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The audience hall.

When I listened to the reports of the vassals properly, I was caught with a word that rarely appear in everyday life, and I was curious so I asked back.

It’s rare for me to slip in a word, and Mimis, who reported it, had a surprised face, while answering my question.


A meteorite has fallen on a road outside Pindos.

The road was damaged, and the meteorite is blocking it, so there is a request for its removal and restoration “

“Is it just a meteorite”

“It’s just a meteorite.

There was nothing artificial about it, such as magic power.”

“Fuuhn, meteorite, hah……”

I’m pondering about it.

Mimis knitted his eyebrows at me who just listened and didn’t give any instructions, but nevertheless, he resumes his report for the political affairs.

In the afternoon, I left Pindos.

A meteorite which was blocking the road, I was curious about that.

Needless to say, the road that connects the city and the towns, is a well-maintained highway.

A meteorite fell there.

If it’s humans, they can take a detour, but drawn carriages and horses which can’t do that get stuck.

Distribution of goods stops, and the people in the city were troubled.

I decided to go see what it actually was.

“I’m not going to do it by myself.”

As I walk on the main road, at least I ―― made a firm decision.

It’s always been the case these days, I do something and it often backfires.

That’s why I’ll go see it, give instructions mainly if necessary, but I won’t do it on my own.

Let’s give only instructions which is a natural thing for the head.

This is also the trend recently, but trying to hide it backfires.

“Don’t move the meteorite on your own, do the most obvious thing for a head.”

While muttering so, I proceed along the main road.

On the way, I saw a teahouse where a large number of travelers have stopped and were eating.

They were roughly old men, girls and children.

Men who seem to have physical strength were crowding, and resting a little away from the teahouse.

To be stuck and eating like this, it must have been a huge meteorite.

While wondering how big it is, as I go further――


When I arrived at the scene, I was surprised at the sight in front of me.

The meteorite is there, which is also quite huge―― it was.

Past tense.

The meteorite which makes you wonder if it’s a single-story house that completely blocks the main road, has been broken into small fragments.

A laborer ―― workers who seem to have been hired by the Canoe family are doing the removal work.

It’ll still be a long time before it is completely removed, but enough space has already been created for one wagon to pass through.

When I started to mind that, I look though my shoulder.

However, why was it in small pieces

I’m also curious about that, so let’s take a closer look.

And then,

“It’s a terrific swordsmanship……”

Unintentionally, words of admiration came out of my mouth.

Looking closer, I can see it well.

Meteorite ―― In other words, the huge boulder was not crushed by a blow, but it was torn apart by countless slashes.

“You understand very well.”

One of the workers who picked up my murmur said that with an impressed face.

Geh, I stirred up the hornet’s nest.

“This, was done by Sword Saint Perseus-sama.

We were lucky, Sword Saint-sama happened to be near Pindos.

If he wasn’t, I wonder how many days would it have taken to get rid of this.”

The workers have said that in a tone which boasts about what they have seen.

Apparently, they don’t know about me(head), but if I get involved any more with this, I will come out in this place.

I turned around in silence, and retraced back the way I came.

“What was that, geez, people here are being considerate to inform him”

The worker said dissatisfiedly, and returned to the rock removal work.

As I turn back, I look back over the shoulder, and glance at it.

If it looks like that, it will open sequentially and will return to normal tomorrow.

If so, it’s good.

As the head, I don’t have to do the obvious thing.

If I do something, there’s a high possibility that it’ll backfire.

If they don’t need me, then there’s nothing I want more.


I felt better, and started humming.

On the way, a traveler resting on the roadside saw me like that.

“Oh Perhaps the road has been opened.”

Then, he asked, and I answered, “Ah, you can already pass.”.

While being in good mood, I saw the teahouse that I just passed by.

There are still travelers overflowing in there.

“Ple,please stop for a moment.”

“Hehehe, just a little bit, just a little bit is good right.”

A young female employee at the teahouse, was being sexually harassed by an old man with a cane.

Stroking her buttocks with his trembling hands, the woman hates it.

Everyone in the surroundings were looking at them with a very troubled face, but there’s no one who tries to stop it.


The good mood they had has just been blown away.

I approached the scene of the sexual harassment.

“Oi, cease that”

“Hmm What, a man huh.

I have no use for a man.”

“If it’s sexual harassment you want old man, do it to your wife at home.”

“Hehehe, this ass is an easy delivery type, I wonder if you will give birth with my son* boy or a girl” (TN: This means p*nis by the way.)

“Oi, cease that”

I reached out to stop the old-man who was blatantly reciting what seems to be a pick-up line with my hand.

My spine froze.

An explosive bloodlust pierced my skin.


The next moment, the surroundings, became a scene.

The jii-san made three vertical rotations in the air, and was blowing bubbles with his face to the ground.

“Oops! I couldn’t go easy since it was too strong! Oy, are you okay, jii-san”

I crouch down, and shake the shoulder of jii-san.

Jii-san with my counter, in response to his bloodlust, ate the counter that I instinctively took out, and was completely flattened.

There seems to be no problem with his life, but……

“Oi …… what was that just now”

“When I realized it, the old dude had thrusted his face into the ground.”

The surroundings started to buzz.

…… Hah, this is bad!

The next moment that I thought it was bad, it became even worse.

“Who is that man Sword Saint Perseus-sama in a single blow”

“Sword Saint!”

The surprised me, was staring at the stretched jii-san.

And then, at this late hour I notice it.

I didn’t notice it because of the strong thirst for blood in his way, but the jii-san’s cane was drawn out a little and I can see a blade.

It was a swordstick.

“Sword Saint”

“Sword Saint, you said, he’s that”

“Yes, that.”

The buzz spreads.

At the same time, various stares are directed towards me.

Surprise and …… respect.

Moreover, respect and such things spread like ripples on the surface of the water.

Again …… have I done it


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