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Early afternoon in the mansion, large living room.

As I open a book while relaxing in an easy chair, a familiar sign break in.

“What are you looking at with such a serious face”

“Nee-san huh.

This is 『Orthia’s Great Complete Collection』, a photobook collection of young women who are now calling themselves Orthia――”


Nee-san snatched the complete collection from my hand, and threw it out of the window in a spectacular form.

“Aahh! What are you doing, nee-san, I’ve only seen half of it yet.

“Look at something more serious stuff than that.”

“Serious stuff There is, you know”

“What There is”

It surprised nee-san, it seems to have been completely unexpected.

“Ah, it’s this.”

I took it from the round table on the other side of nee-san, and handed it to nee-san.

Nee-san received that which has a few volumes, opened it, and looked inside.

“A picture of a man…… is this a profile What is this”

“Applications for marriage that have arrived for Nee-san”


The second whole energy pitch.

The photos of the matchmaking also disappeared outside of the window.

“I don’t care about this kind of thing!”

“Ah, I think so, too.”


“At this timing, I can see the souls of those who are trying to take over when they saw that the Canoe family is weakening.

There’s no way I’m going to get on with it.”

“Is that right”


And that’s, the guy at the bottom.

He’s hiding it well, but he’s getting married and divorced repeatedly to rise in the world.

Not now, but he’s applying with anticipation to nee-san coming after me.

My sister became my adopted daughter to make me the head, but if that was cancelled, nee-san will be my nee-san.”

“……See, right.”


“As I thought, Hermes is a child who can see the essence of things properly.

If you take it seriously like that, you’ll be a wonderful head who is second to none in the past.”

Dangerous, it was unnecessary trouble.

“We,well that’s it.

Even though my father hasn’t gotten married yet, her daughter will come first huh, it’s about my father’s dignity that’ll be affected.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Nee-san indeed said “I know” at my face.

Kuh…… well, it’s fine.

Nee-san has a lot of stuff to say, but there’s no problem if it’s only nee-san.

However, even a proper marriage is likely not good right now.

Eventually, I’m going to instigate my vassals, to let me go down under nee-san.

That’s why,

“I won’t let nee-san be anyone’s wife.


I realized after declaring it.

That remark was quite real and serious. (TN: Sister/Daughter route is the first one, God!!)

I hurriedly looked at her, since I think that it would be bad if nee-san could see me being serious and be hit by her again.


Nee-san was looking at me without saying anything.

Her face is red, and her eyes are sloppy.

“What’s wrong, nee-san”

“Right no,now”

“Right now”

“Right now …… say it again”


I see, she wants to draw out my serious remark once again huh.

I won’t get on at that hand, nee-san.

I, won’t say it out seriously.

“I won’t let nee-san be a bride anywhere”

This time, I declare it somewhat lightly.

“Yes…… I understand……”


Nee-san turned increasingly red and hanged down.

Those cliché words, the Hermes who took it out with great seriousness, didn’t come out.

Her red face is increasingly turning red because she’s getting huffy, fufu.

The deception is successful.

“Hey …… Hermes”

“What nee-san”

“My face now, I can’t show it to anyone.”

This is the second time, isn’t it I know.

Not having such a frivolous face, it’s my usual nee-san.

The next day, in the audience room.

Mimis wished for me to meet with a terribly difficult face.

The other party is not the vassals, but only Mimis, Moreover, he has specified the presence of nee-san.

Only three of us are here, me, Mimis, and nee-san.

Not a lot of combinations.

Did something happen

“What is your business today”

“I’ll ask frankly.

I heard that the Head intends to reject all of Sora-sama’s marriage proposals.”

Mimis took out an engagement photograph, and dazzled it to me.

What appear was the thing nee-san threw over the horizon (so-i), but I wonder if the same thing has arrived at the hand of my first vassal, Mimis.

That’s, he dazzled it so that I could see it.

“Ah, that’s right, but”

“The reason is”


Because that is what it was.

I don’t have a reason to give to my vassals, but ――

“One theory, is that you don’t want to let her go because you’re having wicked thoughts towards Sora-sama, there are rumors like that”


What is that misconception that has no basis or roots.

Because I’m in love with nee-san, is that what you’re saying What is that.

Seriously, what the hell is that!

“It’s been rumored among the maids.”


Ha~, so that’s what it was.

Yesterday! It was that yesterday!

In the exchange between me and nee-san, she had her face red.

They cut it out only at that part and made a good guess.

Bad, this is bad.

I want people to think of me as incompetent or domineering, but this is bad.

I mean, it’s nay.

“That’s not the case.”

“Then, why is it”

“Mimis, isn’t this also your responsibility”

My sister, who was silent beside me, opened her mouth.

It’s also nee-san’s own honor, so it seems that she’s trying to explain it.

Yeah, rather than me who is a little panicky, nee-san may be more suitable here.

I thought so and left it to my sister.

“My responsibility …… What do you mean”

“Hermes investigated it properly.

Most of them just applied in order to take over the Canoe family or use the family name.”



The words of me and Mimis overlap.

It’s strange for me to raise my voice in a flow-like.

Mimis looked at me.

“Uh, ah……”

“What’s wrong Hermes, this is, what Hermes told me yesterday isn’t it.”

“I,indeed, but.”

Kuh, it’s nee-san’s plot!

“And then, this guy named Taratos”

“Oh, that young man has the most potential ——”

“Hermes has found out that he is an upstart who has been married and divorced repeatedly.”



Mimis and I raise our voices at the same timing again.

But this time, Mimis, couldn’t afford to look at me.

The reason I was able to completely persuade nee-san, also worked for Mimis as well.

“I’m going to seriously examine it out once again.”

“A, acknowledged”

Mimis was being guilty of nee-san ―― and after that he bowed to me with momentum to dogeza.

He changed his complexion, and rushed out of the audience hall.

What remained was me and nee-san.

“Nee-san…… you plot this”

“Aara, what’s the matter”

“Mou…… it’s a secret but I don’t get serious……”

I was hanging my head.

I was thoroughly cheated by my sister.




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