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Using Explosive Weapons Again

With this thought, he sent back a reply.

That faint lift of the corners of his mouth seemed to display a good mood.

Ye Mu stayed silent for a few days.

A few days later, she looked for Old Liu again.

As soon as Old Liu saw it was her, he quickly opened the door and worriedly asked, “Your Excellency, where have you gone these few days I thought trouble befell you!”

After Ye Mu came in, she quickly said, “Could you contact the other Mo’s in Li Country I’ve thought of a way, but I need someone trustworthy to do this.”

Old Liu said, “Don’t worry about this, we have always remembered the secret signal to communicate.

Besides, we’ve hidden here for many years.

We’ve waited too long for this day!”

His eyes stirred with excitement.

It wasn’t hard to see the extent he would go to serve the country.

Ye Mu showed her first relaxed smile in these few days.

“Sorry for the trouble.

I need them found now, the faster the better!”

Old Liu nodded.

“You can wait here.

My wife usually doesn’t come back during the day, she puts up a tofu stand in the west.

If she comes back, just say you came to purchase oil, and because my store lacks supplies, I went out to replenish the stock.”

Ye Mu nodded and quite embarrassedly said, “I’ve troubled your family.”

Old Liu smiled.

“Not a problem.

I’m going now!”

With this said, Old Liu went out.

Ye Mu sat in the dim room, ready for him to come back.

Time ticked away.

Ye Mu gradually became uneasy and got up.

Normally, it wouldn’t take this long, was it possible that—

Ye Mu just stood up when someone smashed the windows and came in! The cold light of that sword flashed and Ye Mu hastily dodged, so close—and she would be hit!

“Who’s it!”

The other party covered his face and did not utter a word.

Before long, more assassins poured in from the windows.

Ye Mu hastily evaded.

Although she no longer had internal energy, she wasn’t someone who could be easily defeated.

While she dodged, she snatched a sword and stabbed two people to death!

“Who are you all!”

A black-clothed person in the lead had known Ye Mu could do martial arts, but smiled.

“Mo’s empress truly is brave, actually coming here by yourself! Our monarch requests for you.

Think wisely, it’s best if you don’t struggle!”

With that said, they went to attack Ye Mu again.

The other party had internal energy masters while Ye Mu completely depended on her external kung fu.

Naturally, it was strenuous.

Slowly, her wounds increased, and blood trickled out.

Ye Mu knew, in this period when medical wasn’t good, if her injuries were deeper even by a little, she might not be able to be saved!

So she had no choice.

She suddenly fished out something from her arms.

After igniting it, she threw it toward them!

Those people didn’t know what it was.

Because it didn’t hit them, no one dodged it.

The next second, a small ball exploded and countless small nails burst out, giving out a loud “bang”!

Ye Mu had gone to hide behind a pillar before the explosion and then heard horrible shrieks after the explosion.

This was her chance to escape out the windows!

She was a little flustered because she had so many wounds that kept dripping with blood.

She also had a headache.

The excessive loss of blood didn’t let her come round if Old Liu had betrayed her, or if there was a spy around Old Liu and he was found out.

Ye Mu who wasn’t able to think in the end ran back to her own rented small courtyard.

But this wasn’t a place to linger for long.

They would chase after her from the smell of her blood.

She must give them a good show!

Ye Mu gritted her teeth as she quickly and carelessly bandaged herself while taking out the thing she prepared these few days.

When more internal energy masters ran after the bloodstains, they saw Ye Mu standing by herself in the courtyard.

Fear still lingered from the strange hidden weapon Ye Mu used before, so now they didn’t dare go near and stand on the enclosing walls.

Not long after, she was surrounded.

Ye Mu sat in the middle of the courtyard as though she’d given up struggling.

She weakly looked at them.

“Who exactly are you, Li’s people If I have to die, you should at least let me know!”

The previous men in black had died.

A new leader came out and looked at her with a cold smile.

“You’re a woman, so why did you have the guts to come to Li Country Turns out you have something terrifying! Your previous weapon was really interesting.

My fellow men were all harmed, but that weapon was of excellent workmanship, so you must not have many on your person, right”

Ye Mu ignored his probing.

She directly asked, “You’re Min Liang’s people, am I right Ask Min Liang to come and see me, otherwise, suffer the consequences!”

Ye Mu was surrounded, and yet she still held such a manner, making everyone quite overwhelmed.

The leader in black asked, “So close to death and still have so many questions.

Do you think our master will see you as you please”

Ye Mu smiled.

“Which also means he isn’t here!”

Her face was becoming paler and paler.

Dark blotches slowly stained her gray clothes from the blood, but her expression remained normal and she still spoke confidently.

“What a pity.”

“Pity what” that person asked.

“A pity I can’t kill all of you!”

The moment he heard that, his expression changed, and then coldly smiled.

“Is there any meaning to talk big Everyone come up! Master has said, as long as she is alive, intact or not doesn’t matter!”

In that split second, Ye Mu also raised her head.

Her eyes shone alarmingly!

“That’s right, intact or not I also don’t care!”

The second she said this, she suddenly fell down in place!

Those people in black coming to kill her did not expect her reaction.

In the end, they came down from the walls.

The moment their feet touched the ground, the courtyard resounded with a large boom!

Silent gun smoke soared up! After the explosion, the aggressive group of people was now wailing in anguish.

Ye Mu’s body was covered with soil, but luckily, there was finally no one to kill her!

“Be grateful y’all.”

Ye Mu climbed up from the ground, looking at the people on the ground with a cold smile.

“If it wasn’t for the insufficient materials, the result wouldn’t be like this.”

Although she had said she wouldn’t use explosive weapons, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Since the other party had fixed their eyes on her, she couldn’t just await her doom!

She glanced at these people before limping outside, but she didn’t walk far.

Hidden below the cellar of the building next door, the most dangerous place was the safest place.

The things she’d prepared these few days were also here!

In a critical moment, she only needed to get close to these things to save herself! Of course, before all, the most important thing was to wrap up her injuries!

Just wait, she would never admit defeat!


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