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Shao Fei was a little annoyed.

He turned on automatic defense in the face of Liu Chen and accidentally blurted out his words without thinking.

He could only go to the table under Liu Chen’s eyes.

The Liu family’s breakfast was delicious, but no matter how delicious it was, he couldn’t eat breakfast twice.

Shao Fei ate very slowly.

He thought that Liu Chen would be impatient and ignore him, but Liu Chen just typed on his mobile phone, he should be texting.

During this period, uncle Yu brought in a package, which was sent by DHL.

Liu Chen motioned to open it.

After taking out the well packaged things inside and opening them, Liu Chen was a little surprised, pondered for a while, and whispered, “Who is it”

Shao Fei pretended not to hear.

He should slowly adapt to being a transparent man in front of the male lead.

His eyes gradually landed on the little transparent opposite.

The youth licked the milk stains on his lips without the slightest awareness.

A red tongue rolled around and retracted back deep.

Liu Chen put down his tea cup, with a shake a few drops of tea dripped out, as if his hand hadn’t held firmly.

Shao Fei was still swallowing when he felt something and met gazes with a pair of black eyes.

Liu Chen saw he only ate a quarter and directly intervened: “Don’t eat if you’re full.”

How does the male lead know he can’t eat any more Now he is at just the right level of fullness to not be uncomfortable.

Shao Fei felt thankful to the male lead at this moment.

His eyes blinked and showed a little gratitude.

He even forgot who was the culprit.

Instead, he was masochistic and grateful, just like many others who were deceived by Liu Chen.

Having knowledge that Liu Chen is a master manipulator and best at playing with people’s hearts does not mean that he has increased resistance when targeted.

Liu Chen stood up.

On one side, uncle Yu handed over his school bag and his thin eyelids lifted: “Arrive at 6:20 to the dining room in the future.

Don’t be late again.”

Shao Fei’s mind was blank.

He was a little confused: “Ah Oh.”

Eat with the male lead in the future What grudges and grievances do they have Why does he want to torture him like this, doesn’t the male lead know that eating with him comes with heavy pressure But he didn’t have the courage to refute and constantly reminded himself that impulse is the devil.

Passerby A and the male lead should not have conflicts.

Shao Fei’s honest face is his advantage, so while he feels reluctant, people can’t tell from his expressions.

Seeing Shao Fei’s obedient response, Liu Chen patted his soft hair and curled his fingers.

It was still soft to touch: “Let’s go.

We’ll be late.”

“But I don’t have to go to school.” As long as the other doesn’t find fault with him, Shao Fei always thinks he is amiable.

“It’s not necessarily effective to do so many practice questions.

It’s better to take the exam directly.

If you can’t pass the exam, you can take the exam again.” Liu Chen turned his words and looked at Shao sticky candy Fei.

“I heard you promised to get into class one”

Liu Zhengming donated two buildings to the school.

Therefore, it is not difficult to recommend a transfer student, but which class he gets into is arranged according to the exam score.

Except for a few students whose parents are willing to spend a huge amount of money to open the back door for their children for the entire school year, most of them rely on their own test scores.

Shao Fei really wants to test into the class one.

This is an order given to him by Yao Feifei.

He must always follow Lu Chen.

“Yes, yes.” When did he say that!

Shao Fei doesn’t care about himself.

The system said that he is equivalent to the maintainer of this parallel space.

He doesn’t need to deliberately matchmake the male and female lead.

The world will automatically fill in the loopholes of the novel.

Since characters became real, the plot and feelings will develop naturally.

He can only do his part1.

Therefore, he only planned to be passerby, who knew his casual promise to Yao Feifei would be taken seriously.

Since he could see through her ulterior motives, how can the Liu father and son not

Excluding the order to stick to him at all costs, there is still the issue of Yao Feifei’s identity.

Alas… His head hurts.

Liu Chen seemed to be encouraging him, “I’ll wait for you to make it in.”

