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Second extra chapter for PMP thanks to @MochiiSpiider for the ko-fi ️.

There will one more chapter for PMP later and one extra chapter of CFJTM!

The dialogue just now had the effect of a warning shot, the idea was now printed in Shao Fei’s mind like a brand that can’t be easily removed. 

Seeing Shao Fei’s expression of wanting to drill into a hole in the ground, Liu Chen felt amused.

He reached out and pinched some baby fat on his face, which was still as smooth and delicate as the previous time.

In a natural move, he released his hand.

There seemed to be a phantom feeling remaining on the fingers, out of sight he rubbed his fingers.

Looking at Shao Fei, who was silent, like a brother who cared for his brother, he said: “Did you bite your mouth just now”

Shao Fei wiped the corners of his mouth.

A little blood stain had been wiped away.

He shook his head immediately when he heard the speech: “it’s all right.

Just accidentally bit it when I fell.”

He felt Liu Chen was about to say more after and preemptively interrupted, saying he was all right.

Otherwise, he was afraid the male lead would ask to personally check him.

“How did brother Chen know I was there” Shao Fei raised the question that had been weighing on his mind for a long time.

Liu Chen had long expected this situation and explained, “On this topic, I also want to ask why you want to roam outside.

Coincidentally I saw that the destination of the taxi was not Liu’s house.

Looking at the location nearby, I remembered that it was near your father’s house.

You mentioned that some documents were left there.

I started to worry, so I came to check on you.”

This paragraph sounded very reasonable.

Liu Chen is a really intelligent person able to infer many possibilities based on one piece of information.

The only unreasonable thing is, why does Liu Chen care about him How can he not feel strange when he just appeared at the right time, as if he had planned it

It’s not necessary to care about a dispensable “brother”.

An elephant has no need to hide from the presence of mosquitoes.

Liu Chen will not do meaningless things.

The seeds of doubt took root in Shao Fei’s heart.

The most inexplicable part was explained.

Liu Chen only needed to glance at the mobile phone to deduce, most people wouldn’t think of so far.

Looking at Shao Fei, who unconsciously moved almost a seat away from himself, “So how are you going to thank me”

“I…” I don’t seem to have anything to thank you.

“Owe me first and pay it back when I think of something.”

” Yes, yes good.” An eye for an eye, since the other party is kind to himself, of course he must repay him.

The two fell silent again.

Shao Fei leaned in the opposite direction on the pretext of dizziness, and constantly recalled the fragments of when Liu Chen appeared.

The strange feeling made a comeback again, was it as Liu Chen said

There is a feeling that something isn’t right.

Liu Chen used to learn a lot of skills from his coach when hunting.

To hunt these harmless small animals, first lower their guard, slowly wait for the opportune moment, and then strike a fatal blow at the critical moment.

The same is true for domesticated animals.

Only the most patient hunters can capture the rarest prey.

When he realised that the small animal rejected him, he quietly changed his strategy, played the emotional card, and slowly removed the thick wall surrounding Shao Fei.

If Liu Zhengming asks him how he will react if there was an accident in his life path, he would reply that he would regain control again.

If Shao Fei were the original owner, I’m afraid he would have been trapped in the dream of harmonious brotherhood.

Forgetting the bad feelings of when they first met.

But the current Shao Fei knows Liu Chen’s true temperament.

The more gentle Liu Chen is, the more Shao Fei will suspect the other’s real purpose.

Unexpectedly, when Shao Fei returned to Liu’s house a private doctor was waiting there with his assistant.

The doctor’s surname was Zhou.

People who respected him called him old Zhou.

He was around 60 years old and presented himself cleanly.

His hair was mixed with a few strands of silver, with mild looking eyebrows and eyes.

He retired long ago and returned because he had some friendship with the Liu family.

Not long ago, he was drinking tea at home and telling a story to his little granddaughter.

Housekeeper Yu called him in for an emergency.

He thought there was something urgent.

Only upon arrival did he find it was not a Liu family member who had an accident, but a teenager temporarily living with the Liu family.

This was the first time he experienced the Liu family calling the family doctor for outsiders.

“This is the injury.” Old Zhou couldn’t help survey the quiet boy.

At a glance, he saw that the boy and Liu Chen were the same type.

They were like the two extremes of a magnet.

It was a strange combination.

Liu Chen pointed to the small bump behind Shao Fei’s head: “He knocked the back of his head.

Please take a look.”

Shao Fei refused again and again in embarrassment.

Such a joke, it was just a small fall.

There’s no need to make such a fuss: “No, no, no, no, It’s just a minor injury.”

Liu Chen sat aside, drinking the black tea brought over by uncle Yu, lazily lifted his eyelids: “Do you know the composition of the human brain”

“No, I don’t.” Even modern brain experts dare not say they understand 100%.

“Know how the brain works as the center of all nervous systems Know all the possible after effects of head injuries”

“I don’t know.” Shao Fei shook his head.

Every sentence of Liu Chen was full of momentum.

He had been silenced away by these words and couldn’t say a retort.

“Then why are you speaking nonsense” Liu Chen concluded.

After confirming that it was just a bruise, Dr.

Zhou applied medicine to Shao Fei and carefully bandaged the wound, telling him not to wash his hair for three days.

Reminding Shao Fei that since he had a brief dizziness before, he can’t treat it too casually.

If symptoms reappear, he needs to go to the hospital for a systematic examination.


