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Sorry for the mix up, this is definitely Chapter 13!

Shao Fei was still recalling the scene he saw on his way back.

He thought that since the female lead came to find Liu Chen, that the plot had officially started.

These two people are a visual enjoyment from a distance.

The real person really has more impact than the description in the book.

Remembering that the hostess had a hard time in the early stage at this high school.

Later, she slowly stood firm by herself.

It was also in this process that Liu Chen began to take action.

He estimated his score in the previous exam.

Although he tried his best, he could only barely enter class 3 according to his level.

At that time, he might be able to be a classmate with the female lead.

He felt a little happier thinking of this.

Shao Fei completely didn’t take the promise with Liu Chen to enter the first class to heart.

He was not the original owner.

In addition, he knew that Liu Chen hated sticky candy like people around him.

While he didn’t say anything on the surface, there were many means to deal with himself in private.

Liu Chen was best at attacking people mentally.

He remembered that the original owner didn’t even want his dignity later, as long as he could stay with Liu Chen.

Shao Fei shuddered at the thought of ending up like the original owner, no different from a dead dog.

He felt that people can live humbly, but they can’t lose all their self-esteem.

Looking at the little drops of water from the milk tea cup on his hand, like these water droplets, he has no sense of existence.

Shao Fei secretly warned himself that he must not lose himself because the male lead showed him a little favour, and he must not repeat the mistakes of the original owner.

Shao Fei didn’t go back to Liu’s house immediately.

From when he transmigrated till now, he hasn’t gone to the fried chicken shop where he works for many days.

He still needs to give his resignation to the boss.

The fried chicken shop is near the original owner’s father’s house.

It’s too inconvenient to work there now.

He plans to find work nearer to his high school after he catches up with the school progress.

After returning to the classroom, Liu Chen, who had vented his bad mood, was bored and opened the taxi software.

However he found that the location pointer on the map did not show the Liu family’s house, but a street in the old town.

He’s really naughty.

Clearly in front of him, he acts very obedient and harmless.

However, Liu Chen was not so oppressive as to directly question him.

Any prey trapped too tightly, will suffocate.

Then he put his cell phone aside and began to look at the information Wu Lianggang sent him last night.

The store manager was very reasonable.

When he hired Shao Fei, who was not yet an adult, he knew that these part-time students didn’t work long and smoothly settled last month’s salary.

However Shao Fei had a new concern.

Yao Feifei came to pick him up suddenly.

He didn’t go home.

Therefore all his documents, including bank cards, were in his father’s house.

The original owner felt great fear at the idea of going back, which also affected Shao Fei’s mentality.

Showing  how much the original owner was afraid of his father.

Shao Fei felt that he needed to go back sooner or later.

Whether it was between a rock or a hard place, the issue was unavoidable.

Arriving at the downstairs of the community located in Anshi street.

Anshi street is located in the old urban area.

It is a place filled with people of various backgrounds.

The houses there are mostly old buildings built in the last century, and the people living there are generally poor.

He went up the narrow corridor to his apartment, ready to retrieve the documents and leave immediately.

The mosquito repellent grass bought by Shao Fei was hung on the door.

It was withered and decaying.

Two old couplets were pasted on the left and right sides, with the corners curling up.

He remembered two years ago, before father Shao got sick, he had pasted it with Shao Fei.

Father Shao is not violent all the time.

As long as he doesn’t drink, his attitude is normal.

This was a rare happy memory in the original Shao Fei’s memory.

Pulling out the door key, Shao Fei turned the key as quietly as possible to open the door.

This is a habit formed by the body for more than ten years.

The smell of wine and strong odor are mixed together.

All the curtains in the room are pulled shut.

Even in the daytime, there is almost no light, so he can only move forward by groping.

The room was quiet, which made Shao Fei relax slightly.

He fumbled for the switch and turned on the light.

The messy living room immediately fell into his eyes.

Before he could walk a few steps, an intense smell assaulted his nose, and a vague premonition arose.

