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I didn’t Appear This Time

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


One day in the afternoon.

As usual, shortly after Midea left Hermes’ mansion alone, she stopped moving.


Midea Myukenae, the granddaughter of the Sword Saint Perseus.

At fifteen years old, she has already developed herself into one of the best swordswomen on the continent, thanks to her bloodline and two outstanding mentors.




Therefore, it’s not difficult for her to sense their presence.


As soon as she stepped out of the grounds of the mansion, she noticed a line of sight and presence.


“I know you’re in there, why don’t you come out instead of hiding”


She turned to a direction where there was no one, and said with a straight face.

At the same time, she also releases her fighting spirit(touki) as if to probe.


It’s like a bat’s ultrasound.

It’s the ability to emit sound waves that are inaudible to the human ear, and to detect the surrounding terrain by the degree to which it bounces off.


If one is skilled as Midea, they can use their fighting spirit(touki) to find out the other party’s intentions to some extent.


The result of that, showed that the other party had no ill intentions, but still, Midea did not let her guard down.

That was her prestigious proof, and the final decisive factor in moving for her opponent.


“I give up, as expected, that’s what I get for staying at aniki’s place.”


A man came out of the shadows.

Kyorus Mafros.

He is the deputy leader of the bandit group, Dream Troupe, and was also in the realm of the powerful, to the extent that he can understand more than just talking about fighting spirit and behavior.



“I mean the lord of this place.”

“You mean master”

“We call him Aniki, because of various reasons, the biggest one being his strong will.

Isn’t that the same thing with your 『master』”


Midea was shocked for a moment, and then nodded.


“Yup, various things happened.

It was also partly due to master’s whim”

“Ahaha, I feel like I can understand that 『whim』, too.

So, for us, he is aniki, and for you, a master.

Can you understand that we’re not enemies”

“I guess so”


Midea quickly turn off her hostility.


What made her do so, was that she was able to read 10% of his “ki” as an expert, and read that the other person had no intention of harming her.

90% of his trust is in the man named Hermes.


“Why don’t we talk somewhere”



Kyorus and Midea started walking shoulder by shoulder.

They came to the downtown area of the town of Pindos, a short distance away from the mansion, and entered a tavern that was open even in the daytime.


“Welcome ―― Geh, the demon Midea and the Dream troupe”


The combination of the two was so destructive to the people who knew them, to the extent that the owner of the bar who greeted them, which has a business smile trained for years, was blown away.


“Pops, give us your best seat”


Kyorus tossed a small bag of silver coins to the shopkeeper, and also gave him a smile to show that he is not hostile.

The owner of the restaurant accepted his request and, with a slight sigh, guided them to a private room on the third floor where they could overlook the cityscape.


A short time later, their food was brought in, and Kyorus and Midea toasted with a light liquor.


“You’re a good drinker.”

“Thank you.

So, can you tell me your story”

“Sure thing.

It’s not that big of a story, but ――”


Kyorus spoke to Midea.

It was about, immediately after their original leader died in an accident, which was due to an attack by an Ogre, that he met Hermes, and that Hermes recovered something important to them from the ogre.

He was so impressed with Hermes that he worshipped him, and asked him to become their Aniki.


He told her without concealing it, but looking at it objectively, there are some discrepancies.

Kyorus called it “worshipped”, but objectively, it’s more correct to say that he looks like a woman who forced her husband into marriage. (TN: LOL!! It’s like forcing someone to agree)


But it aroused Midea’s sympathy.


“I also, asked master to let me be his disciple.”


Now it was Midea’s turn to talk about what she had been through.

It was another subjective difference in perception, and Midea said that she had asked him to become his apprentice, but like the Dream troupe, it’s as if she forced him to do so.


Similar shapes, and similar differences in perception.

The two people instantly hit it off in an instant.


“I see.

But as expected, Aniki is strong, isn’t he”

“But of course.

He even drove my grandfather into retirement.”

“The Sword Saint Perseus huh.

I’ve heard so many heroic tales about his strength that I’ve got calluses in my ears, but he was stronger than him huh.

As expected of Aniki”

“But you know, I, have one complaint.”


“Master says not to mention his name.

Hence I, am supposed to be Nanas’ disciple now.”

“Ah, we too.

For some reason, Aniki is trying to hide his identity and what he’s capable of.

It’s strange.”

“It’s mysterious, isn’t it”


The two people are drinking together, and getting more and more comfortable with each other.


“Come to think of it, what’s the deal with Nanas Is there such a real person”

“No, there’s none.

It’s completely made up.

It would be fine for me to break into dojos and make a name for myself as a swordsman, but he told me to pretend I was a disciple of Nanas, not a disciple of Hermes.

That’s the story.”

“I see”


Kyorus pinched his chin and thought.

After a while, the corner of his mouth quirked up into a grin.


“I have a good idea.”

“Well, what is it”

“He didn’t tell you not to mention Nanas name, did he”


“Then why don’t we join forces.

We’re going to do a big job and pretend that the new leader is Nanas.

In any case, it’s only a matter of time before Aniki says, 『It’s a secret that your leader is Hermes』.”

“Ahaha, he’ll say, he’ll absolutely say so”

“At that time, we’ll have no choice but to make up a fictional character, but perhaps there’s a coincidence that it would be named Nanas as well.”

“…..There is”


The corner of Midea’s mouth distorted in a grin, too.

Since she understood Kyorus’ proposal.


“If that is so, you’ll attack the uncontested bad guys, and give charity to the undisputed poor villages, right.

After all, master is a good person, so if you solidify these two things exactly, even if he wants to complain, he would be like 『Gunununu』.”

“You’ve been together for a long time, heh.

Yes, I’ll go with that.”

“I’ll do what I can to help as well.”

“Ah, please”


The two laughed and toasted with each other again.


A few days later, Midea and the Dream troupe formed a joint front to carry out the “rob the uncontested bad guys and give them to the undisputed poor villages”, which was not different from the concept they initially decided.


The group that carried it out was the Dream troupe, and its leader was a man called Nanas.

The Nanas was Midea in disguise, and she wielded the “Nanas style” that she had shown here and there recently, which supported the credibility of their leader = Nanas.


By the overwhelming actions of both Midea and the Dream troupe, the bandits were able to make a difference.


The fame of Nanas = Hermes, was growing without the person himself getting truly involve.


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