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Our Marriage or My Fame Chapter 4

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*****Monday morning

"Haneefah!!!! You better wake up and dress up your uncle said he would be waiting for you at the estate gate", my mother said yelling at me.

I was so tired. I slept really late, TikTok can be really addicting.

Oh goodness its already 8;34am I quickly took my bath, i was so annoyed I couldn take my time and wash my body with my favorite strawberry scrub as I usually do, I looked for something more comfy to wear rather than what I had planned on wearing initially. I looked at the mirror I was good to go, I was wearing a " high low top, and a blue denim mama jeans". I went through my files to carry the necessary items needed such as my NIN, WAEC results etc.

"Mummy" I shouted waiting for her at the door, my mom was busy looking for her phone, she can be so forgetful but its really funny, "Haneefah do you know where I kept my phone " she asked me.

In my mind I said "because its me and you thats using the phone"

"Mummy I don know" .

I finally found it in my room on the dressing table, my mom has this habit of doing everything in my room it was so annoying, she never lets I and my sister have privacy.

Speaking of my sister ,she schools at BUK( bayero university Kano) ,I was supposed to call her ,I had so much gist for her .Halima is the direct opposite of me ,shes so quiet compared to me ; but shes really annoying, I love her nevertheless.

"Good morning sir", I said to Mr Abdul My fathers step brother.

"Morning Haneefah we should get going now , theres no more time ".

We then processed to a school accredited by jamb and I began the whole process of registering. I was done and I met my mom at the school gate waiting for me.

We decided to branch the market and get foodstuffs.

A beautiful Mercedes Benz AMG passed by and it was a woman driving it , "damn" !!! I said .I am so obsessed with seeing women leading , being independent and even driving.

I said to myself "One day , one day InshaAllah whether the devil likes it or not, I must make a name for myself"

*One month later

Time passed by so quickly jamb was commencing the following week, and nervous was an understatement I was terrified of what if I don make it. Suicidal thoughts came to my head but what kept me going was the fact I knew I had a mission in this world, my dreams were my motivation at this point. It felt like I wanted to achieve something great

I have been reading for jamb. Studying endlessly, I didn even bother reading my literature because it was my 2nd time reading it so I decided to just flip through it , I was impressed with myself being able to remember some things vividly after how many years of finishing high school. I was one of the best student in my set back then.....

While I was busy waiting for my jamb result, I saw this school for programming and I decided to apply for it and learn another skill apart from my tailoring

"Haneefah please on Hotspot for me" Maryam said smiling at me .

"its like you

e mad o I said to her "see Leave me abeg I am managing my life" .

"how was your PTS exams by the way "

it was an exam written by nursing students after few months , If one aces it ,it means you are now an official student.

"Girlfriend!! it was fine but stressful see how pimples and aches have gathered my face" she said looking at her selfie camera.

"Its definitely stress its stress sorry".

I looked at Maryam and smiled there are times I wish I had her life. It seemed great and awesome

"Mummmmmmmyyyyyyy" I said screaming out loud .

"Demi, are you fine?", my mom rushed into the room. "what happened"

"I am from Osun state, My father being Yoruba and my mother being Igala from Kogi state.

In other words I am partially Yoruba"

But I was born and brought up here in Kaduna, so we were all able to speak and understand Hausa language

"Mum, Alhamdulilah" I said crying, "I made my jamb, I made my jamb" I said dancing and jumping .

My mother got to her knees praying and thanking Allah, my mom is a definition of prayer warrior!!!shes indeed a true mother. I showed her my score , which was 256 out of 400 Alhamdulilah I was really happy.

My dad came home and saw me sulking "Haneefah, hope no problem" He said.

My mom and I decided to play a prank on my Father.

"Daddy I have checked my results" I said looking at the ground .

My dad looked sad and said to me " I know you did ,your best but you should leave the rest to God".

I started laughing out hysterically , I had 256!!!

He was so shocked and really really happy and impressed.

