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Defying Gravity

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


At night, we opened a party in the mansion.


Shou, Lina, and the royal family had officially appointed me as a Viscount, and according to the aristocratic tradition, we then held a party.


The participants included Shou and Lina, as well as my sister and Mimis, and the vassals from my side.

And Tadias, Pindus’ merchants and other influential people.


They were invited to a party where blessings and flattery have flown away, without any special mentions.


In the midst of all this, Lina started talking to me.

In the form of a dress, she has a quiet but elegant appearance, and it was truly a figure that makes the royal family admirable.


As expected, since she was one of the guests this time, when Lina spoke to me, the other attendees were attentive and moved away into the distance.


“You’ve done it”


“The Slime Lord.

You beat that well.”

“……You comprehend that huh”

“He’s there after all”



What does she mean by he’s there after all


“Will you hang-out with me”

“You too hah, brutus*!”

“I’ve got a good reason.”


Lina quietly raised her hand, and pointed behind me.

When I turned around and followed her pointing finger with my eyes, I saw Sacos staring at me in the corner of the hall.


He’s the man in charge of the practice of this ceremony, so it’s natural that he’s involved, and he invited me to act as if nothing had happened.

That guy, was staring at me as if I am an enemy of his parents.


“What’s wrong with him”

“That one is famous for his greed.

He should’ve asked you for a bribe.”


“Thereupon, with that face of yours, I could imagine that I’ve hit the spot.

And because of his character, he tried to humiliate you at some point in the ceremony.

If that’s the case, then the only thing he could do was to prepare a Slime Lord.”

“I see”


It wasn’t a complete hit-ish huh.


“Is he really that bad of a guy”

“He’s a minor character.

It’s just”


“He’s a snake”

“In conclusion, he’s vindictive huh”

“Yes, to the extent that everyone here knows it.”


I look at Sacos again.

That guy is still glaring this way.


As Lina has said, he has a terrible covetous look, which is a reminiscent of a reptile.

He wouldn’t be able to do much, but it would be tiresome, I thought.


It became a situation that seemed to be even more troublesome.


Perhaps because I look at him twice, while smiling broadly, he approaches me.


“Take care”


Lina said in a half-teasing tone, and moved away from me.

So, you’ve decided to watch on from afar huh……. Well, I know that she knows his personality, so I understand that she doesn’t want to get involved with him willingly.


I also wanted to avoid him, but today I’m the host here, so I can’t run away.


In the mean of that, Sacos came right in front of me.


“Once again, I would like to congratulate you on your inauguration as Viscount. Viscount-sama.”



I was vigilant.

Sacos put a particular emphasis on his pronunciation of “Viscount”.


What is he trying to do from there I thought, and responded with caution.

It’ll be unlikely that there’s nothing.


Because his eyes are still dark, obstinate, and disgusting right now.


I was on alert, ready to deal with anything that comes on my way ―― it came.


His words had nothing to do with it at all, no, that one was probably a decoy.

While I was distracted by that ―― it feels like I have gotten heavier.


It’s the feeling of being crushed by something.

This is…… gravity!


My whole body felt like it was being crushed against the ground.

It seems that he applied gravity magic on me.


Broadly grinning, Sakos distorts the corners of his mouth.

I see, so he’s gonna use gravity magic to make me kneel down in front of everyone’s eyes huh.

……No, it’s different.


Sacos has a proud face and at his feet ―― he looks at his shoes.

His face became even more vicious than before.


I won’t just make you kneel, you’ll crawl over and lick my shoes.


I felt Sacos’ nasty malice to the extent that I could hear such an empty voice.


The gravity continues to increase.

With my body sense, I can feel that it’s 10 times more than usual …… 15 times …… 20 times …… it’s still increasing.


It stopped at a certain point, but the gravity was such that if it was a normal person, he would have been crushed or even fainted under it.

Of course, I’m not going to kneel, licking his shoes is out of the question too.


I thought while standing.

I observed my surroundings.


There’s no change in space.

I can’t see any distortion or creaking at all.


In other words, it’s a magic which isn’t applied to the space at all, but on my body with pinpoint accuracy.


Then, it’s best not to do anything.

Do nothing, I won’t do anything.

It’s best to act that way.


Fortunately, there is no change in the appearance of my body either.

It’s best to let this go over uneventfully.


“I’m sorry to have put you through a lot of trouble.”


To aristocrats and officials, I greeted him with the usual language appropriate for public occasions.

Then, Sacos became astonished.


“This is stupid! You’re acting as if it’s normal The gravity should have been 30 times more than normal.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


I said so, and held out my hand.


“Once again, I express my gratitude”


I asked Sacos to shake hands.

The host of the place, moreover the Viscount, have asked him for a handshake.

Although Sacos was in a state of being angry and surprised, half-heartedly, he reached out and grabbed my hand.




I could see that his complexion had changed.

Even if it doesn’t look like anything, I can tell it by touching him.

I, could feel that he was resisting the force of gravity being applied on me.


“Thi,this is stupid, fifty times”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about for a while now.”


Then, I pretended I didn’t know about it.


And then Sacos, looking pale, shook off my hand and ran away.

If I do it this much, he won’t do anything to me anymore.

And this time, I’m confident with myself.


In any case, it’s in public, in front of the public.


It looked like as if nothing had happened on the outside, so I’m sure it was the same no matter where anyone looked.


But ―― for some reason, the people’s eyes around me were strange.

Astonishment, and respect.




“Nothing occurred hah.”

“Shou—— Prince your highness ”


Another royalty spoke to me.

It’s the third prince, Shou Za Aegina.


“What do you mean by nothing occurred”

“A’re, he tried to lay something on you, right”


Shou asked, while glancing in the direction where Sacos ran off to.


“Eh Uhmm……”

“Don’t hide it, or rather, even if you hide it, no one will believe you.”


“It’s not like him to walk away humiliated and without saying anything, everyone here knows that.”

“……Speaking of which”


I remember Lina saying something like that earlier.

She said that he was famous for being as obstinate as a snake.


……Wait, that means.

No way ……



“Am I, exposed”

“You’ve brushed off some pretty amazing stuff without a hitch.

That’s how I took it.”


Shou lightly declared.

I looked around timidly.


“What did he do ……”

“An instant death curse”

“No, that’s too sweet, if he’s going to use a curse, he might as well try to attack Lina-sama.”

“There was once a person who he cursed to extinction.”


The whispering around me, was a testament to Sacos’ obstinateness.


Simultaneously, indirectly.

They were admiring the greatness of what I get through without incident.


“What am I supposed to do……”


Thus, I hang my head.


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