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Map 6

Red: Warring Countries (Craist Kingdom and Liberitoa Trade Federation) and area (Carorolaia Vein)

Yellow: Controlled area under the Highserk Empire’s remnant army

Purple: Demon Territory

Light blue: Sea and Big Lakes

Brown: Neutral Countries, and Principality of Myard

Peach-Skin Colour: Galmud Archipelago

Blue: Republic of Maylis

Green: Aleinard Forest Alliance

Firstly, the Highserk Empire placed top priority on rebuilding the transportation routes between the remnant of the eastern and southern army, and aimed to rebuild the nation based on the funds collected from the magical silver mine.

Secondly, the Flame Emperor Dragon invasion route, called the Flame Emperor Dragon Corridor, would be incorporated into the isolated Myard to connect the community as well as a huge trade route and transportation route.

When that was done, the remaining forces that survived the Dandurg Siege residing in Myard (Celta) would be collected.

Liberitoa and Craist tried to expand their territory surrounding the shore of the Celta Lake while keeping an eye out for the Flame Emperor Dragon where whereabouts were unknown.

Although there was a logistical revolution called magic bags, water transportation on Lake Celta was the most important point in terms of logistics in the region, and it had great value from the perspective of water supply and sea product supply.

The influx of population from the surrounding area would be used as soldiers and to scrape the Demon Territory, strengthening the overall force.

Some of them achieved remarkable results in a short period of time, ironically becoming important forces in the two countries, Craist and Liberitoa.

The magical silver mine would be placed under the joint control of the Dalimarx family and the remnant of Southern Army, and would be filled with most of the surplus population of the southern region of Highserk.

Work that could lead to some serious mining injuries would be done by slaves obtained in the civil war, and with the same sweet words that labor was the way to freedom, the length of detention would also be reduced according to the degree of danger of the work.


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