Zhou originally thought that the heir of the Liu family matured too young, and had deep thoughts.

He didn’t expect that he would have such mundane feelings like brotherhood.

Much better than the romantic prodigal son Liu Zhengming.

Liu Chen looked at the time.

It was too late to return to school now.

He asked Shao Fei to go back to his house and have a rest.

Shao Fei was granted amnesty, but he didn’t dare to show the slightest relief.

When Liu Chen looked over, he nodded slightly to show his acknowledgment and thanked him in a low voice, before he reluctantly left.

Liu Chen’s eyes followed him all the way, feeling really sticky.

He shouted, “Go get a haircut.

Doesn’t it hinder your eyes Also change your glasses to contact lenses.”

“Ah” Does the male lead have obsessive-compulsive disorder Is he annoyed by these small details However, even aware of how unreasonable he was being, there was no way to refute.

“Not willing”

“Willing, definitely willing”

Wu Lianggang returned to the villa to retrieve documents, but Yao Feifei caught him there.

This is not the first time.

She has been chasing and sticking to him these days.

When Liu Zhengming wasn’t paying attention, she became a charming seductress.

Unfortunately, the targeted man was not moved at all.

This is also the first time Yao Feifei has taken the initiative to seduce a man who is not rich and powerful.

Yao Feifei took advantage when he was unguarded walking downstairs.

Stuck herself over and took off the man’s glasses from the bridge of his nose, went on her tiptoes and leaned a breadth away.

Wu Lianggang looked at a hidden corner of the room and said, “That hidden camera is broken, so sorry to disappoint Miss Yao.”

Meaning if she wants to use this method of blackmail, she has met the wrong opponent.

Yao Feifei’s body stiffened.

After the plan was exposed, her beautiful face also became frigid.

Broken You broke it.

Worthy of being Liu Zhengming’s right-hand man.

He can sit in this position at a young age.

How can he be lacking in skills

These days, she couldn’t get in touch with the person of the Xie family.

She was also vaguely aware of Liu Zhengming’s increasing indifference to her.

She felt like she was on a ship that was about to be submerged and began to panic.

The repeated defeats suffered against Wu Lianggang also aroused her competitive heart.

This is the vengeance for looking down on a woman’s charm and IQ.

Just when Wu Lianggang was about to pull her off, she leaned closer and the woman’s index finger pressed on his lips: “Don’t move, if you push me away now, I’ll loudly scream.

The servants are just outside, if I shout and they come over now.

Will I be accused of impropriety, or will they think the Secretary General seduced the president’s lover”

“So what do you want to do” Wu Lianggang was not threatened at all.

He only seemed to want to see what her purpose was, taking out his mobile phone as if she had won a victory she pressed the shutdown button.

“I want to do this.” Yao Feifei laughed charmingly, slowly raised her head and kissed the light coloured lips.

They were illuminated by a flash of light, her other hand holding the mobile phone just took a selfie and recorded the scene for blackmail.

He did not move, did not reciprocate or push away, making her victorious smile fade.

She wants to use this as a threat.

If Liu Zhengming starts to investigate her, the person in charge of the investigation must be Wu Lianggang.

So she must act first and make him at least suspend the investigation until she can successfully escape.

He pushed her away and straightened the slightly messy shirt: “Are you satisfied”

Yao Feifei was a little uneasy, but she still forced a smile: “Of course.”

Seeing that he was leaving, she exclaimed, “You don’t seem afraid at all”

At this time, he should try to steal her cell phone to destroy the evidence, but he seems to have no fear.

He picked up the documents scattered on the ground and said, “Of course I’m afraid, but you must not be.”


“I have something else to do.

Help yourself, Miss Yao.” He seemed to think of something and turned his head.

“You’ve found the wrong direction.

Weaknesses are always the unknown.”

Who would have thought that the person who wanted to investigate her was the young master.

Yao Feifei stared at Wu Lianggang’s back, with a gaze mixed with anxiety of the unknown, fear of invisible threats, and a desire to conquer this man.

Liu Chen got Shao Fei’s report card that night.

The results of the three courses were much lower than he expected.

According to Shao Fei’s previous level, he should be able to enter class 2.

With the current results, he couldn’t even get into class 3.

He directly asked the teacher in charge of passing on the results to send him Shao Fei’s examination paper content.

He simply scanned a few pages before smirking.

Even if he didn’t specifically memorise it, Liu Chen still had an impression of the information he glanced at.

Shao Fei’s math and English are his strengths, but what he was good at has become weak, reducing his scores almost to nothing.

If he didn’t perform properly, this was… Intentional.

“Promised to be admitted to class one”

It looks so harmless and obedient.

Almost cheated him.

Obedience is true, and it’s also true that he wants to escape.

The quiet grass in my heart was blown up by the wind again, but this time it could not be contained, like the claws of a kitten scratching him.

The original shallow interest gradually fermented.

Liu Chen came to the balcony of the study and looked at the lights diagonally opposite.

The person in that room was already asleep.

The faint light of the mobile phone screen sprinkled on the young handsome face.

There was no distinction between the light and shadow: “Should I let you do as you wish, or not”

The author has something to say:

Xiao Feizi: This is a misunderstanding! I really am at that level!

Xiao Luzi: Continue to pretend.

If you can act well,  you will be rewarded.

(Xiao Feizi hugs himself, who is constantly overestimated.)


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