Shao Fei: “…”

Before leaving, Shaofei asked Uncle Yu quietly, “Uncle Yu, is there anything haunting that building”

Uncle Yu was surprised: “Did you hear those rumors How can that be possible It’s all nonsense.

No one really believes in those rumours.”

Shao Fei: “…” I believe it and even experienced it.

He had long expected this answer.

“Did you see anything”

“It’s nothing.” Shao Fei hung his head.

It’s useless to say it anyway.

Before Shao Fei followed Liu Chen, he called Yao Feifei again and told her in advance that he will be uncontactable for a while.

In fact, sitting in Liu Chen’s car still made him tremble.

When they first met, he felt lucky to have seen it a few times and didn’t expect to ever sit inside.

Liu Chen seems to be polite to everyone, but that’s when people are outside his established boundaries.

Anyone who steps in without permission will be ruthlessly expelled.

Liu Chen paid attention to Shao Fei’s rigid and careful posture: “You seem to be afraid of me”

He didn’t recall doing anything, except for the half serious joke at the beginning.

“I admire young master Liu very much.

How can I be afraid My mother told me to follow you to learn.” Finally, did you realise that I’m scared to death of you

Shao Fei answered calmly, and used Yao Feifei as an excuse to prove that he was not afraid, just respect, respect, understand

Liu Chen raised his eyebrows: Why don’t I feel you want to follow me.

When Shao Fei thought he would remain silent, he suddenly opened his mouth: “What did you just call me”

The tone was said with a faint smile, but it made Shao Fei sit straighter.

His intuition told him that if he didn’t answer this question well, the consequences would be grave.

Before he carelessly called out what he first thought.

Shao Fei took the hint and changed his address: “Chen Ge.”2

Listening to the soft cry, Liu Chen gave a hum.

“Well, before at Huamu hotel, will you keep quiet about what you saw” Shaofei couldn’t help asking when he considered Yao Feifei’s characteristic of seeking death.

“What happened at the hotel” Liu Chen’s words were like the devil’s temptation.

At the moment when Shao Fei was enticed by his words, he bent over, giving Shao Fei great pressure, “You say…”

Shao Fei’s heart pounded and dared not move.

“Depending on your performance, if it’s a good performance, I can consider it.”

What is a good performance

Shao Fei’s heart went thump thump thump.

He didn’t dare believe him.

The car turned a corner and finally arrived near Dijiang high school.

Shao Fei couldn’t wait to get off, as if to escape from the devil’s cage.

However he was stopped by the other person in the car.

As soon as he turned back, he saw a flawless enlarged face.

The man hooked his smooth chin with his index finger and put something in his back pocket.

The light red thin lips brushed against his eyes, with his breath stroking his cheeks.

He felt as if his fur was about to explode out.

He heard: “Don’t you want your mobile phone”

Like an electric shock, before he could feel anything, Liu Chen left like the wind.

The left behind Shao Fei staggered away.

Behind the car, a girl carrying a schoolbag was walking and looked in their direction.

Maybe the tall boy was too outstanding.

When he appeared, other students on the road couldn’t help looking at him.

But after only one look, she took back her sight.

She could feel the danger from the boy, even more so than Xie Yun.

She ran too much yesterday.

Now her whole body is crying in pain.

Every action feels like her bones were soaked in a vinegar jar.

She left early today, but she still arrived a little late.

Shao Fei also saw her.

They looked at each other and the girl smiled politely.

The most beautiful woman he has ever seen in this world is his mother.

This should be the second best.

The face of an angel and the figure of a devil, this adjective seems appropriate.

Looking at the shy smiling boy opposite, the girl thought he was like a glutinous rice dumpling.

Like all strangers, they passed by each other.

Today is Monday.

There is a guard at the door, as well as many student union people on duty checking the students’ clothes.

Shao Fei, who was not wearing the school uniform, was naturally stopped.

Before the hand of the student on duty was about to touch Shao Fei’s shoulder, he was blocked by a hand.

