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CH 18.


The service here is efficient.

After a while, a beautiful boy came over wearing ordinary clothes.

Meeting Liu Chen’s requirements and even exceeding his expectations.

The newcomer’s eyes are big, round and watery.

A look can make people feel he is unwilling yet unable to refuse.

His body is slim, with soft looking skin, and his footsteps are as light as a cats.

Facing the group of second-generation rich, he said timidly, “Excuse me, who is young master Liu”

Liu Chen waved without showing joy and displeasure.

The young man went to sit beside Liu Chen.

Unlike the previous beauty, who couldn’t wait to stick closer, he looked upright and didn’t move beyond his own seat.

“How old are you” Liu Chen was still leisurely.

As if he was tired of looking at women and wanted to change the scenery.

“Twenty three.” The young man whispered.

“You don’t look your age.”

The young man was embarrassed: “I have a baby face.”

“How did you come to work here”

“I…” The young man was going to use his usual excuse to win sympathy, but looking at the statuesque young man in front of him, who seemed to have sharp judgement.

Some people are easy to deceive, and some people could not afford to deceive.

He felt that the person in front of him was the latter and decided to tell the truth, “I’m… Gay1, and the salary here is high.”

Liu Chen let out a puff of laughter.

The tail of his eyes were overflowing with charm.

A glimpse can make people blush, heartbeat fast or skip a beat.

This is a man who can charm people regardless of gender: “Very honest.”

There are many people who try to pretend to be pure.

He has met many such people, for example his illegitimate brothers and sisters.

Each one is better than the last in acting.

No matter how well they pretend, those eyes will reveal the truth.

Young master Liu can easily tell who is true and who is false.

Pretending in the end is pretending.

It won’t become truth.

But he didn’t come here to discern true or false.

The person in front of him is more beautiful than Shao Fei.

He doesn’t know how many grades.

Even if he is impulsive, his impulsiveness should be towards those who conform to his aesthetics.

His aesthetics have always been normal.

Liu Chen picked up the cigarette pack that Yang Xin had put on the table and took one out.

No one knew that the reason delinquents in Dijiang high school were rarely caught smoking was due to Liu Chen providing information.

How to make yourself invincible is to make fewer enemies and more friends.

This simple truth has been implemented since he was a child.

So no matter how indifferent he is, there are still many people around Liu Chen, either far or near.

Some are  not for his money and power.

He himself has an innate attraction.

Over the years, this charm will be honed and condensed by time.

Yang Xin doesn’t know this background information.

Luo Yufei and Lu Yi are clear, but it’s also their first time to see Liu Chen smoking so recklessly.

The aura of a good student is deeply rooted in the hearts of everyone.

This change left these two childhood friends surprised.

The young man quickly opened the lighter and lit the cigarette for him.

The cigarette lit with a snap.

A small curl of smoke rolled in a circle through the air.

Liu Chen glanced at him: “So skilled”

The young man smiled.

If he didn’t have this level of skill, he would have been fired long ago.

Liu Chen rarely uses alcohol and tobacco to numb himself, except when he is upset, and he is rarely upset.

Liu Chen took out a bank card and put it on the table.

“The password is six zeros.

The number inside is enough for you to spend for some time.”

There is no free lunch in the world, especially for the guests here.

The requests are also diverse.

Not dazzled by good luck, the youth looked at the silver card: “What do you want me to do”

“Turn around and take off your shirt.”

Now, Luo Yufei directly exploded and was sent flying!

Luo Yufei’s heart has been beating wildly for a while.

He simply didn’t know the Liu Chen in front of him.

He quickly pinched Lu Yi’s hand: “What’s happening Why didn’t I know that he has a tendency to be gay Who led him astray”

Lu Yi silently pulls out his hand that is about to be crushed.

Look who we’re talking about.

Does Liu Chen still need to be led astray, this guy is so black he can no longer clean himself okay He thinks his friend is worried about the wrong aspect.

It’s good if Liu Chen doesn’t bring harm to others: “Isn’t it fine, who doesn’t occasionally try new things.

Our circle is full of people who love fresh scenery.”

Luo Yufei thought this was reasonable.

