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Chapter 68

Sensei Sharing

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


I returned to the palace alone and sought an audience with His Majesty the King.

It was His Majesty the King who sent me off, and since he knew that at this point in time we were talking about the Guardian Chivalrous thieves army, he sent me to the garden, not the throne, and we were left alone together.


“Oh, you’re back, sensei.

And how did it go”



I decided to keep the story of the phantom troupe under wraps.



However, even if I hide it, it was obvious that the four men with deep connections to His Majesty the King would reveal it.

If I don’t say it now, I will be exposed by those four people.


『As expected of Sensei, it’s wonderful that you aren’t even boastful!』


I can see that, so I decided to report only the facts here straightforwardly.


“As a matter of fact, we ran into the Phantom Troupe just as we were entering the mansion.”

“Kuh! What an incident!”



For some reason, His Majesty the King looked extremely frustrated.


“What’s the matter”

“I wish I had been there, too, to run into a rival out of the blue.”

“Oh, so that’s it”


That’s so like him, I thought.


“So, I threatened them a little and they turned back.”

“Sensei did that!”


I nod.


“Oh, as expected of Sensei”

“The other side had their deputy leader in them, who told me that I was about evenly matched in terms of the leader of the other side.

I don’t know what kind of assessment that was, but I think it’s best to avoid him if at all possible when the head of the other side comes up.”

“A master who is on par with Sensei huh…… Umu, I’ll keep that in mind.”


Alright, we’re clear here.


“So, we were able to take some treasure safely, so I left it to those four people.

If I hand it out, I would be out in the public eye, so there’s a good chance that I’ll be revealed.”

“Umu, I was thinking about that, too.

When I actually get moving, I will follow sensei’s example and not be present at handing it out.”

“Is it okay Your Majesty should have stayed there.”

“It’s complicated to be thanked for something of that magnitude.

For it is synonymous with the king’s immorality that such righteous are welcomed.”



I was surprised.

To be honest, I was a little surprised.

Is that how you think, Your Majesty the King


I think I may have to reevaluate him a bit.


“Speaking of identity, was Sensei okay At the time he attack”

“Dinos gave me a disguise, so I’m fine.”

“I see.

That’s right, I was thinking of names for sensei.”


“Yes, since both Sensei and I will be hiding our identities, we will need pseudonyms.”



That’s true, too.

I was going with the flow too much and didn’t think about that.


“In fact, I’ve already thought about those”

“Do you know that your ancestor only has one person they couldn’t beat in their lifetime”

“Eeh Was there such a guy”


It’s a new one to me, and I’ve never heard of it before.

I have heard so many times that the first generation is the best and the strongest.


Then, out of the blue, the only one who she couldn’t win was mentioned, and it was as if a decade of common sense was crumbling with a resounding thud.


“It’s no wonder that you don’t know it.

Only the royal family of Aegina and those who are interested in the old books know about it.”

“But I’ve never heard such story once in the Canoe family.”

“Of course, it was an exaggeration, but that’s a stain on sensei’s ancestry.

There’s no way the descendants would like to pass it on.”



That’s correct, too.


“The man’s name is currently unknown, but one thing is clear.

That is, he was simultaneously knighted in all five continental powers of the time, including Aegina.”

“Eeh! Su,such a thing can be done huh”

“That is written in several ancient documents, so there must be no mistake.

It is written that the Prime Minister of the time regretted that he had fallen behind the kingdom of Mercouri in conferring the title.”

“That’s …… strange as expected, right Why should the one who gave the title be the one who regrets it”

“They say he was such a great man.”

“Hah…… I see”


You mean that the first generation couldn’t compete with that guy …….huh.

……Wait! This flow!


“By saying that, in all five great nations, he was called five ranks of nobility.

I would like to ask sensei to take the name Pentas, which means ‘five’ in the old language.”



I knew it, my bad premonition came true.

It is a very frightful name if you know its origin.


However, if I refuse here ……


“In fact, I was thinking of naming us after the two swords that the five ranks of nobility used to use, but――”

“Please use Pentas!”


With a snap, I interrupted His Majesty the King’s words.

I knew it, yes, it had a more awesome and ostentatious name.


It’s not a good idea to be followed by such a name.

By comparison, a word that has its origin but simply means “five” is hundreds of times better.


“Pleasure doing business with you, Big brother Pentas.”


His Majesty the King said in a joking tone.

When we go out as a band of bandits, I’m sure that King will speak to me in a respectful manner like this.

Well, that can’t be helped.



“What’s wrong, Your Majesty”

“Pentas is …… a civilian, isn’t it”

“Eh Yes…… that is ――Hah!”


Instant sparkle, I feel that my ability to detect crises has improved recently.


“Then, you Pentas, as well, could receive titles from all the five major powers today――”

“I won’t! I can’t do that, it’s impossible! Since a chivalrous bandit, is still a bandit!”

“Is that so If it’s just a bandit, yes, but if it’s a righteous bandit, it would depend on how things will unfold!”

“Stop that! Tha,that’s right! If I get something like that, I won’t be able to move.

A righteous bandit should only be free to destroy evil and save the people!”


I was talking as fast as I could, maybe the fastest I’ve ever talked in my entire life.

And it was worth it.


“Umu, that’s true too”


I managed to dissuade His Majesty the King from that ridiculous idea.




“Wait a minute, Your Majesty, what now”

“No, in fact, I am friends with the prince of Mercouri.”


wait, the five ranks of nobility ――”

“I understand, I can’t push through such an unreasonable thing anymore.”


“However, I can make sensei teach them the sword.”


“In the end, all the kings will be sensei’s disciples …….Umu, let’s go with that”


“Don’t worry sensei, it’s not going to be right now.

Diplomacy is involved in it, so give me some time, a few years.”


Give some time, you said …… are you really that motivated.




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