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Lu Zhu was speechless.

His temples were throbbing with anger.

Suppressing his anger, he clenched his fists tightly.

What exactly was Lu Nian talking about

Qiao Nian was his biological sister.

If he wasnt gentle with his sister, who would he be gentle with

However, Lu Nian was completely immersed in the fact that his eldest brother was about to poach his second brother.

His frown deepened and he couldnt help but sigh.

Lu Nian thought of Gu Qing, who had just left, and his expression turned even more serious.

“Brother, you used to be cold to other women.

Moreover, Sister Gu Qing has been wooing you for so long, but I havent seen you treat Sister Gu Qing very well!”

“Sister Gu Qing grew up with us.

Shes like our biological sister.

Shes always taking care of me and Third Brother.

Shouldnt you consider Sister Gu Qing first”

At this point, Lu Nian couldnt help but sigh again.

If only Sister Gu Qing hadnt left just now.

He could have pushed Sister Gu Qing directly to his brother and let him take his relationship with Sister Gu Qing seriously.

That way, Big Brother would not think about Second Brothers wife.

Lu Zhu was speechless.

At this moment, Qiao Nian understood what Lu Nian meant.

It turned out that Second Brother had thought that there was something going on between her and Eldest Brother.

He had thought that Eldest Brother was ruining her marriage with Gu Zhou.

Big Brother was so pitiful!

Qiao Nian hurriedly explained for Lu Zhu, “Brother Ah Nian, youve misunderstood Big Brother.

Its not what you think between Big Brother and me.

We dont have that kind of relationship.”

Seeing how serious Qiao Nian was, Lu Nian sighed helplessly again.

His eyes were filled with helplessness as he said softly, “Sister Nian, I know you dont have any other thoughts about Big Brother, but this matter has already been placed in front of us.

I hope youll treat Second Brother well in the future and ignore him! Now, I hope that you and Second Brother can grow old together and have children soon!”

For the first time, Lu Zhu felt that Lu Nian was so stupid.


How was he romantically interested in Sugar

It was clearly a concern between an older brother and a younger sister.

Lu Nian didnt know anything and was spouting nonsense.

Or was it that Lu Nian had been single for too long and did not understand the difference between romantic love and sibling love at all

He felt that Lu Nian was either stupid or blind.

Lu Zhu could no longer be bothered to speak to the fool.

He walked to a chair at the side and sat down.

He wondered when the water in the fools head would all flow out.

When Qiao Nian heard Lu Nians words, she was so anxious that her face turned red.


How could Second Brother misunderstand her and Eldest Brother so much

Actually, Qiao Nian had wanted to find a formal occasion to acknowledge her Second Brother.

But now, she had no choice but to tell Second Brother the truth in advance.

It wouldnt be good if this misunderstanding grew bigger and bigger until it got out of hand.

Qiao Nian hurriedly explained, “Brother Ah Nian, actually, youve misunderstood.

Big Brother and I dont have that kind of relationship.

Im just your…”

Lu Nian looked at Qiao Nians delicate face.

He had always liked Qiao Nian.

In his opinion, only a delicate young lady like Qiao Nian was suitable to be his god sister.

Moreover, Big Brothers feelings for Qiao Nian were also one-sided.

He didnt see any romantic feelings for him on Qiao Nians face.

Lu Nian still couldnt bear to say anything harsh to Qiao Nian.

His mind was in a mess now, so he interrupted Qiao Nian tactfully.

“Sister Nian, one might meet many people in ones life.

Some people can make your heart race, but that doesnt necessarily mean love.

Love should be meeting someone at the right time.

That person will accompany you for the rest of your life.”

“I know that your marriage with Second Brother is just an order from your parents.

If you really dont like Second Brother, please dont hurt him during your marriage.

Its already very hard for him to live.

You can choose to divorce him, but…”

Qiao Nian heaved a sigh of relief and interrupted Lu Nian simply.

“Hes just my brother!”

Lu Nian was stunned.

He felt as if he was hallucinating.

Why did Qiao Nian acknowledge him as her brother again

Lu Nians frown deepened.

His gaze landed on Lu Zhus face.

He did not think that his brother was the kind of person who would casually acknowledge someone as a family member.

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