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CH 17.


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There are no curtains in this building.

As it’s not designed  for people to live inside.

Like most boys, Shao Fei didn’t think there was any problem with his upper body being bare, it’s not like he’s completely naked.

After removing his shirt and preparing a change of clothes, he entered the bathroom.

The oppressive feeling, like maggots drilling into his bone, struck him again, making the entire body feel cold.

Shao Fei glanced outside.

In the dead of night, the Liu family mansion was like a giant beast in the dark.

The main building was not far from his room, but the male lead came home late recently.

The fourth and fifth floors were dark, with many lights were on in the opposite servant building.

The round fountain in the center was switched to the silent mode.

With the surrounding lights positioned in a circle scattering faint white light, and the cicada’s cries could be heard intermittently.

Everything looks no different.

Is he too sensitive

Shao Fei shook his head and took his mobile phone into the bathroom.

He turned on the music to the maximum volume and calmly warned himself: “I must be too paranoid these few days.

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

It’s nothing, nothing…”

He did not pay attention to the slightly fluttering curtains behind the window on a room high within the main building, where a man stood not long ago.

Liu Chen drove to the Lotus Leaf Cup in Xinhui, where carved fences and painted buildings imitate the style of the Tang Dynasty.

It is a place of entertainment away from the hustle and bustle of the urban area.

As soon as he got to the door, Luo Yufei greeted him and said with a smile, “It’s really not easy to call you out.

Why did you change your mind and suddenly want to come out today”

He had long found that Liu Chen’s recent mood was not quite right.

Even speculated whether those illegitimate children of the Liu family came to find a sense of existence.

Liu Chen has returned to his usual appearance with a tinge of a smile in his tone.

He had learned to disguise himself since childhood, becoming a habit.

“What’s there to play”

“Anything you want can be arranged.”

“This place doesn’t look like it provides entertainment.” Looks more like a recreational health centre.

“This is not a business that can be viewed from the outside.” Luo Yufei winked mischievously.

Throwing the car key to the doorman, they entered together.

After crossing the entrance ridge, there is a wisteria themed corridor.

The candle lights along the road are covered in paper lanterns , with light and shadow overlapping.

The building they went to has a view of the lake. 

Further from the surrounding lake water was a music stage with live guzheng music, fresh and elegant.

After entering the door, Liu Chen was immediately surrounded by people.

Familiar and unfamiliar people came up to greet him, most of whom were older than him.

They were brought into this circle by the previous generation since childhood.

There are often such gatherings in private.

Even if Liu Chen participated less, he would not refuse them completely.

Social interaction is also an integral part of their lifestyle and could be regarded as over-time work.

One of the most excited people is Yang Xin, who transferred to class 3 of Dijiang senior high school a few days ago.

His previous depression had completely changed, he came to propose a toast to Liu Chen. 

Because the Xie family’s Rongshang industry has recently made bad headlines, the resentment of being sniped some time ago has finally been vented.

Those without insider knowledge will think he came over to propose a toast to Liu Chen in order to flatter him.

A select few who were in the know are aware that he is expressing gratitude.

Both sides know that interaction between the two families is more suitable between the younger generation.

It is also Yang’s intention to express goodwill to the Liu’s.

This may negotiate a short period of cooperation.

Yang Xin was the son of Yao Feifei’s ex boyfriend whom Shao Fei met downstairs that day, and fate magically linked them together.

Yang Xin remembered that when his father mentioned Liu Chen, he sent him a thumbs up and praised him “Do you know why the Liu family’s child is not within your circle Don’t be unconvinced, he has known how to harness his strength since a few years ago, and now he can clean up after himself. 

The Xie family thought they covered their weaknesses well.

Their appetites grew until the Yang family was no longer enough and they set their sights on the Liu family.

As a result, before they could start Liu Chen beat them back to the starting point, even damaging their foundation.

Within a short period of time there is no way to recover their initial strength.

I will not sit idly by during this time, I will be retaking control of the Yang family. 

“You mean to say that Liu Chen can flawlessly finish a matter on this scale alone”

“How old is he In a few years, he will…” Yang Zhen didn’t finish saying the words.

“If you can be one tenth like Liu Chen in the future, I can rest assured of leaving the family business to you.

Having a son like Liu Chen is like living with a wolf and riding on a tiger.

Liu Chen looked at the foolish Yang Xin in front of him and took a cup of tea from the wine table behind him: “I have to have class tomorrow.

