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Chapter 1131: The Birthday Banquet at the Min Family 2Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Gu Ruxue could sense Junyis look, so she showed a smile – this strategist liked her, and she knew it well.

She was now beautifully dressed, and she had to look even more striking than ever.

It was normal that he looked at her in this way.

Gu Ruxue felt very satisfied.

After all, most women liked to be admired for their beauty, and liked to be considered the most beautiful in the whole country.

Gu Ruxue walked forward arrogantly without even taking a glance at Junyi.

She would allow this servant to look at her from below, but she was never going to look at him from above.

As Gu Ruxue walked in front of them, Junyi followed behind them.

Junyi looked at Gu Ruxue, not because he found her striking or beautiful, but because Junyi had never expected that a Crown Prince Consort would be so stupid and inconsiderate – it was a birthday banquet!

What was she wearing She was not as graceful as a Crown Prince Consort should be.

And the Crown Prince allowed her to be dressed like this!

Their purpose was to get support from the Min Family, but the Crown Prince Consort would annoy the Min Family who might feel humiliated!

Junyi sighed and felt anxious, but he couldnt say anything about it, in case his words made things worse.

The Crown Prince was a very arrogant person, and he had never thought about how wrong other people find it.

On the other hand d, the Crown Prince Consort was a very stupid woman and it was impossible to make her change her mind.

Junyi frowned as he followed her.

He almost lost his mind thinking about what to do.

The wagon was already heading towards the Min Mansion.

The Min Mansion was a real noble family, and it was very close to the court, so it took them less than a quarter of an hour to arrive there.

Zhou Huailing got out of the wagon and he offered his hand to help Gu Ruxue down.

Gu Ruxue got out of the wagon with confidence and arrogance, believing that she was going to be the most strikingly dressed at the banquet today.

The Min Family had their own rules for treating guests.

For example, the Old Master and First Ms.

Min would be receiving the guests outside the mansion.

Seeing the wagon from the Crown Princes Mansion pulling over… Old Master and First Ms.

Min bowed to them, and offered to take them back to the Min Mansion.

First Ms.

Min smiled brightly and just looked up.

“Crown Prince Consort, please follow me inside.”

Seeing Gu Ruxue… she almost stiffened.

It was a birthday banquet held for Madame Min, and the banquet was held every tenth year after she became 50 years old.

It was the most solumen banquet held at the Min Family.

First Ms.

Min had never expected that the Crown Prince Consort would be dressed like this at the banquet.

She paused.

What on earth was a Crown Prince Consort

The Crown Prince Consort was the first madame of the mansion, so she should always be dressed elegantly.

“First Ms.

Min, what is going on” Gu Ruxue asked with a smile.

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