Liu Chen is usually very self disciplined, so it’s particularly surprising when he goes crazy.

Looking at Yang Xin who stood stunned next to him, suddenly he felt not so embarrassed.

The young man hesitated for a moment.

The concern was not over the act of taking off his clothes, he said: “Young master, you know this doesn’t conform to the rules of the Lotus Leaf Cup.

You can’t do such a thing in private rooms.

If the news gets out, I can’t continue to work here in the future.”

Luo Yufei said impatiently, “Worrying so much, do we spend time on such petty matters”

The young man went over to close a few beautiful windows.

With his back to Liu Chen, he started taking off his white t-shirt.

Compared with Shao Fei’s casualness, the youths’ actions are fresh and refined, bringing an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Even a few people who are not interested in men think he has a good figure, white skin, smooth and charming.

Liu Chen took a look, then removed his sight: “Put it back on.”

His eyes were no different from brushing past those men and women in swimsuits at the beach.

Like they were pieces of white meat.

Let alone impulsiveness, he felt it was a waste of life to spend more time looking.

Similarly, it can be proved that he is not interested in good-looking men, and his sexual orientation is normal.

Before, towards Shao Fei it was just adolescent hormones acting up.

Naturally males his age often experience sudden urges.

He made a mountain out of a molehill.

Liu Chen pressed out the cigarette butt and said to several people, “Today is on me.

You all have a good time, there are still some things at home.

I’ll leave first.”

“Brother Liu, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Yang Xin was the fastest to reply, and even his form of address changed.

Liu Chen’s series of performances made him call him with respect.

Liu Chen smiled and encouraged, “Come on, don’t stay in class three for too long.”

“I think the test is too difficult.” Yang Xin is a little embarrassed.

One reason is he wants to continue to slack off, another reason is there is someone he is interested in.

Making him reluctant to leave is Shen Banqing, who has a unique personality.

As soon as he came back to his senses, he saw the disdainful eyes of Luo Yufei and Lu Yi.

Only in times like this that showed how well they got along.

Yang Xin felt that he was accepted: “Don’t you think brother Liu, who is usually casual, contains something especially fierce and energetic.”

The other two eyes become more disdainful.

You should eat hot pot.2 You have so many feelings about the same sex.

Are you sure you’re not sick

Liu Chen left the building by the lake and listened to the melodious sound of guzhen in the air.

His eyes were calm and his irritable breath dispersed.

He has never been a man who makes mistakes.

Since he accidentally took a fork in the road, he pulled back.

Shao Fei didn’t have nightmares these days, and the inexplicable sight no longer appeared.

But today, the inexplicable feeling before taking a bath still left a trace in his heart.

He didn’t sleep well.

As if a beast locked onto him.

The feeling of having nowhere to hide was suffocating.

It was from this sense of suffocation that he suddenly woke up and scanned the darkness of the room.

Moonlight poured in from the window, and the glittering light flowed in the quiet air.

Since he felt that the great god in the building had blessed him, the lights no longer stayed on through the night.

He was forcing himself to get used to this strange place.

Shao Fei sat up from the bed and wiped the fine sweat on his forehead.

It must be the fear from before the bath affecting his sleep.

He was just about to stand up and pour himself a glass of water.

Suddenly he felt something in the darkness.

Someone’s shadow

He took a sudden step backward, his lips trembling, the whole body stiffening, and turned on the bedside lamp.

The room was washed with warm orange light, letting him see the person sitting on the chair beside the bed.

Inhaling a breath, he almost screamed.

Almost scared him to death.

He didn’t even see who it was.

“Sorry to scare you.” Liu Chen calmly apologized.

Shao Fei didn’t have the leisure to care that this was Liu Chen’s rare lifetime event apology.

He was still confused by this sudden event.

These days, his fear of living in this building reached the peak at that moment.

His heart thumped wildly and his face turned white.

Taking a few deep breaths, he tried not to sound accusing “Why is brother Chen here”

Is the male lead sick The novel didn’t mention he sleep walked!

Do normal people appear in other people’s rooms without saying a word in the middle of the night

“Something occured and I came to see you.

Then I happened to see you kick away your quilt and helped put it back over you.”