I’ll toast with tea.”

He was stunned, it was not that there were no students, but here, in addition to their grade three group, some were in college, and some were already working.

Yang Xin is a playful person, he likes to smoke and drink.

Unexpectedly, Liu Chen is a legendary good student, who doesn’t drink at all.

This kind of learning tyrant who is the typical example of other people’s children.

The hypocritical type that pretends to be better than everyone else, is the type he hates the most. 

But when he thinks of the madness and frenzy hidden beneath the person in front of him.

This guy just enjoys another kind of stimulation.

This abnormal smell especially fits his appetite.

He boldly said: “I would not tolerate others t giving me Yang Xing any face, but I’ll allow crown prince Liu to toast me tea.

I will accompany you with a cup of tea.”

Then he directly gulped a cup of tea, and Liu Chen also finished his tea giving him great face.

Several people sat aside and chatted.

Luo Yufei didn’t like Yang Xin, who liked to boast everywhere.

Now he thinks this guy is actually quite pleasing to the eye.

He is straightforward and makes clear his love and hate.

They also have common topics being in the same year, while other groups of older people have already started chatting with each other.

After a while, the beauties who came to accompany them entered from the stairs.

Among which were many talented students with high education levels.

All of them were beautiful and high quality.

They were generally only responsible for pouring tea, delivering drinks, playing zither and talking.

Of course, the extra services depended on the guests.

Liu Chen instantly understood the meaning of Luo Yufei’s first sentence.

When a beautiful woman wearing a cheongsam sat next to him, Luo Yufei acted like he was swatting away flies: “Get up, get up, don’t you see that our young master Liu isn’t interested”

Liu Chen patted the seat beside him: “Sit here.”

WTF1, what’s going on today

Luo Yufei and fatty Lu Yi looked at each other.

Seeing this the art school beauty smiled and approached Lu Chen to peel and peel grapes for him.

The smooth jade fingers peeled the grape skin, looking very beautiful.

She handed the grapes to the young master.

Liu Chen looked at it, his expression was hidden by the shadow of his fringe.

He said, “Eat it yourself.”

Everyone who can gather in this private room are all from rich aristocratic families.

Catching the attention of any one of them is equivalent to 20 years worth of ordinary peoples struggle in the workplace.

Working in this place is to find a long-term meal ticket.

Even luckier if the catch is young and handsome.

The beauty didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

She ate the grape, wiped her fingers with a paper towel, and poured him a cup of tea with professional level technique.

After performing a set of pleasing movements, she asked Liu Chen about school and what books he usually reads in a sweet voice.

Liu Chen casually said a book name.

Although the beautiful woman hadn’t read it, she still said a few words.

Showing a hard working attitude.

A relaxing chat about everyday life.

While Liu Chen leisurely chatted.

The several people on the side moved from shock to watching the show and gossiping why Liu Chen suddenly changed.

As they got closer and closer, the beauty put her hand on Liu Chen’s leg.

Liu Chen looked at this pair of hands with red nail polish.

It was like appreciating a piece of art without any extra feelings, just like with his ex girlfriend Dong Ling.

There was a sense of confusion and struggle in his gaze.

Before it was pressed down again.

He said coldly, “Are there any boys here”

If you listen carefully, you can feel a trace of self denial.

The beauty who thought she found her chance heard such a sentence before she could start celebrating.

She barely maintained her professional expression: “Yes, would you like to call them”

Soon the manager came in.

Most of the people had gone to other private rooms to play other forms of entertainment.

Those remaining were content in the quiet environment.

The manager came to Liu Chen and asked him about his preferred types.

They had customized services for VIP guests.

“Student type, clean and clever.”

The Liu family’s education made Lu Chen a person who knew how to avoid mistakes from an early age.

Now, it’s not too late.

This almost ethereal feeling is far from being deeply rooted.

He believed that it was only the impulse of adolescence that inadvertently took the wrong road.

Soon he can prove it.

This is all an illusion.

Just an illusion.

The author has something to say:

Tong Ke (author): Soon you will understand, nothing can change the fact that once a door to a new world is opened, it cannot be closed.

Soon after

Facing other men and women, Xiao Luzi: There are no ripples in my heart.

Xiao Luzi in front of Shao Fei: Confused – struggling – ignoring…

——Blood boiling.

1 WTF/Fck = wòcáo = lying trough = internet slang

TN: LC I relish in your struggle~


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