorising this much will be enough for the next monthly exam.

After speaking, he continued on to the English notes made by Shao Fei and added more notes and explanations for him.

Opening the vocabulary list at the end of the English textbook and marking several: “Revise this part again today.

After learning the words, teacher Kong will regularly dictate in class.

Start from here, you can’t cram everything at once”

Seeing the fluffy head was very close to him, until he could almost feel the hair brushing over his cheeks, Liu Chen moved away from Shao Fei quietly.

Shao Fei was stunned.

He thought that Liu Chen hadn’t paid attention to the class just now.

Unexpectedly Lu Chen could directly teach him today’s lessons, he was a living schoolmaster.

In his eyes, Liu Chen’s body is now covered with holy light.

Liu Chen thought it was a bit funny.

Up till now he had never seen Shao Fei look at him with such bright eyes.

There is a little bit of light like stars on a compass.

It is pure worship, the corner of Liu Chen’s mouth evoked a shallow arc.

Originally an off handed gesture.

This was not the first time he helped his classmates.

Because of his excellent grades and Liu Chen himself always maintaining a  superficial facade at school, he often tutored other students, except for those with ulterior motives.

But looking at Shao Fei’s eyes reflecting his own appearance, as well as the slight intimacy that Shao Fei revealed, Liu Chen experienced something novel.


Although Shao Fei didn’t say it, the worshipful gaze made Liu Chen content.

Keeping this little tail around became a different meaning.


After the third period, seeing that Shao Fei was still buried in the sea of studying, Liu Chen said with a smile: “Are you going to hold your school uniform to the end of the world”

Dong Ling arranged the drawers after class twice.

Shao Fei felt awkward using the drawers, so he directly put the school uniform on his lap.With Liu Chen’s reminder, he hurried to get changed: “But it’s going to class soon.

It’s too late.”

“There are seven minutes left.

You have time, go.” Liu Chen looked at the table below and said.

His nasty personality hasn’t changed.

He liked to see the hamster turning around in a flurry.

Shao Fei immediately stood up with his uniform in his arms.

But was pulled down by Liu Chen, who then opened his palm: “Mobile phone.”

Shao Fei is a little accustomed to the male lead now.

Even if he is a follower, he should be one that is dignified and has a moral backbone, an all round follower.

So he handed in his mobile phone obediently.

Anyway, there is no secret in his mobile phone.

“What’s the password”

“0000。” This is convenient.

Liu Chen’s finger paused when he heard the numbers.

The resulting smile was a little dazzling.

Making Shao Fei become stupefied, and his face was hot and dry again.

The previous worship was immediately dispelled.

In the face of the male lead’s smile, he was especially impatient to immediately rush away.

Without Liu Chen, Shao Fei was much more comfortable walking in the corridor.

Basically, no one would pay attention to him.

Behind Class one was class two and class three.

There were six classes in this corridor.

The other six classes were upstairs.

When Shao Fei passed class three, he looked inside the classroom and it was almost empty.

So Shen Banqing’s figure sitting alone doing homework was particularly eye-catching.

Shao Fei felt a sense of comradery with her, and boosted his morale to make efforts to keep up.

Perhaps Shao Fei’s eyes were too focused.

Shen Banqing looked up and found that he was the familiar kind-hearted boy.

She remembered that they had met before and smiled at him.

Looking at Shao Fei’s fleeing figure, her smile brightened more.

He’s still so cute.

But soon she felt the slightly hostile eyes and whispers around her, and sobered up.

The author has something to say:

After getting access, supervisor 1Liu Chen, felt that the password 0000 was particularly suitable for Shao Xiao Fei.

1So it said 打通任督二脈.

Which is something like unblocking the qi of the ren and du channels in martial arts to improve level…


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