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Serious False Accusations

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


“Master, Lina-sama is here to see you.”


In the study, a maid in the mansion reported to me.

The look on my face suddenly become difficult.


“Lina Is she alone Or is she bringing someone with her”

“Yes, the only other person there is an escort.”

“I see…… got it, take them to the drawing room”

“I understand”


The maid bows then leaves.

Well then, Lina huh ……


She’s not my enemy, but she’s a lot more troublesome opponent.

There is no doubt about the timing; this is probably the case of Mithril that nee-san sent to them without my permission.

Thinking of ways to deceive them, I left the study and headed for the drawing room.


When I entered the drawing room, I saw Lina, who was neat but quiet as always.

She was sipping her teacup in an elegant manner, and smiled when she saw me enter the room.


“It’s been a while, right”

“It feels like I’m seeing you from here and there a bit, though.”

“I feel like seeing you a little more.”


The preemptive punch flew.

Lina favors me a lot.

That “favor” is just too much trouble for me, so I’m thinking I should do something about it.


I sit down across from Lina, then break the ice.


“Is this about the mithril”

“You’re going there suddenly”

“I can only think of that at this timing.”


I smiled bitterly.


“I don’t know, I think you’re doing a lot of other things than that, though.”


Is about Gohn.

I thought about it for a moment, but Lina wouldn’t come for that.


So far, they haven’t found out that I’m the leader of the Dream troupe.

She might’ve been able to guess that it was me based on the circumstances, though.


And for some reason, I feel a sense of certainty from her.

That’s the kind of thing, Lina would never come here to denounce me for.


She smells just like nee-san.

A type that wants to raise me up whenever they can.

Lina seems to be that type of person.


I quickly went through Lina’s frivolous talk.


“If we could meet in person, that would be just fine.

Just don’t make it public that I found it.” (TN: He’s talking about the mithril)


“……Since it’s tiresome”


I consented once, but this matter ended up attracting someone like Gohn.

It was too much trouble ―― Orthia was also put in danger.


In the end, I began to think again that it would be best to live quietly and modestly, while hiding my abilities.


“You aren’t greedy.”

“I just really don’t want the hassle, though.”

“Because it’s a great discovery, and with this one, Count —— No, you can advance two ranks to Marquis, though.”

“Seriously, give me a break.”








The title of Aegina has these five levels.

I’m in the second, which is Viscount, from the bottom now, and Lina says that the discovery of mithril is an achievement that can eclipse the Count in between.


I really want to stay out of this.


“If you hate it that much, then it can’t be helped.

I understand, I will not disclose that this is your discovery.

And I won’t commend you.”


“What is, that eh That you spoke”

“No, it’s just that you backed down so easily.”

“I just thought that it would be a good idea to let your obstinacy push through”


Lina stood up.


“Are you going home now”

“I don’t think I can convince you yet, so I’m done for today.”

“Ah, I see……”


Lina headed for the door at a brisk pace.





Lina had put her hand on the doorknob and turned only her head.

I stopped her, though I was somewhat feeling awkward.




On the other hand, I didn’t know what to say, nor could I come up with anything.


“My bad”

“Don’t worry about it.

I’ll save the imposition of your title until you inadvertently make it public from the beginning.

Be prepared then.”

“Ugh…… go easy on me”


I smiled bitterly.

Lina chuckled and left.


This kind of joke ―― no, it’s not a joke.

I would feel a little bit better if I could return that.



A few days later, at the audience hall.

In the midst of my usual official duties, Mimis reported.


“It has been decided that the head will receive the Order of the Xiphos Cross.”



In his normal tone, it was a content that I have heard so far.

That’s why, it almost went through me for a moment.


“Wait, wait, what’s that, what does it mean”

“It’s a medal for defeating the Slime Lord”

“Slime Lord Again”

“That’s right, again.

This is the third one.”

“Why again……”

“Her Highness Lina has applied for it.

Regarding that, Her Highness strongly said, 『It’s about the Slime Lord, nothing more, nothing less.


“On the contrary, it’s suspicious!!”


What kind of pretense is that! Even an elementary school student can tell that it is different.


“That’s right, I guess.

I heard that Her Highness is, at the same time, strongly insisting that the discovery of mithril mining from the salt lake was 『it was discovered by me, it was definitely discovered by me』.”

“That timing!!”


If she’s done it at that timing, even an idiot could associate my involvement with it!



well, I expected it to some extent.”


Lina said she wouldn’t give me the credit.

That being said, it’s hard to imagine her not doing something.


I knew that she would do something.

Sure enough, she has attached it on the Slime lord instead of the mithril.


I was expecting this, so, well, this should be fine.


“No, but”



Mimis was grinning; what’s up with that all of a sudden.


“There’s been a lot of rumors here and there about this case.”

“What rumor”

“Mainly, the Third Cross medal is for the discovery of Mithril ―― hence, it can be seen like that”


It’s okay to say it in such a roundabout way, I think.

The next moment, I heard even more shocking words.


“The two previous Cross medals were originally suspicious.

There are rumors circulating that the two unidentified medals may have been for Mithril-class credits.”

“……That’s a serious false accusation!!!”


I got up from my chair and shouted grandly.


“You can’t put a foot in a person’s mouth.”


Mimis said with a smirk.




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