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It might be hard to believe, but Gewus residence at the top of the mountain hadnt been renovated in ages despite the painstaking efforts it took him to have it built, leaving it so derelict that it didnt fit the definition of a house. The residence would fetch the highest price in all of Nanjiang as the timber used to build it was the auspicious symbol for every state - fengqi shenmu. Because of fengqi shenmus cultural significance, no monarch dared to lay their hands on it.

When people discovered socialites had fengqi shenmu in their possession, their families were terminated. Instead of receiving sympathy, the dead were condemned. The residence that couldve incurred the death penalty several thousands of times had been reduced to its dilapidated state in a matter of days, yet the man outside politely called, “Your Majesty, it is time.”

Everyone on the mountain was busy spreading word of Shaman Monarch assassinating four sovereigns. Recently, specifically once Ming Feizhen chose to guard the residence himself a few days ago, a layer of snow gradually covered Gewus residence when they were on the cusp of summer. Plus, fengqi shenmu was supposed to be impervious to all elements, yet it gradually decayed to the point that the walls cracked.

Nobody could say precisely when Ming Feizhen moved onto Mount Wanyu. When Moyan Luohou, who first discovered him, noticed his presence, Ming Feizhen had already gone into isolation in the residence. The only words Ming Feizhen spoke since moving in were reminding Gewu to call him when it was time. Nobody went anywhere within its proximity besides those delivering his three daily meals.

“Aaaah!” Fire Guardian lost his footing as he skedaddled, rolling down the mountain no differently to a ball.

The young and old pair in the throne room looked to each other upon hearing Fire Guardians scream.

“Looks like he scared you pretty bad, huh, Ol Ge” Lu Kuangnu teased.

“Dont call me Ol Ge again.” Gewu grumpily got dressed. “I dont like that term of address. It reminds me of someone who gets on my nerves.”

Compared to Gewu, who was practically lathered in fragrances from his bath and fragrances sprinkled onto his clothing, Le Kuangnu resembled a man from the jungle. Le Kuangnu deliberately tucked a hand under an armpit and grabbed his crotch with his other hand, smirking at the same time. “He shook you, huh No wonder why you wont spare him. You think hes useful”

Gewu confidently smiled back, marginalising the attempt to provoke him. “He could replace ten thousand soldiers.” He wore on his robe and tied it up after giving it a comb. “He possesses the strength of a Fengpeng. Nobody else has ever been empowered with so much strength alone. If I can control him, we can halve the effort it takes to fulfil our plan.”

Even though they had differences between them, they disposed of any thoughts that wouldnt propel their plan forward and worked as a unit to see that it was achieved. As such, Le Kuangnu did away with his cockiness. “In my opinion, the fact that he could take your followers from you proves that hes not an open book. Dont get overconfident. You could end up capsizing your boat when you think the tide is on your side.”

“Hes young, yet hard to get a read of. I may fear him if hes able to keep calm. Sadly for him, I know his secrets. Although he is blessed with a Fengpengs insurmountable might, he has problems keeping his aggression under control. Once its triggered, he cant control its urges. Ive constantly provoked him for that reason. I triggered his bloodlust when I led him into massacring the bandits. The fact that he killed four monarchs is evidence that his bloodlust has gotten the better of him. I know he cant fight the urge anymore. Besides, he moved into my house of all places. Hes probably isolating himself so that he doesnt hurt others. He has no idea that fengqi shenmu is effective against dragons but wont help him. As a precaution, I fed him Sky Palaces drug. He thought his might would protect him from it, hahaha. Hes a moron.”

As a matter of fact, fengqi shenmu agitated the other five beasts.

“Hahaha, if thats the case, then its great.” Le Kuangnu exhaled heavily. “Unfortunately, the majority of the credit goes to the upper echelon. We dont gain squat. They also supplied the intel and drugs. Once this plan succeeds, you and I will likely still be someones pawns.”

“Unfortunately, what Since when did you become so soft Youre scared of a bunch of women Once we have control over Ming Feizhen, Sky Palace cant boss us around. Dont forget those wenches admitted that woman cant beat him.”

Le Kuangnu had plenty more opportunities to collaborate with Demon Realm since he spent decades taming the Yanhui, yet he disputed, “Ming Feizhen alone isnt enough to take on Demon Realm, though.”

“What if we add our sovereignty over Nanjiang into the equation Once our plan comes to fruition, we will start our dynasty in Nanjiang. Whos scared of Sky Palace when we have armies As well, have you forgotten about Mount Daluio”

Le Kuangnus cheeks looked as though theyd overstretch upon hearing Mount Daluo mentioned. “How can I forget They possess two of Six Evils. Ming Feizhens advanced skills at his age are the product of him extracting the power of the Fengpeng. If we could attain that power, hehe, hehehe.”

Gewu finally finished his elaborate dressing procedure. “There will be absolute chaos today. I called you back because I need your Baidizis help. Alone, Shaman Monarch Palace has no chance against the alliance of six states. Once we have control over the board today, theres nothing we have to worry about. Its time. Seeing as Fire Guardian cant summon him, I shall personally summon him.”

Gewu sent everyone down the mountain to welcome their guests, while he went up, deep into the mountains to his residence. “Your Majesty, Chiyi, Qingqiu, Feiyi and Cheyous diplomatic envoys, as well as Baimu and Wanyus monarchs, have arrived at the foot of the mountain.”

Gewu was going to speak again after a long silence when he heard, “They here to seek death”

Never had Gewu heard Ming Feizhen sound so frigid. The sound of the creaking door and Ming Feizhens appearance elicited a cold sensation in Gewu that compared to being submerged in an ice bath. Gewu never underestimated the violence of Six Evils. Nonetheless, he was not prepared for the red eyes that took words and fashioned them into a sword, sinking it in coldly.

“Th-they do not know what is good for them. Pl-please teach them a lesson.” Gewu experienced paralysis for the first time, thinking his heart might even cease beating.


Gewu instinctively gasped for air once Ming Feizhen shifted his gaze away from him.

“They need to die.”-

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