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Chapter 373 – Girl and expanding connections – Part three

“It’s time to go.”


Good luck with Rezzed.”

Mister Sadda is our representative to speak with Rezzed, because he knows the Kingdom of Migha very well.

Mister Oshashio and others are going with him.

I wish I could go too, but I can’t.

I wonder what the people of Rezzed are like.

The people that said they want to meet me.

It’s going to be a while until I get to speak with them.

And it’ll be a while before I can go to Lunid too.

I’m feeling a mixture of excitement and uneasiness.

I go talk to Mister Ilma.

“Rezzed To be honest, I am not very familiar with Rezzed either.

I have only stayed in one country of the Confederation of Saff.

But since this is a request by none other than Miss Lerunda, I will tell you everything I know.”

“Thank you.”

Mister Ilma always sounds so earnest when he talks to me.

He wouldn’t act this way if I wasn’t the miko, would he But I think he would still be kind to me even if I was just a normal kid.

Still, the way he looks at me with a sparkle in his eyes tickles.

And of course, Miss Shehan is here in Mister Ilma’s place too.

They’re not lovers, but I feel like they’ve become closer.

I feel people around them see them kind of like lovers already, but only the two of them really know what their relationship is like.

And Doanea is here next to me, looking sleepy.

“First of all, the Confederation of Saff is composed of fourteen countries.”


“Yes, the Confederation of Saff was formed when fourteen countries joined together.

Before I came here, I was in a country called Yowa.

To be honest, I didn’t leave with a positive impression of this country.

I hear Rezzed is led by a young king who has only recently inherited the throne.

Policy of the confederation itself is decided by an assembly, so if over half the members of the confederation agree on something, that becomes its policy.”

“So if someone disagrees with a proposal, but it passes because most of them agree with it, it becomes like their own opinion”

“Yes, exactly.

For example, even if Rezzed disagrees with something, if it is passed by the assembly, it becomes the official stance of the entire confederation.”

“…It sounds complicated.”

There are different kinds of countries, but this confederation sounds complicated.

Not that a country ruled by a single king isn’t complicated too…

Is this sort of trouble going to happen here too, as the village becomes a country I have to learn more about this kind of country.

“Yes, it is difficult.

Also, I hear that Rezzed has many people who are good at fighting monsters, since their country borders the forest.

This country values people’s skills a lot instead of just their status, and is quite strong militarily when compared to its small size.

This also led a lot of people in the country where I stayed, Yowa, to call them savages.”

“So they’re very strong”

“I have never actually seen it, so I don’t know how it is in reality, but that is what I heard.

And I think they are choosing to become involved with you, the miko, now because they are focused on what is coming.

I hear relations between the Kingdom of Fairytrof and the Confederation of Saff are worsening, so it probably has to do with this.

I think the King of Rezzed, while young, has a lot of dynamism.”

“Young How old is he”

“From what I hear, he is in mid to late teens.

Although I am not sure myself.”

“He’s not that much older than me…”

I’m twelve, almost thirteen.

I think it’s incredible that this person is leading a small country in his teens.

Leading a country means you have to think about lots of things.

There’s probably things he has to think about on his own too.

Mister Hicked is like that too.

He’s not that older than me, so it’s incredible that he’s responsible for a country.

I learn a lot of things from the adults around me, and then make decisions.

“I wonder what this King of Rezzed that wants to meet me is like.”

“I’m sure the people who went to the Kingdom of Migha will bring you that information.

I hope we can build a good relationship with Rezzed.”

“You too Mister Ilma”


After all, you don’t get a bad feeling from this country.”

I smile without thinking at how Mister Ilma is always the same.

Miss Shehan on the other hand looks exasperated.

But even though she has that expression on her face, I can still tell she likes him a lot.

I leave Mister Ilma’s house.

I peek back after leaving, and see Mister Ilma and Miss Shehan having a friendly chat.

I hope they can get even closer.

—Girl and expanding connections – Part three

(The miko hears about Rezzed from the priest, and gets excited thinking what kind of people want to meet her.)


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