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Chapter 2182: Abandoning All of ThemTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

They also invested a huge amount of energy and resources.

They had nurtured her so meticulously, yet he was just abandoning her like this

Hall Master Gong really was extravagant!

“It is only a disobedient pet.” Hall Master Gong stated coldly with a wave of his hand.

“Its only a defective product, so it doesnt matter.”

“In that case, Hall Master, are we leaving with the Shuntian Defense right now”

Hall Master Gong nodded.


You first lead them away, and then I will…”

“Hall Master, its awful, its awful.”

Hall Master Gong couldnt help but knit his brows at this, and he looked up coldly at the fat middle-aged man that barged in.

“Wu Meng, how many times have I told you Do not be so flustered whenever something happens!”

“Right, sorry Hall Master.” The fat middle-aged man squirmed and smiled foolishly.

“What happened” Hall Master Gong asked coolly.

“Ah, Hall Master! Someone inside the Shuntian Defense suddenly became afflicted by corpse poison, and he bit whomever he saw.

At present, more than ten thousand people have gotten affected.” Even though that fatty was a bit silly, he rattled off his report quickly and in a logical fashion.

Hence, Hall Master Gongs complexion turned green upon hearing his report.

“This Feng Lan sure has guts to be feigning compliance!” Hall Master Gong laughed sarcastically through gritted teeth.

He raised his head and shouted, “What are you still standing there for Quickly transfer out the unafflicted people from the Shuntian Defense!”

“Hall Master, that is rather difficult to accomplish.” Wu Meng quickly added, “Even though our men have gone to control the situation, this corpse poison acts up extremely quickly.

Anyone who gets bitten will immediately mutate within 15 minutes.”

Hall Master Gong clenched his fists tightly.

“It should be the superior-level zombies corpse poison that we had stored.”

They had originally been experimenting with it on a small scale, yet who knew that Feng Lan would be so heartless and barbaric to use it on the Shuntian Defense.

Was this Shuntian Defense that consisted of 100,000 mystic cultivators and more than a thousand spiritual cultivators about to completely transform into a chaotic zombie army

This d*mn Feng Lan had no scruples about doing so all for her own selfish desire!

He had underestimated a womans desire for vengeance.

Hall Master Gong tightened the obsidian bracelet on his wrist and subconsciously fiddled with that round black stone.

D*mn it!

“Hall Master Should we go out to take a look”

Hall Master Gong shook his head.

“Going to see Feng Lan right now will only make her more complacent.

Quickly lead people over to bring out those from the Shuntian Defense who are still unafflicted.”

“Hall Master, what if in the off chance we mistakenly bring out someone afflicted by corpse poison, and they wreck havoc in the normal group”

Hall Master Gong felt like his head was swelling.

He couldnt help but snap when he heard his subordinate ask something like this.

“Then use all your tricks to ascertain whether a person is safe or not.”

After saying this, he waved for them to scram, while he paced back and forth alone in the main hall.

Afterwards, he took out a jade messenger talisman from his inner world and reported everything that happened to the lord, including Feng Lans disloyalty and the zombie Ah-Li sudden disobedience.

Soon, the other party sent him only a single sentence:Leave them all!

This meant that they were also going to abandon that mutated Shuntian Defense.

Hall Master Gong couldnt help but snigger when he looked at the transfer order token for the Shuntian Defense.

*Smash!* He smashed that transfer order token into pieces.

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