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Chapter 61 (Part 1)

“WalーWartime Battalion Commander!!”

Called by an unfamiliar rank, Walm called on the soldiers on both sides while slashing the belly of the pierced hobgoblin.

“I’ll leave the position for a while.”

“Yes sir! Leave it to us!!”

After receiving a reliable reply, Walm turned to the soldier who called him. The soldier, who seemed to have run all the way, was out of breath, and his complexion was almost pale to the point of collapse.

“What happened”

A broken radio-like noise was generated from the feet where the red liquid spread. 

Stop making noise…

Walm let his halberd pierce the big figure. It was a hobgoblin but the voice that came out wasn’t so different from normal goblins. With more than enough Company Commanders or those with higher rank being buried in the ground, Walm was now reluctantly given the rank of Wartime Battalion Commander, and couldn’t give attention to only the enemies anymore. 

The messenger continued with a quivering voice.

“The-There is an emergency order from the Wartime Brigade Commander.”

Justus, who was the only Commander on the ramparts during the attack on the Fire Emperor Dragon, escaped from the Dragon Breath, and was now the Wartime Brigade Commander. Even after losing the HQ soldiers who were originally the pillars that supported the brigade, except for the temporary walls, given the busyness of the soldiers, moving supplies here and there, and changing personnel day and night, the fact that there were still this many activities, it could be said that Walm was still blessed.

“From the Brigade Commander Talk immediately”

Walm wasn’t surprised at what he said, but as he understood the content, his palpitations stopped. The reality that he didn’t want to admit struck him.

“Request for help to defend the northern walls, a group of ogres broke through the walls. Both soldiers and refugees there are dead, and they could use “Skill” and “Magic”!!! “

“The northern wall…”

Talking about which wall would break first, it would have been the temporary wall. Walm felt that the number of small monsters had increased, so he was sure that an army of monsters would attack the half-destroyed wall, but it was actually only a large number of decoys, and the northern wall that the guards kept being extracted was attacked with the main force.

He didn’t expect the monsters could exert such a strategy.

If the wall packed with a large number of soldiers is broken through in a short time, there is a high possibility that elite monsters and also the commander is there.

Walm must immediately bring together the rescue team and rush in, but the question was how to maintain the temporary walls that he was in charge of.

Even though the number had decreased, as many as 10,000 monsters were still trying to break through. If he left the personnel without much thinking, two sides of the wall might fall. If that happened, the Dandurg Castle would be completely destroyed.

Walm’s troops were 500 regular soldiers and 1300 militias. Many were heavily injured and tired, and the number of militias wearing armor was small. When it came to regaining the walls and pushing back the monster from inside the castle, the militias who relied on the walls and concentrated only on what was in the front of them would be useless.

He needed a large number of regular soldiers who were strong enough to fight in the turmoil.

“Where is Company Commander Friug!”

The name Walm shouted was one of the four Platoon Commanders entrusted to him by the Wartime Brigade Commander Justus.

He and the other one were made to be a Company Commander by Walm.

“I’m here, sir!”

The face looked rough and the whole body was slightly dirty, but the eyes hadn’t lost their sharpness.

“The northern wall has been breached by a group of powerful ogres.

Soldiers must be sent from the temporary wall to clear the castle and recapture the wall.”

“No way, the northern wall has…”

It was Friug who lost words, but he immediately indulged in thought.

“I shall leave the command of this place left to you.

I will lead a team to embark on a recapture.

How many regular soldiers do you need here”

Friug, who hesitated a little, asked one question.

“The skilled soldiers, may I know who do you plan to leave here, sir”

“Platoon Commander Napolk, the adventurer Amy, and the Deborah family.”

“Are you joking We’re just citizens.”

Do you think a normal citizen can kill a bicorn

Walm, who was about to spit out the word to the woman who was holding two horns of a bicorn, barely swallowed it back.

“You’re already a militia.

Deborah, many even call you a Wartime Platoon Commander, you know”

Even a capable militia was regarded as a Platoon Commander or a Squad Commander.

There just wasn’t enough power in the current Dandurg Castle.

Anyone who could be used at this time, no matter whether it was a dog or a cat, would be used to the fullest.

“Hahahah, Highserk people are crazy!!”

Deborah laughed loudly, but there was no clear refusal.

Friug, who came up with the answer during his interaction with Deborah, spat out words.

“I will keep here for half a day with only half, 250 regular soldiers.”

After receiving a clear reply, Walm called out the commander’s name under his umbrella.

“Wake, gather the soldiers of your company.

We’ll head to rescue the northern walls.

Jol, your platoon too.”

Wake’s company plus Jol’s platoon to reach 250 soldiers. The commanders of both units embarked on a gathering of scattered troops.

Walm also called the names of two adventurers who were demonstrating their skill and power on the front lines.

“Al, Fleck, you guys are coming.

I need a hand-to-hand combat expert.”

“Am I not coming too”

“Amy’s 《Strong Shoot》 shines in a defensive battle, it can’t be helped.”

“This time, a flock of ogres There’s really no break.”

“Really, it’s too much.

I’ll die from overwork at this rate.”

The adventurers seemed to be tired of seeing monsters. Still, they had become accustomed to the battlefield to the extent that they could have a small talk now and then.

After gathering troops, Walm set out to recapture the northern walls.

As Walm and his team approached the northern walls, the turmoil grew. While diverting himself from the flow of fleeing civilians, Walm raised his voice to keep the soldiers from losing themselves in the mayhem.

“Don’t stop! We’ll definitely take back the walls!!”

A halberd was thrust into the wolf that covered a refugee’s back, and it was twisted and slammed into the stone pavement. The guards supposedly around the northern walls were hardly seen. From the walls, monsters slid down into the castle one after another.

The damage was terrible.

The entire cobblestones were flooded with fresh blood, and even soldiers who were about to trample the viscera on the ground and fall over could be seen. There were fewer places where there were no dead bodies, and it had become a slaughterhouse for the monsters. The monster began to turn to the rescue force to have their next meal.

Walm was no exception, and four goblins who were playing with the corpse until just a moment ago were approaching. A goblin that slashed a poor dagger against the waist was scooped up from the bottom with a halberd, the lower jaw was crushed, and the brain was stirred.

Walm slammed the temporal region of the second goblin, which had stepped into the gap, with a stab.

Its eyeballs trembled, and it turned in a weird direction.

Stepped back a little and thrust the halberd. A third goblin slammed a club in the place where Walm was, but a was opened in its throat.

The last goblin jumped at Walm while swinging a hatchet, but the tip of the halberd was directed toward the body, and the goblin skewered in the air. Walm then casually slammed it into the cobblestones and trampled the head with his feet.

“York corps with the remaining northern wall garrison shall hold down the ramparts.

The rest of the corps shall wipe out the monsters inside.”

Inside the castle, soldiers, ordinary people, and monsters were mixed, and a wide range of attacks like 《Demon Fire》 wasn’t an option. If Walm used it, more people would die than monsters.

All he could do was kill them one by one. 

The soldiers around him would only be in the way, so he spread out the soldiers and started to wipe out the monsters.


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