I Knew youll scale it through. You

e very intelligent


"Yes!, Yaya Alim I have all my high school original certificate with me" I said Using my shoulder to support my phone while I was busy sewing a gown for a friend.

"Very good " was all he said .

"kindly send them to me Using pdf via email, and I will send you a document I need you to sign and please take a passport and send it to me", he said

"Okay Ya Alim", I said "hope no problem? Or do you want to claim my results because I am intelligent than all of you" I said laughing.

"get out of my phone", my brother said smiling from his voice I knew he was trying to hold a laugher.

My brother Alim isn the type that talks too much for him to have called me it mustve been very important.

"I wonder what he needs it for" I said shrugging my shoulders

I lay down on my bed and decided to congratulate Maryam my best friend on her matriculation

"Maryammmmmuuu congratulations on your capping" I said making sure I drag her name

Capping is a matriculation but its for those in school of nursing.

I said while sending a VN(voice note) to her via WhatsApp ,she replied me immediately sending a VN while listening to her VN, I overheard my parents arguing again and I knew it was all about "money"!!!

"Subhanallah" I said to myself

"Not again, why do we have to be like this"

All the time one problem to another, I am tired and frustrated. I have considered working or doing something but I haven gotten anything tangible to do yet.

Anonymous POV( HANEEFAHS parents)

"Daddy Alim don tell me this ,I am the one feeding the house day and night, working hard for this family, now we don have food stuffs again I am tired of all these" Mummy Alim said Crying really hard, "I hope my children don go all these through in their marriage. Theyll see a useful and responsible man to marry .

Now theres nothing to eat again. My salary isn enough, all you do is to sit at home and be eating ,go and look for job useless man.


Not again my parents have started this is how our lives are ,my mom is the only one working, my dad lost his job, he used to be a banker but ever since then our lives has been sick and miserable. I can do this, i am tired, these are part of the reasons I have promised to make money, i will hustle , I will do anything for wealth, my mom deserves much more than this . My parents relationship made me hate Marriage, the thought of getting with a man frustrates me to the core.

Over the time after so many struggles I decided to do something with my life, I needed a job. Maryam had advised me ways of getting money but I didn like the idea so I ignored it

****Few weeks later

"Jeez programming is hard" I said to myself , I have also used this period to learn product design. i want to make sure I am well oriented and skilled. I want to make a name for myself, I can let my children have my type of childhood.

I wanted to be part of the top notched high socialite in my country

My parents are always complaining and arguing everyday all for the sake of lack of money.

" I have emailed it to you Mr Kola and the designs will go for 50k",I said with all seriousness.

"Okay then Ill buy it ,it looks really good. You

e a really talented lady and I admire that about you", he said.

"Haneefah are you listening"

Inodded my head forgetting I was on the phone with him ,he can see me.

"Yes sorry sir ,what were you saying"..

"Miss Haneefah I really like you and admire you sincerely", he began

"not again", I muttered.

"Sir this a strict business and I don mix business with relationship I am sorry, lets not have this conversation again. goodbye sir", I ended the call immediately

"Men will always be Men" I said to myself.

I have been making money for myself. Immediately after my jamb I learnt how to code and I started creating designs for companies or some private individuals.

I have been able to gather money for myself. I was able to buy myself a laptop Although it was second hand, rather than using Maryams brother own

I decided to involve myself more and I got to met so many people.

"Musa were you able to finish your design" I said to him via zoom.

Musa is actually a ladies man, he speaks so well and he is very understanding. If Maryam was in my shoes right now, she would have been flirting with him.

"I am yet to finish" he responded okay then, we spoke a little and we finished our conversation for the day .

I met Musa online and he has been of great help, but he is based in Ghana. I used to joke about " guy its your wedding that will bring me to Ghana I always tell him"

He would respond by saying "yes na you

e the bride so obviously youll have to be at your own wedding", We will laugh about it.

Only if he knew, I don need a man and I don see myself getting intimate with one at all

I noticed an email popped on my laptop screen, I made a mental note to check it immediately after I finish praying Maghrib.

I had so much to do, I would check it later.

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