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Just like before, as soon as this trace of life force transformed by the Goddess Song entered the girls body, the strange Internal Breath in her meridians quickly gathered and pounced over.

This time, Chu Nan did not have any thoughts of resisting and allowed that trace of life force to be swallowed by the strange Internal Breath.

However, the moment his life force was swallowed, he focused all his attention on that moment.

Feeling what happened the moment that trace of life force was swallowed, Chu Nan was immediately stunned.

“No way…”

At that moment, Chu Nan actually felt a sense of déjà vu from the strange Internal Breath.

Chu Nan thought for a moment and transformed another trace of life force to invest.

This trace of life force was quickly swallowed by the strange Internal Breath in the girls body.

After experimenting twice more, through various exquisite data comparisons, Chu Nan finally confirmed that the strange Internal Breath in the girls body was almost 97% similar to when he used the mutated Goddess Song cultivation method!

“No wonder this strange Internal Breath devoured life force and made her originally powerful body so abnormally fragile.

It turns out that its because of this”

Chu Nan lowered his head to look at the girl in surprise, but he could only see her still exposed upper body.

However, his gaze seemed to have penetrated her skin and flesh and entered her meridians, “seeing” the strange Internal Breath.

He did not expect that the strange Internal Breath in the girls body was actually so similar to the mutated Goddess Song cultivation method he had unintentionally discovered.

Did this mean that the Internal Breath cultivation method the girl cultivated was actually similar to the Goddess Song

Of course, the girl was currently in a coma and it was impossible for her to answer Chu Nans question.

Moreover, even if she woke up, the two of them did not speak the same language, so it was impossible for the girl to give Chu Nan a satisfactory explanation.

However, discovering this characteristic was already a huge improvement for Chu Nan, allowing him to have greater confidence in improving the situation in the girls body.

Chu Nan sent another trace of life force into the girls body.

When the strange Internal Breath pounced over, Chu Nan cleverly reversed his control of the spatial energy in this trace of life force and transformed it into a mutated Goddess Song cultivation method.

Therefore, the strange Internal Breath that pounced over seemed to have lost its target at once.

It turned a blind eye and circled the abnormally transformed life force twice in confusion before spreading out.

Chu Nan took the opportunity to let this trace of life force that had been disguised by the mutated Goddess Song fuse into his Internal Breath.

After circulating it for a few rounds, he discovered the deeper characteristics of this Internal Breath.

As he had guessed, this Internal Breath was indeed extremely similar to his mutated Goddess Song cultivation method.

The frequency of the deep Internal Breath vibration and the various reactions when it came into contact with spatial energy was almost identical to the mutated Goddess Song.

However, compared to the mutated Goddess Song that Chu Nan had unintentionally discovered, the cultivation method the girl cultivated clearly had a deeper understanding of “Devour” and “Annihilation”.

It could have a deeper effect on everything it came into contact with, be it the body, Internal Breath, or even life force.

It was even more terrifying than the mutated Goddess Song.

Of course, the mutated Goddess Song Chu Nan discovered also had its own advantages.

It had a more direct effect on life, but in terms of devouring and destroying life force, it was much purer and stronger than the Internal Breath in the girls body.

After confirming this, Chu Nan tidied up the situation when he unintentionally discovered the Song of the Mutated Goddess in his mind and stored all the relevant data in his mind.

He also stored the relevant data regarding this strange Internal Breath that he had gathered from these few tests and began to perform a large amount of deep and detailed analysis.

After a while, the green aura on Chu Nans palm seeped out and a life force that was much stronger than the test penetrated the girls lower abdomen.

The strange Internal Breath in the girls body quickly pounced forward.

However, when it came into contact with this clearly much stronger life force this time, it did not instantly devour it.

Instead, as if it was attracted, it circled around this life force without any conflict.

Chu Nan moved again.

This life force that had been specially adjusted by him circulated in the meridians in the girls body.

The strange Internal Breath also circulated as if it had been guided.

Life force circled in the girls body and naturally seeped into every part of her body.

Then, Chu Nan continuously urged the Goddess Song cultivation method.

A dense green aura continuously entered the girls body from his palm, causing her life force to be greatly replenished.

The injuries that were originally slow to recover quickly recovered under the effect of the Flame of Life.

During this period of time, that strange Internal Breath was like a swarm of bees chasing after flowers.

It followed the life force controlled by Chu Nan and circulated in the girls body, but it could not catch up and did not cause any abnormalities.

It allowed the life force to replenish the girl and the Flame of Life to recover.

Before long, the severely damaged meridians in the girls body had completely recovered, and the other damaged parts of her body quickly recovered.

Not only that, under the injection of powerful life force, the girls originally relatively strange Internal Breath and fragile body had clearly improved because of the supplement of powerful life force.

She no longer looked like she would lose her balance and lose control of her Internal Breath and fall into danger.


The girl suddenly let out a low groan and slowly opened her eyes.

Hearing the voice, Chu Nan turned around and saw the girl looking over.

Due to the supplement of her powerful life force, although the girl had just recovered from her serious injuries, she did not seem weak at all.

Instead, she was in high spirits and looked much stronger than when she woke up a few days ago.

A trace of doubt appeared on her face as she glanced at Chu Nan.

Then, as if sensing something, her gaze moved down and landed on Chu Nans palm on her lower abdomen.

Her expression became even more puzzled.

Chu Nan noticed that she had clearly seen that his upper body was naked and he was touching her lower abdomen with his right hand.

He was not far from her vital points and immediately felt awkward.

As soon as any girl woke up, if she saw her shirt being taken off and a man pressing his hand on her stomach, she would probably misunderstand that this man wanted to do something to her.

However, Chu Nan was currently concentrating on guiding the strange Internal Breath in the girls body to complete the final recovery work.

He did not dare to casually pull his hand away, or most of his previous efforts would be in vain.

“About that… dont misunderstand, I…”

As soon as Chu Nan spoke, he recalled that he and the girl did not speak the same language, so how could she understand his explanation

When he thought of this, Chu Nan could only smile bitterly and be mentally prepared for the girl to erupt in excitement.

He secretly made a decision.

In order to not waste all his previous efforts, even if he was forced to use force, he had to temporarily calm the girl down.

However, the girls reaction was completely beyond his expectations.

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