What kind of reason is this! Don’t tell me that he suddenly wants to be a good brother.

Shao Fei thinks  back at the tightly tucked quilt.

He calmed himself down.

Clashing with the male lead will only get him killed.

This is a man who always gets vengeance.

He still wants to live until the end of the plot.

Trying to recall the plot, the romance is generally written from the perspective of the female lead, and the male lead has fewer descriptions.

It seems that the male lead has encountered a lot during this period.

For example, Liu Zhengming is not a qualified father and secretly dotes on those illegitimate children.

Those people did not go easy on Liu Chen.

He remembers that an illegitimate son once said: Let Yao Feifei mother and son come over to disgust Liu Chen.

The fact that Liu Chen is not making his life unbearable.

Shows his great self restraint, which was definitely not comparable to those upstarts.

It seems that the female being one of the few unwilling to obey him, is a constant frustration for the male lead.

Observing the male lead now, he seems to be having a hard time.

Seeing Liu Chen so upset.

Shao Fei thinks he guessed the reason.

In fact, they don’t get along very well.

Since he and Liu Chen are people from two worlds.

He doesn’t have any good advice, and he doesn’t know how to comfort the man with general EQ but superior IQ in the novel.

He poured Liu Chen a cup of warm water: “Although it’s not much, do you want to drink”

Sorry, he’s poor and has nothing to entertain guests.

Liu Chen looked at the cup.

Shao Fei lived alone in this room.

Of course, there was only one cup, Shao Fei’s.

He didn’t take it, and his eyes didn’t fluctuate.

Shao Fei also remembered that although Liu Chen had no obsession with cleanliness, it was difficult for him to touch what others had touched.

His gesture was to be polite.

He didn’t think the male lead would actually drink.

At the next moment, Liu Chen took the initiative to take the water cup under Shao Fei’s surprised eyes and drank a sip.

It was a little sweet.

If this person is not special to him, then he should not deliberately avoid it.

Avoiding it represents a guilty heart, just act normal.

However, Liu Chen has a common  misunderstanding of those in power.

Sometimes the more he wants to prove something, the more unusual things are.

Usually, he will only thank politely, but won’t touch it.

Liu Chen didn’t stay long before he left.

Shao Fei felt confused about tonight.

He returned to bed again and whispered, “The male lead is really an incomprehensible existence.”

However, this is something for the female lead to worry about.

Only the female lead can handle someone with such  eccentric mood swings.

The female has it hard.

It’s better to be a passer-by.

Liu Chen went downstairs.

Now he has two choices.

First, send the youth away, out of sight and out of mind, but this small defect will remain and will not be eradicated.

The second is to continue to keep him around and get along as they should.

Anyway, the Liu family doesn’t lack money for this extra food.

Face up to this mistake, completely deal with and correct it and completely eliminate hidden dangers.

He will not allow such unforgivable flaws in his life, and he believes he has this under control.

Liu Chen closed his eyes and the tangles and contradictions gradually disappeared.

He made a phone call  with a cold voice: “Please, teacher, rearrange… Yes, change to the first class.”

Liu Chen has no previous experience of love to rely on.

He is too confident in himself due to lack of failure.

Suppressing the signs is not enough.

When it breaks out again, it can no longer be controlled, and the accumulated emotions will make a comeback with interest.

After Liu Chen left, Shao Fei slept well.

The next day, he got up and found that there was a missed call from last night.

When he called back, the school told him to start school today.

It seems that his grades have come out, that is to say, he can see the female lead soon.

The author has something to say:

Tong Ke: It’s nothing.

I just silently watched how Xiao Luzi dug himself a pit.

1Gay was in english, I’m assuming because of censorship

2So hotpot here can have a few meanings.

One, the well known mandarin duck hotpot.

In which the mandarin duck signifies harmonious love.

Two, in the past you had to go to kang to eat hotpot and kang also sounds like the beds used in the north, so a sex ephemism Three, there’s a gap between the two soups, meaning there’s a gap between people.

So *shrug* not too sure what the author meant.

TN: Wow this chapter felt super long.

Not gonna lie, I jumped a bit at LC creepily watching at SF bedside while he slept…


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