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Carrying a basket, Walm was walking around in the woods while holding a handy stick. This was to maintain a good diet.

After all, it was difficult to completely fill the stomach of a family with just fields alone. While his parents were working hard in the fields, Walm was working hard collecting edible wild plants in the mountains.

It wasn’t just 12-year-old Walm. He was with his older brother, who was two years older. He climbed up the slope, squeezed the fallen leaves, and filled the basket.

It was hard work on the child’s body, but strangely Walm didn’t feel it.

His brother ran through the forest as if inviting Walm to join him. Walm hesitated a little, but he understood that sometimes he needed to show appropriate behavior to his age.

While running, Walm became absorbed in chasing his brother’s back. Not long after, Walm struck the back of his brother, who was a slow runner.

“I’ve caught up”

Even though Walm felt a slight embarrassment, he said so with a triumphant look. His lungs screamed and his legs quivered, but a win was still a win.

“For someone short, you sure fast.”

His brother’s hand stroked Walm’s head.



A berry tree full with the fruits at the point where my brother pointed.

“You’re amazing”

Walm praised his brother. He had seen small berries several times before, but they had a lot of competitors and were a source of conflict with the stupid brats in the neighborhood.

However, this was the frontier. There were many slopes, and overall, the foothold wasn’t good. This place, which was close to the Demon Territory, had always been a sanctuary that didn’t allow intruders.

“It’s a secret to the other guys, because you’re just growing up.”

Walm stuffed berries with his brother to his mouth. His hands were dyed red and his nails and mouth smelled sweet and sour.

It was a sanctuary where beasts didn’t approach, but birds aiming the berries occasionally gathered. Seeing that, Walm with shiny eyes said.

“There are even birds.

It’s great that food comes by itself.”

“…Huff, really, what a cold guy.

Have you never thought that birds were beautiful or cute Your brother is really worried you know Even Dad and Mom are worried since you’ve never let them spoil you.”

For Walm, worried by a boy far younger than himself seemed so humorous. Still, his brother’s good intentions felt itchy but warm at the same time.

“Well, but it’s still a treat.”

His brother had a dark smile on his face as he agreed with Walm. 

Walm and his brother, who used berries as bait and made traps from ivy plant, twigs, and branches, secured enough protein and vitamins for their families to eat and triumphally returned home.

『”Aa, U, EeeeeuuUU, AA, aaaAAAAA!!”』

Suddenly, the image of the world solidified. Walm held his head and clenched his teeth in pain that shacking his brain. He couldn’t even open his eyes because of the pain.

Walm couldn’t swallow the situation. 

What am I doing What am I doing

Walm, who was asking himself repeatedly, arrived at the answer.

That’s it. I’m done with my work. I need to go home.

Slowly opened the eyes.

What was in the vision was, a railway level crossing, with the warning light shining bright red.

The sound of railroad crossings echoed forever. It was a familiar road. The road that Takakura Raizou ​​took over and over thousands of times.

A 10-car train passed by with a loud noise. It was so fast that no one could see the figures inside.

I forgot something. What am I forgetting

The warning light dimmed, and the barrier slowly rose.

That’s it. I have to go home. 

Raizou ​​continued on the way to his house.

Curiously, only the streetlights and houses on the way back were shining faintly. Confused by the situation, Raizou looked back, there, was only darkness. And, it was slowly approaching, there was no doubt about that.

I can’t be swallowed by that.

Raizou ​​instinctively realized so.

Turned right, went straight at the crossroads to the left, and went through the park for a shortcut.

Something could be heard by Raizou. It was a sound that shouldn’t exist.

The swing, which should be empty, was moving slowly. There was a translucent figure there. The sound of running up the slide innocently echoed.

I’ll arrive at the apartment soon.

Raizou saw the exterior that would show its age soon.

But then, he ​​stopped his foot. He saw a person, lying down in front of the building.

It was Takakura Raizou.

Something is strange. Something is strange. 

Walm’s thoughts were knocked down into a chaotic crucible, but a ray of light came down.

Yeah, that’s right. ​​Takakura Raizou is dead.

The wrinkles disappeared from the hands. Once he put the hand on the head, he felt the richness of the hair. 

Walm sighed without trying to hide his tiredness.

There, a black hole appeared in the place where the body was. 

The more I look at it, the weirder it gets.

Walm smiled bitterly, looking at the hole.

Before he knew it, all-black midgets surrounded Walm and the black hole.

The world had gone all black except around the apartment.

“Do you want me to go in”

When Walm asked, one of the black midgets clapped his short hands. The others did the same in a chain.

“Are you seeing me off Well, I don’t hate it.”

When Walm stepped in, he slowly sunk.

The black midgets applauded as if they were complimenting their child. Walm felt like he was being ridiculed, but the stupid sight made him smile.

Now that Walm saw it once again, he thought that the black midgets were somewhat charming.

Leaving himself in a mysterious sensation like in a dream, Walm left himself in the drowsiness.

TN: Personally, I interpret this『”Aa, U, EeeeeuuUU, AA, aaaAAAAA!!”』 , as the scream of Takakura Raizou, even though it’s Walm on the outside.


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