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Threaten the Scoundrel

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


“His Royal Highness the Third Prince, and Lina-sama are here to see you.”



In the audience hall, I was listening to Mimis’ report, but the names that I can’t overlook came out in quick succession.


Shou Za Aegina, and Lina Mi Aegina.

They’re both royalty and influential people, and both are annoying people who are giving me unwelcome favor and keeping an eye for me.

I felt sweat break out on my back at the mention of those two names at the same time.


“Why …… are the two of them here”

“Did you not hear the story”


Mimis made an amazed face.

No, you know that I’m not listening to most of what you are saying while I’m in my official duties…… no way.


Mimis’ amazement was also a reflection of the magnitude of the matter.


“It’s about the story that you have been officially named as the Head and the Baron House of Canoe has climbed up to a Viscount.”



It’s finally here huh.

There has been a lot of talk about that lately, so I thought I was prepared for it to some extent, but it finally came huh.


“His highness the Prince and Lina-sama are coming for the ceremony.”

“……I see”

“The two will be arriving the day after tomorrow, and prior to that, Sacos Venice, will be arriving tomorrow to get everything set up.”

“……Who’s that”

“……He is the confidant of His Excellency’s prime minister.”


Mimis had shocked eyes.


“I heard he was a man who is capable in practical aspects.”

“I see”


After that, I didn’t listen to the rest of his report, or rather, it didn’t enter my ears.


There’s gonna be Shou, Lina, and a man who seems to be competent in his job as the Prime Minister’s confidant.

I’ll be promoted from Baron to Viscount …… it’s finally here huh……



The next day, in the drawing room.

I was facing a middle-aged man.


“You’re Baron Canoe huh”



The first person to ask this was the man named Sacos, who was said to be the Prime Minister’s confidant.

I’m honestly surprised at his wordings and attitude.


“I, for one, think I’m aware of the situation.”


“Two Cross Medals just by defeating the Slime Lord alone.

I wonder how much did you pile up on his royal highness the prince and the others.”


Full of meaning, Sacos laughs nastily.

He cut straight to the chase, leaving out all the roundabout things.


I see, so that’s what he thought.

Well, I was convinced that some people might think so.


“Oh, well, let’s not ask about that.

That’s not what’s important.”



Then, what is it

I thought that and waited for Sacos’ next words, but he just grinned and said nothing.


What is it What does he mean ―― I wondered for about ten seconds.


Then, it hit me.


I have to give him a bribe, too.


He didn’t tell me that, but it felt like I could hear it loud and clear.

He realized that I bribed the two members of the royal family, which I could understand.


Sacos was saying that.


I haven’t done that, and of course I don’t feel like stacking this guy up.


“What should I do tomorrow”


And, when I asked about the ceremony, Sacos’ complexion changed.


“……Can I take that as being disrespectful Or, should I take that as being ignorant”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


When I feigned ignorance, Sacos became even more ill-humored.

He glared at me, and turned his face red as if he was a boiled octopus.


He looked as if he was about to explode at any moment, but it felt like he was able to endure it.


“Fine, I’ll wait until tonight”


Saying it just like a parting threat, he left the drawing room.


Needless to say, waiting all night tonight, means that “I’ll forgive you if you bring a bribe tonight”.


Of course, I’m not going to give anything to him.

I ignored the matter with Sacos, and went on with my day as it is.



The city of Pindos.

In the large open square used for the annual harvest festival, a ring was made with a rush construction work.


It took about two days of rush work in order to complete it, including the pre-testing, but its workmanship isn’t inferior to that of the royal capital arena.


“Why an arena”

“I can understand that it’s a sideshow for the ceremony.”


It was Mimis who answered.

As the inhabitants of the city enter the audience seats of the arena one after another, we are watching it.



“Indeed, I’ve heard that the purpose of it is for the Head to actually kill the Slime Lord that led to your promotion to Viscount.”

“I see”


In other words, he wants me to beat the Slime lord one more time in public.

Well, that’s fine.


It’s gotten to the point where everyone who knows me knew that I took down the Slime lord, and I did the same with the Mu’s doll when I was being observed by Lina.