As soon as the male classmate noticed Liu Chen, he quickly withdrew his hand and explained, “Student Liu, I’m doing a routine inspection.”

Liu Chen’s sharp eyes also receded and returned to a n indifferent look.

His thin lips gently opened: “He’s a transfer student coming for the entrance examination today.”

Dijiang school is an escalator school from kindergarten to senior high, with separate campuses.

Liu Chen has been a campus celebrity since childhood.

The student monitor didn’t expect that gaolin flower3, who has always been indifferent to others, would meddle in someone else’s affairs.

The group exchanged side glances and quickly conveyed the message that the transfer student was connected with Liu Chen.

Passerby A is not used to attracting so much attention.

He lowered his head to study the cracks on the ground, but he still can’t prevent others’ sights from falling on himself.

After a simple registration, they were let through.

The president looked at the two people who were still whispering and their eyes were peeking at each other.

To be exact, it was Liu Chen peeking.

Noticing all the high school grade one and two schoolgirls who didn’t study well and spent all day fantasizing.

“Don’t gossip.

It’s 8:10 in 15 minutes, continue your duties.”

A girl walking nearby stopped, vaguely hearing Liu Chen she realized, wasn’t this the name of her benefactor

Liu Chen took Shao Fei to the dean’s office and asked him to take a good test before leaving, just like a good brother.

The dean’s surname is Xu.

He is a little old and thin.

Wearing a pair of thick glasses, he has an air of academia and dignity.

He tapped on a file and asked, “Are you Liu Chen’s brother”



Xu also thought this was the case.

Their surnames were different, and he had never heard of a relative surnamed Shao in the Liu family.

Making his own assumptions: “Mr.

Liu has organised your transfer with the school manager, but this is not a reason to be lazy.

You should do your best in the exam, and I won’t give you special treatment.”

“Understood, I will trouble Mr Xu.” Shao Fei is still a little nervous.

This will be his first official exam.


Xu saw he had a good attitude and his voice became more gentle: “Follow me to building 3 to take the test there.”

Liu Chen returned to the classroom of class 1 grade 3 of senior high school.

He arrived before the bell for morning self-study.

The classroom was very lively and quieted as soon as he stepped in, before becoming lively again.

Many young girls often looked in his direction intentionally or unintentionally.

Liu Chen was used to all kinds of stares from childhood and continued to his seat at the back.

Putting down the schoolbag, Luo Yufei in the row in front of him smiled and said, “I tell you, as soon as you break up with your girlfriend, the bees and butterflies swarm.

but the empress hasn’t come yet, do you think something happened to her.”

Liu Chen took out his bluetooth headset and blocked out the noise around him.

He was too lazy to talk more with him: “I’m not interested.”

After the morning self-study bell, the Chinese teacher walked into the classroom and asked the students to turn to the text they needed to recite yesterday.

Seeing Liu Chen immersed in his own world in the back row, he continued to let the class representative recite as if he didn’t see it.

If the results of the students can be maintained in the top three and they respect teachers at ordinary times, they won’t interfere for no reason.

They are eager to have more of such students.

It’s normal they don’t pay attention in class, talents can get such privileges.

In his hand he played with a miniature ball made of metal, it can automatically stick to metallic surfaces.

This is one half of a pair of recording bugs.

Just now, when the two were close, he put the other one onto Shao Fei’s mobile phone.

Of course, hooking his face is just to divert Shao Fei’s attention to cover his actions.

These are some beta stage products sent by Wu Lianggang this morning.

They are new products developed by his network company.

As for why Shao Fei was chosen as the test subject, first he was  conveniently nearby.

Second, he needed to observe the mother and son, third, he was unlucky to bump into him, and fourth…

Hehe, he wanted to.

1添磚加瓦 = add bricks and tiles= to do one’s part to contribute, an idiom.

2 Ge= Brother

3 高嶺= Gaoling flower.

I think I remember somewhere that these flowers grow on a really high cliff.

Anyway it means someone unattainable, seen but not untouchable.


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