His gaze froze, his eyelids started twitching, and he immediately turned off the light again.

Shao Yuanlong was at home!

He seems to be drunk.

The few seconds of light allowed him to glimpse Shao Yuanlong sitting on the sofa.

Maybe the sudden light made him groan.

He groaned a few times and knocked several alcohol bottles beside him.

They were white, red and yellow.

Who knows how much he drank.

Every time father Shao is violent, he is drunk.

Shao Fei waited for a moment with a tense heart as he listened to the other’s breathing.

The snoring continued again.

He waited to be sure he had fallen asleep again before he relaxed.

Unexpectedly, one day snoring can also give him a sense of security.

He wants to avoid any confrontation if possible, and he especially doesn’t want to fight with Shao Yuanlong. 

With the difference in sizes, it would be a one sided beat down.

What’s more, compared with Yao Feifei, who wasn’t close to him, Shao Fei is more worried about the father who lived with the original owner everyday discovering anything.

Of course, it’s better to have less contact to limit that possibility.

Should he continue in or retreat

But who can guarantee that the next time will be better than this time Shao Fei gritted his teeth and made a decision to quickly get it over with.

To enter his room, he had to step across Shao Yuanlong’s legs.

When his eyes could barely see things in the dark, he moved forward carefully bit by bit.

When he crossed Shao Yuanlong, he checked his eyes, and it seemed he didn’t wake up.

Closing the door of his room, he rummages for the ID card and other various cards and documents hidden underneath the wardrobe.

Then he searched in another drawer and couldn’t find the silver bank card used for work wages.

On weekdays, because of the cowardice of the original owner, he is often blocked by the hooligans in the school to pay the protection fee.

This card has always been kept at home.

Shao Yuanlong doesn’t care much about the life of his son.

He doesn’t know that Shao Fei is working and saving money on weekdays.

But now everything else was found, except the bank card.

Obviously, it was taken.

Puting the other documents into the backpack first.

Shao Fei quietly slipped into Shao Yuanlong’s bedroom.

The room was typical of the accumulated mess of a man living alone.

According to the original’s memories he searched for his silver bank cards from the pile of bank cards in the corner.

At this time, he didn’t even care how much money was on it, Shao Fei felt the desperate need to escape from danger.

Putting the cards back in place, he intended to leave the way he came.

When he accidentally kicked an empty bottle.

The empty bottle rolled away and with a bang, it hit something.

The snoring stopped suddenly!

Instant disaster! Shao Fei looked at the door, still far from himself.

To get to the door, he had to pass by Shao Yuanlong’s body.

Now that he is awake, this route is no longer viable.

Since he can’t rush out, he can only retreat in.

Before Shao Yuanlong fully wakes up, Shao Fei resolutely returned to his bedroom and locked the door.

While Shao Yuanlong was regaining consciousness, he heard the sound of the door being locked.

In a drunken stupor he shouted “Who!”

Shao Yuanlong is inherently tall.

Although he has been hollowed out by long years of drinking and gambling, the original foundation is still there.

Just a shout still frightens Shao Fei in his room.

Just because the consequences are not severe, such things are still happening in every corner of the world.

He flipped through his mobile phone address book, and there was only Yao Feifei.

There were only zombie friends in wechat, none of which he actually chats with.

He has a new understanding of the original owner’s loneliness.

Grave enough to not have a single friend! This is not general loneliness.

He’s almost disconnected from society!

Shao Fei’s only option is Yao Feifei.

The call reached voicemail.

Although he was psychologically prepared, Shao Fei was chilled by the feeling of isolation at this time.

He hesitated to call the police.

The original owner called the police many times before and the only result was Shao Yuanlong’s backlash after the police left.

Listening to the movement outside, it seemed Shao Yuanlong would soon be at his door.

Shao Yuanlong stumbled to his feet, opened the door and searched his own bedroom.

Seems he only took one card.

If he hadn’t just woken up, the bastard would have escaped without a trace!