It’s okay for me to do it in front of a lot of people.


“Then, Head, I’ll go to prepare for the ceremony ……”



I nodded, and sent Mimis on his way.

After looking at the ring for a while, Sakos arrived, which I expected.


He comes up behind me and lines up right next to me.


“The Baron-sama is stubborn.”


Unlike yesterday, probably because he didn’t know where he might be overheard, Sacos used courteous wordings.


“I’m going to ask you one last time. Are you alright”


I don’t know if it’s a roundabout way or straightforward.

Sacos demands for such a well incomprehensible bribe.


“What are you talking about”


I naturally feign ignorance.


“I see.

That’s regretful.”


Until the end, he kept his courteous wordings, but his face and voice were clearly angry, and Sacos walked away steadily.


Is he going to do something to me


That thought made me a little cautious.


However, there was nothing.

Shou and Lina came and greeted me, and they said words of expectations on me.


I was afraid he was going to try something in front of the two royalties, but there was no such thing.


Eventually, the area around the ring was filled with the citizens, and the two royalties took their places in front, in the seats of honor.


A Slime Lord was released on the ring.

The Slime Lord bounces around, but it is blocked by an invisible wall and can’t get out of the ring.


The sequence of events is to defeat this Slime lord in front of the public, and then receive the words of promotion of Viscount from the Prince.


First up is the Slime Lord.


The correct answer here would be the same as before, taking my time to defeat the Slime lord while holding back.


While remembering that experience, I head to the ring.


Sacos was on the way.


Tired of being asked again at the end, I disregarded him and went up to the ring ―― at that moment.


I lose strength, and something weighs heavily on my body.

It was the moment when I went up to the ring.


What’s this.


“It’s a barrier”


Outside the ring, Sacos, who I just passed by, said so.

His expression was respectful because he was in public, but his voice was full of malice.



“Within this barrier, Canoe-sama’s power is one tenth of what it is, while the monsters are twice as strong.

That’s the way this barrier is.”

“…… You set me up huh.”


Still, it’s not too late, you know.”


Grinning …… it felt like I saw a sickening smile on his face.

It was really unpleasant; I didn’t want to talk about it anymore.


I went straight ahead.

Blocked by the barrier, I head towards the Slime Lord bouncing around here and there.


“Do you intend to die”



I didn’t answer, I didn’t have to.


I was just one tenth, and the Slime Lord was twice as strong.


『An everlasting and unchanging being that lives in ancient times and nurtures time.

Gather at my will and burn up the impureness! Primal Flame! 』


After my chanting, a fire is released.

The flames, limited to the tenth of its original size, quickly engulfed the Slime lord.


One tenth of me, the Slime Lord was twice as strong.

The difference in my power that was reduced with that ratio made it easier for me to adjust by feel than usual.


The Slime Lord is engulfed in flames, slowly burning away.

It burns a little faster than it regenerates.


Turning a glance at him, Sacos was at a loss for words.


“Tha,that’s stupid…… he’s inside the barrier”


The astonished look on his face was also an angry one.


I decided to threaten him a little.

While burning the Slime Lord, I use another magic.


The Slime Lord changed shape.

The amorphous monster gradually changed its form and took on the appearance of a human.


It has the same look as Sacos.


The Slime Lord, which became Sacos, was burned, while groaning.

Same as I did before, I adjusted it by feel and baked it slowly.

The difference was that before it was a doll, but this time, it had the appearance of Sacos.


I glanced at the Sacos, and he let out a little scream “hii”.

While looking at him, I move my fingers intentionally.

Then the flames swelled explosively, and the Slime lord was completely vaporized.


And then, I grin.

I lifted one of the corners of my mouth dexterously.




Sacos fell on his butt.

My threat seemed to have gotten through.


If you do any more suspicious stuff to me, I’ll burn you just like that ―― Of course, a man of Sacos’ degree won’t be eager to it, but it seems that it was transmitted plenty enough as a threat.


Sacos begins to tremble while on his ass, and probably due to his incontinence, a puddle spreads around his buttocks.


(TN: LOL, nice!!)



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