He came to Shao Fei’s bedroom and knocked on the door: “Little rabbit, I know you’re back! Why are you so hiding now”

“Acting so sneaky.

You’re afraid to see me, aren’t you You were going to run away with the money, weren’t you”

“Scoundrel, I feed you and clothe you.

When that wretch calls, you run away with her.

You want to eat fragrant and drink spicy1 You deserve to die like that wretch!”

“Get out here, or I’ll break down the door!”

“Don’t force me to kill you!”

The surrounding neighbors had long been frightened by the middle-aged man with all kinds of bad habits.

As soon as they heard his roar, they closed the doors and windows tightly.

Seeing Shao Fei disobeying him and not opening the door, even after a while of banging.

Shao Yuanlong, under the influence of alcohol, became infuriated.

Shao Yuanlong was burly since young, coupled with the alcohol removing his inhibitions.

The door would not last long under his pounding, Shao Fei looked around with his back against the door.

The sound of the banging on the door mirrored Shao Fei’s thumping heart.

Although Shao Fei was seldom beaten after an incident when he was sent to the hospital, the memories from childhood remained in the depths of this body.

Shao Fei restrained his compulsion to tremble in fear and searched for heavy furniture to block the door.

But this room is small.

This apartment was left by the previous generation of the Shao family.

There is only a broken wardrobe that is about to become an antique, that couldn’t be moved and a desk with a broken corner.

Shaofei gave up.

He might as well block it with his own body.

He spread his limbs and pushed against the door.

The impact travelled through to his back.

Now he was sure  going out when Shao Yuanlong was drunk was a dead end.

Who can reason with an alcoholic

In physics class.

The class is taught by a woman in her 40s who is extremely harsh and wears black framed glasses.

Her surname is Bao.

It is rumoured that she plans to stay single and devote herself to education.

The  skipping rate for her class is almost non-existent.

Due to her tough attitude towards students, even the rich students are courteous.

Otherwise it will also be troublesome for them if she makes a home visit in regards to them skipping class.

Although she works meticulously, all good students in school have certain privileges.

For example, when she saw Liu Chen in the back row openly playing with his mobile phone, she just called him to answer.

Dijiang high school does not prohibit the use of mobile phones.

The school does not think that mobile phones can affect children’s learning.

It’s better to integrate than ban them.


Bao said kindly, “Liu Chen, please explain the circuit diagram.”

Liu Chen took off the bluetooth earphone from one ear and turned off the sound monitoring inside.

He withdrew his lazy aura, and the corners of his mouth tilted up into a polite smile.

The change made the previous scene feel like an illusion.

Even he has not bullied him, yet this person dares

He stood up tall and upright, still looking modest: “Mrs.

Bao, I need to ask for leave.”

After giving a slight bow, regardless of the teacher’s answer, he directly walked out of the classroom.

Fundamentally he is an arrogant young master, just that previously there was no reason to act out. 

He seldom uses his privileges, but it doesn’t mean he is hesitant to use them.

The difference is whether he is willing or not.

As soon as he was outside the classroom door, his polite expression fell and he strode forward.

He recalled the destination the taxi stopped at, ruled out the possibilities one by one, and concluded on the address in the investigation he briefly glanced at.

With a phone call he ordered: “Send people to Anshi Street, Gangwan community immediately… Yes, immediately.”

The author has something to say:

Monitoring device: I’m finally put to use!

Never thought of asking the male lead for help Fei vs finally got a chance to increase favorability Chen

1You want to eat hot and drink spicy = 想去吃香的喝辣的 = there are many meaning depending on context.

But in this case Shao Fei is willing to follow his mother for a lavish wealthy life.

When you’re poor you only have a limited choice of food, while rich people can choose whether they want something fragrant, spicy etc. 

TN: Working on this chapter made me feel really heavy.

If anyone is in this situation, there should be helplines/forums/people local to you.

It may not feel that way but there are many people willing to listen to your call for help.

Don’t wait for a male lead to save you!


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